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The M agaz ine 






tne World 




President's Message 

"Women Changing the World 
through Giving" is the theme tor 
this issue of The Magazine. I am 
proud to dedicate it to the memory 
of Liddy Doenges. Liddy's life 
defines philanthropy as more than 
simply the giving of financial 
resources. It is the ability to tran- 
scend self and to serve others. She 
gave unstintingly of herself to 
projects that she determined to he 
important. It was almost as if when 
Liddy asked others to be philan- 
thropic, she was giving them 
something, not asking them for 
something. She was giving them an 
opportunity to join with her in 
projects that were good, frequently 
ones involving Mary Baldwin College. 

My experience with Liddy and our 
many dedicated Mary Baldwin 
College alumnae is that they want 
to become thoroughly versed in a 
project, to understand the details, to 
follow a project through to comple- 
tion. When they support an enter- 
prise, they do it wholeheartedly. It's 
not just a passing item of the business 
day. It's an engagement. It's an 
involvement with the college again. 

I find that alumnae are wonder- 
fully creative in their philanthropy. 
One may simply be discussing a 
given idea with a Mary Baldwin 
alumna and as the conversation 
proceeds, the project evolves. One 
example is, of course, Liddy's own 
evolved idea: The Elizabeth 

Kirkpatrick Doenges Distinguished 
Visiting Artist/Scholar Program. 
Another is the evolution of the 
Health Care Administration and 
Preparation for Ministry programs at 
Mary Baldwin College. These latter 
programs were developed in collabo- 
ration with trustees of the E. Rhodes 
and Leona B. Carpenter Founda- 
tion. The Rev. Ann Bowman Day 
'74 is one of those trustees. 

Women are increasingly taking 
responsibility for their own lives, 
organizing their own resources, and 
supporting that which has made 
their lives good. I have observed a 
clear change during my almost ten 
years at Mary Baldwin — a dramatic 
increase in the number of alumnae 
who are engaged in every aspect of 
the college. Alumnae are welcomed 
here. Their views and their leader- 
ship are valued. There is a growing 
awareness of their responsibility to 
support the educational process 
from which they have benefitted. 

An illustration of this is the assump- 
tion of the chair of the Board of 
Trustees by the capable and distin- 
guished Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63. 

As I talk with alumnae across the 
country, I find that they are very 
aware of the enormous impact on 
their lives of their time at Mary 
Baldwin College: the friendships 
that were formed, the dedication of 
the faculty, the total interplay of 
influences that shaped their Mary 
Baldwin experience. 

There are few women's colleges 
left in this country when we com- 
pare their number with the total 
number of opportunities in higher 
education. Yet, students continue to 
recognize a special privilege in 
attending a women's college like 
Mary Baldwin where everything is 
devoted to the education of women. 
Alumnae remember the devotion of 
the college to the students and the 
resulting impact for good in their 
lives. A reaction like that to a 
formative period in life inspires an 
accompanying sense of gratitude. 

I continue to appreciate all the 
effort and time and devotion that 
Mary Baldwin College alumnae 


Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 

The Magazine 



Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 

Editorial Advisory Board 

Laura Catching Alexander 71. Chair 
Executive Director, Alumnae Activities 

Kathryn Buzzoni 
Assistant Director of PEG 

Claire Garrison '90 ADP 
Crozet, Virginia 

Dr. James Hanrington 
Associate Professor of Adult Studies 

. Anne Holland '88 
Director of Alumnae Projects 

Susan Massie Johnson '67 
Edinburg. Virginia 

B. Richard Plant 
Assistant Professor of English 

Yvonne Pover 
Arlington, Virginia 

Mary Lane Dudley Purtill '67 
Charlotte, North Carolina 

Shirley Y. Rawley 
Associate Professor 
of Communications 

Mary Jo Shilling Shannon '53 
Roanoke, Virginia 

Dr. Ashton Trice 
Assistant Professor of Psychology 


Ann White Spencer 

Art Director 

Donald J. Crotteau 

Assistant Editor 

Michelle Hite Martin 

Annual Report Designer 

Brad Robison 

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Donald J. Crotteau 

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Women Cnang'ing tne Worm 


President's Message 

Campus News 10-14 

Campus and Alumnae Notes 15 

Faculty Notes 16 

Alumnae News 22 

Chapters In Action 26 

Mary Baldwin College does not discriminate on the basis of sex (except that men are admitted onl-j as 

ADP and graduate students) , race, national origin, color, age or disability in its educational programs, 

admissions, co-curricular or other activities, and employment practices. Inquiries may be directed to 

Dean of Students, Mary Baldwin College. Staimton, VA 24401 ; phone (703) 887-7028. 




A look at tne way w^omen are cnan^in^ tne world tnrou^li ^ivin^ 

This issue of The Magazine is 
dedicated to Elizabeth Kirkpatrick 
Doenges '63, an inspiring and 
generous alumna who was a formidable 
power for good during her lifetime. Liddy 
never hesitated in her commitment to Mary 
Baldwin, serving in leadership positions as 
trustee, co-chair of the college's $35 
million Sesquicentennial 
Campaign , and in a 
multitude of other roles as a 
supporter of the college's 
mission to provide 
excellent liberal arts 
education for women. In 
July 1 994 , less than two 
months before her death 
from a quickly progressing 
cancer, Liddy shaped a 
program that reflects her 
devotion to her alma mater. 
It is a program that will 
forever recall her vitality, 
service, and wise leader- 
ship — The Elizabeth 
Kirkpatrick Doenges 
Distinguished Artist/Scholar 
Program . The program is 
described in this feature on 
women and philanthropy. 

Liddy's life can be held up 
as a prototype for all women 
who aspire to reach out 
beyond themsek'es to do good 
during their lifetime. Anna 
Kate Reid Hipp '63 delivered 
the following eulogy at 
Liddy's funeral in Tulsa, 
OK, on August 16, 1994. h 

is our privilege to share Anna Kate's 
reflections on her dear and trusted friend. 

Eli-aheth Kirkpatrick Doenges '63 
July 14, 1941 -August 14, 1994 
Liddy is smiling right now. She knows I 
have never made a talk in her presence 
that was not carefully and tactfully 

orchestrated by her. She with the 
golden tongue who was so eloquent on 
her feet patiently gave to me the words 
1 needed to say whenever we made a 
presentation to an individual or to an 
audience. Generally 1 would speak first, 
then she would do the wrap up and pick 
up all the pieces I had dropped in my 
stage fright. Well, Liddy, 
here goes. 

Liddy Kirkpatrick 
Doenges truly transferred 
the light in her life to those 
who surrounded her. Liddy 
was in touch with the 
feelings of others, sensitive 
to their needs and com- 
pletely unselfish with her 
affection and encourage- 
ment. Liddy had the ability 
to take all the compliments 
she received and return 
them to the giver. 
Throughout this summer 
as she read the hundreds 
of letters and notes sent to 
her she repeatedly com- 
mented on the character, 
the strength, and the 
kindness of the writer. Her 
Light turned on the Lights 
in others. 

Liddy understood that 
true happiness comes to 
those who can reach out 
beyond themselves to make 
something good happen. 
She never in her life 
accepted a job, a project, or 

a crusade that she did not complete 
with enthusiasm, focus, determination, 
humor, and grace. Be it a marathon, 
French lessons, chairing a nonprofit 
board, raising funds for her favorite 
causes, planning her garden, rearing 
her family, or being a friend, Liddy 
gave 100 percent, but she gave it so 
gently nobody was fully aware of the 
force, the strength, and the intellect in 
that little body. 

In the same manner Liddy con- 
fronted her death — with the same 
focus, determination, humor, grace — 
and, I must add, faith. 

Liddy 's faith has been so strong 
and so evident to all of us during this 
summer. Her unswerving belief that 
all was right with the world, her 
continued involvement in all that 
was happening around her, and her 
persistent optimism prompted our 
youngest daughter to write a letter to 
Liddy in July. She asked Liddy where 
she had found the faith that was 
obviously lifting her through her 
illness and her pending death. I now 
want to share with you the reply 
Liddy wrote: 

Finding one's faith is a lifelong 
journey, h is joyful, painful and real 
humdrum at times. Very interestingly as 
1 look back, now only does a pattern 
emerge because I have found spiritual 
connections or faith in so many different 
places or experiences during my life: my 
Presbyterian Church in Culpeper, the 
Grand Canyon Trip. All Saints 
Unitarian Church, my garden, sunsets 
at Pawleys Island, the birth of each 
child, Bob Doenges, my mother. God is 
there for you always as close as your 
breath. BUT I't^e also learned with 
great relief and joy and surrender that I 
don't need to always be on a spiritual 
journey and looking for faith because 
God will find you. He has, of course, 
found me and he has made me pay 

In closing I want to share one last 
quote from Liddy. But before I read it, I 
must say. Thank you one more time , 
Liddy, for the wrap up. She wrote this 
on June 24: 

Everyone leaves a funeral thinking they 
must live life to the fullest. This also happens 
to be God's message. Our life is His gi/t. 
Cherish every moment of it. M^M 


omen Are an Increasingly 
Inaepenaent and Arrluent Force 
lor Pmlantnropy 

Women's colleges have always 
planted the seeds for female philan- 
thropy and enjoyed the harvest. What 
is astounding many institutions of 
higher education, and even surprising a 
few women's colleges, is the increasing 
magnitude of women's philanthropy. 

Central to this issue of The Magazine 
are profiles of five Mary Baldwin College 
alumnae and one student who promote 
and participate in innumerable good 
causes during the course of their days. 

Like thousands of other Mary 
Baldwin College alumnae, these five 
women have that strong sense of 
personal responsibility to giving and 
serving that makes women's philan- 
thropy such a large-scale and purpose- 
ful force throughout our communities, 
our nation, and the world. 

These alumnae and one current 
student represent several generations 
and are from diverse backgrounds. 
Their lifestyles and primary occupations 
differ greatly. 

What motivates them to share their 
resources? Why is philanthropy so 
near to the center of their lives? 
Where did their inclination to share 
originate? Why do they support their 
alma mater? Our six philanthropists 
answer these questions and more in 
their profiles. 

An Emerging Force 

As women take greater responsibility 
for their financial well-being and enjoy 
access to more leadership roles, they are 
(Continued on next page) 

ElizaLetn Kirkpatrick Doeng'es 
Distin^uisnea Visiting Artist/Scnolar Program 

The Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges 
Distinguished Visiting Artist/ 
Scholar Program was established 
this summer to honor Liddy, one of 
the college's most beloved alumnae. 
Liddy shaped the program, and 
it reflects her desire to enrich 
the academic life of Mary Baldwin 
College. The entire college commu- 
nity will benefit from new opportu- 
nities to learn from and interact 
with scholars and artists who are 
masters in their fields. The Doenges 
visiting artists and scholars will 
be drawn from within and outside 
of academia; their expertise may 
lie in the performing or visual 
arts, literature, the sciences, the 
social sciences, or in study of the 

Each year the visiting artist or 
scholar will be appointed by the 

dean of the college for a minimum of 
one semester or up to the full 
academic year. She or he will teach a 
minimum of one course, present 
public performances or lectures, hold 
workshops or master classes for 
students, and offer learning opportu- 
nities for members of the faculty. 
The length of time and breadth of 
activities allows the Doenges visiting 
artist or scholar to have a significant 
influence on Mary Baldwin College, 
adding luster and depth to the 

For more information on the 
Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges 
Distinguished Visiting Artist/Scholar 
Program contact Mark Atchison, 
vice president for institutional 
advancement, at Mary Baldwin 
College, Staunton, VA 24401, or 
call 703-887-7011. 

tke ^Si^orld 

Sanford Jones McAllister '80 

Sanfiird'j. interests include the Mary Baldwin College 
Alumnae Association, Junior League of Washington, Lyon 
Park Neighborhood Association, U.S. Tennis Association 
Women's and Mixed Doubles Tennis Teams, and academic 
tutoring programs tor elementary students at LaSalle 
Elementary School in Washington, D.C. 

I was brought up with the idea that it is your responsibility 
and duty to give of your time and resources for civic, volunteer, 
education, community, and church activities. Both of my 
parents were and are active volunteers. My grandparents also 
taught me by their example. I had ivonderjul role models in this 

It's easy to find activities that suit your talents and interests. 
It's really just a matter of getting into the habit. It's simple to 
i:ive a few minutes or a few dollars and the rewards are incred' 
ible. And once you've gotten into the habit you'll want to do 
more to help the project you feel so connected to. 

Don't be put off if you feel like your contribution isn't enough 
to matter. Every little bit helps and your involvement may be the 
/cey to the project, program or institution's success. 

Arlington, Virginia 

Economics Major 

Assistant to the Chair of the Republican National Committee 

making more decisions about where to 
put their dollars and their time. 

Women entering the workforce 
now are the best educated in history, 
joining the ranks of doctors, executives, 
business owners and other professionals 
in percentages once not imagined 
possible. An impressive 44 percent of 
adult working women (ages 24 to 64) 
are college-educated, up from 20 
percent in 1965. 

In the United States, 43.6 percent 
of all executive, administrative and 

managerial positions are held by 
women. Women now own 60 percent 
of the wealth, and by 1993 the 
number of women-owned businesses 
had grown to 6.5 million. In 1990, 
women-owned businesses employed 
1 1 million people, while the Fortune 
500 employed 12.4 million. 

It comes as a surprise to many to 
learn that of the 3.3 million Americans 
classified as top wealth holders by the IRS 
in 1986 (the most recent figures avail- 
able), more than 40 percent were women. 

Now, more than ever, young women 
are forming the financial core of 
social action movements which grow 
out of a concern for people. This donor 
community is already heavily female: 3 
out of 5 members are women. Women 
are willing to take the risks required to 
fund nonprofits, and they are often 
active in the day-to-day operations. 
Frequently, women become personally 
involved in the programs they fund. 

According to a survey by Indepen- 
dent Sector, quoted in the October 19, 


Emily Dethloff Ryan '63 

Houston, Texas 

Historv' Major, Minor in French 

Civic Leader and \blunteer 

Emily's top priority" is education. She just completed t«'o 
years of service as the president of the Mar^' Baldwin 
College Alumnae Association. Another of Emily's favorite 
causes is Amigos de las Americas in Houston, a Peace 
Corps-r^rpe organization that recruits, trains, and sends 
young adults to Latin America to deliver public health 
ser\'ices. Emily and her femiily have been involved with 
Amigos de las Americas for over a decade. 

For generations my family has shared their resources and 
themselves. My Texas grarubnother always said it was easier to 
sleep at rvi^t if she had helped someone diat day. An individual's 
resources should he shared. 

As human beings we need food, shelter, clothing; we need jobs 
so that tve have those necessities arvl a sense of worth; we need 
family; we need to feel we can make a contribution; we need to 
cry to make the world a better place. And, I have learned over 
and over again that one person can make a difference. 

I support MBC because I know that my money and efforts 
support a superb institution that supplied me with an excellent 
education and gave me four wonderfid years. I know that while I 
was a student, others were supporting their alma mater so that all 
of this was availciile to me. Now it is my turn so that the 
students today may have the same experiences that I had. 

1994, issue of the Wall Street Journal, 
women reported their households to 
have increased their charitable contri- 
butions in 1991 to S28.3 billion, a 9.3 
percent jump from 1989. Male respon- 
dents representing different households 
said their gi\'ing fell 22.9 percent to 
S33.6 billion. 

It's not surprising that women 
philanthropists are being recognized 
and cultivated. More and more 
institutions of higher education and 
nonprofit organizations are seeking 

out this increasingly independent and 
affluent constituency. 

Last spring the co-directors and 
founders of The National Network on 
Women as Philanthropists (NNWP), 
at the University* of Wisconsin- 
Madison, presented their rirst re- 
gional s\-mposium on "Women &. 
Philanthropy" in Richmond, VA. 
Sponsored by Marv* Baldwin, Sweet 
Briar, Hollins and Randolph-Macon 
Woman's College, the s\Tnposium 
brought together philanthropists from 

30 women's colleges and girls' prepa- 
ratory" schools from Pennsylvania to 
Texas. Over 100 participants attended 
the sessions on volunteerism and 
philanthropy and the panel discus- 
sions on why women give. 

"Yes, we will see more and more 
regional and national s\"mposiums on 
women and philanthropy," explains 
Nancy P. Mclnr^re, director of the 
MBC Annual Fund. "During the next 
20 years, 7 trillion dollars will be 
passing to baby boomers. Many 


tlie Wbrld 

Teresita Z. Trigo '88 ADP 


^^^^^^B, <9> '^ ■ 

^^^^^^^H| "'^^ ^1 






San Juan, Puerto Rico 
Art History Major 
Treasurer/Secretary, Office Manager 
and Assistant to the President of Trigo 
Corporation; Volunteer 

Teresita serves on the Mary Baldwin College Board of 
Trustees and as the 1994-95 National ADP Loyalty 
Fund chair. Though associated with numerous civic and 
humanitarian projects, the Roman Catholic Church's 
programs to benefit children and missions are Teresita's 

M31 inclination to share with others was instilled by my 
maternal grandfather, who was never rich, yet always had 
•something to share with those in need. And of course, my 
Catholic upbringing has reaffirmed what he taught me. 

When I have the ability to immediately lessen a need, 1 give. 
For example, when our pastor telb us about the need to cover 
expenses for a child's preschool, we can cover that immediately. For 
longer term causes, we give of our time and resources to education 
and medical research. Education is the key for those who wish to 
help themselves and secure their futures . 

I have to support MBC At Mary Baldwin 1 was able to 
achieve my lifelong goal: a degree. The support and care, the 
friendships developed over the five years it took me to get my 
degree, the confidence it has given me, are sources of the 
treasures in my "life chest." 

There are two ways of giving. One is when it comes from your 
heart and you don't need recognition or fanfare to feel good about 
it. The other is when you give in order to be recognized and 
applauded. This first way is always more satisfying. 

women will he in their prime giving 
years during this time. 

"Of course, women's colleges have 
never ignored their daughters. We 
know that women give because they 
have a genuine interest in their 
college and its programs. We know 
that often women are motivated more 
by their values than by their desire for 
public recognition." 

Alumnae Loyalty 

Women are supporting their alma 
maters in record numbers. Although 
women's colleges make up only 2 
percent of all colleges and universities 
in the United States, they account for 7 
of the top 20 institutions in alumni 
giving per student with Wellesley 
College number one at $ 1 0,6 1 4. 

"At Mary Baldwin, we took on the 
challenge last year to top one million 
dollars in our Annual Fund effort, 
and our alumnae and friends did it," 
Mclntyre says. "Nationally, as well as 
at Mary Baldwin, women's college 
graduates give their alma maters high 
marks, and they do not hesitate to 
demonstrate their satisfaction by 
supporting their institutions." 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 

Greenville, South Carolina 

English Major 

Civic Leader and Vblunceer 

Many projects absorb Arma Kate's time. A couple of her 
favorites are the South Carolina Family Research Founda- 
tion (as chair), Success By Six, a national United Way- 
supported program for children, and, of course, Mar^- 
Baldwin College where Anna Kate ser\'es as chair of the 
Board of Trustees. 

M>' parents influenced me. 1 ivas asked to tithe (give 10 
percent) of my allowance as a child. It did not have to all go to 
the church, but 1 was encouraged to give to some charity. M^ 
parents were always generous in the church and community uith 
their time and monetary gifts. I learned by example. 

A real need, a well-run organization, and an emotional 
connection motivate me to give. I do not support causes when 
there is apparent disorganization of the executive part of the 
institution, a lack of focus of the organization, a hard sell, or a 
lack of enthusiasm and fire among volunteers and staff. 

M\ favorite cause is Mary Baldwin College because I have 
been involved in her life for so long. I believe single-sex 
education should always be a viable choice . 

My advice on giving is to give generously, give gladly, give 
for the pleasure of giving, and give because it does make a 

Alumnae loyait\- is remarkable: 
more than three-quarters of the graduates 
of women's colleges have in some way 
continued their involvement with their 
colleges as trustees, members of advisor\- 
boards, mentors, class agents, employers 
of student interns, recruiters, and so on. 

A study of Mary Baldwin College 
alumnae completed in 1990 showed 
that their college experience carried 

more positive force in their develop- 
ment during their undergraduate years 
than did their families, their religious 
orientation or "a certain person." A 
high 88 percent rated their college 
experience as "ver^' significant" or 
"moderately significant" in their 
overall development and sense of 
satisfaction. Only personal motivation 
and career were rated as "significant" 

by a higher percentage of alumnae. 

"Alumnae recognize the investment 
that the college made in them during 
those very important formative years," 
explains Laura Catching Alexander '71, 
the college's former executive director 
of activities. Laura has joined 
The University" of Virginia Law 
Foundation as director of major gifts 
and planned gifts. "They give of their 

Cnandm^ trie ^^rld *J 

Rita Smith Wilson '82 ADP 

Staunton, Virginia 

Counseling Major, Interdisciplinary Degree 
Retired Rehabilitation Counselor, Probation Officer 
Civic Leader and Volunteer 

Rita is a tireless volunteer for neighborhood revitalization 
and educational programs for children. The 1994 MBC 
Alumnae Association's Service to Community Award 
recipient, she co-founded Staunton's after-school tutoring 
and homework program for children that uses Mary 
Baldwin students as tutors and mentors. She serves as a 
member of the Mary Baldwin College Advisory Board of 

M}i mother has a genuine spirit of giving. She is my main 
influence . Her home and her heart are always open to people . 
She has taught me through her example. 

I like being involved as long as I can see some results . I 
certainly, most certainly, do become impatient when an 
association or an institution does not carry out its mission. I 
cannot ^ve of my time, commitment or money if I disagree 
ivith an organization's goals or objectives. 

I encourage everyone to give something; time, money, or 
whatever they have that they can give. We are responsible to 
one another. What we do makes a difference. That's evident to 
me every day in my work with at-risk children. This 
community's tutoring programs will reach over 100 children 
when more volunteers are recruited and trained. 

1 support the college because it's important for the city and 
MBC to have a workable relationship that benefits both the 
college and the city. And, I want to help ensure that students 
have a sense of belonging during their stay in our community. 

time and other resources because they 
have a strong sense of personal respon- 
sibility to give. They give to support 
specific results, to make a difference." 
Women students in single-sex college 
classes get more teacher time, more 
positive responses to basic questions and 
more follow-up than students in coeduca- 
tional settings, according to research. 
Recently, with a grant awarded by the 

Women's College Coalition, Mary 
Baldwin College Assistant Psychology 
Professor Dr. Ashton D. Trice carried out 
a study on single-sex and coeducational 
classrooms. He presented his findings at 
the November 4, 1994, national confer- 
ence on "Applying Effective Models to 
Educating Women and Girls" at Mt. 
Holyoke College, a women's college in 
South Hadley, MA. 

Trice observed 141 classrooms at 22 
institutions — 10 coed colleges, 10 
women's colleges, and two men's 
colleges — with enrollments of under 
2,000 students. In the single-sex classes, 
women were participating at signifi- 
cantly higher rates at the end of the 
semester, while women in coeduca- 
tional settings were participating at a 
somewhat reduced rate. 

Danica Jamison '95 

Rose Terrace, Mary Baldwin College 
Reedville, Virginia (hometowTi) 
Studio Art Major 
Student and Volunteer 

Since her arrival at Mary- Baldwin as a student in the 
Program for the Exceptionally Gifted, Danica has dedi- 
cated herself to her studies and to her community at large. 
Her favorite project to date is working in the city's after- 
school homework program at Farrier Court where she and 
the children are creating an art mural. 

f realize the many good, good things that I have, and I feel a 
responsibility to somehow allow other people to have similar 
experiences. That exploding desire to share means expressing 
yourself, usually for me through teaching art and music. 

Another more abstract reason for teaching art and music is to 
allow others to find a means, whether artistic, musical, or 
through writing, to know themselves and their eninronments 
more intimately and to explore ways to communicate and share 

Fm motivated by my belief that equal rights for all people is 
an imperative. 1 devote much of my energy to help organize 
programs that promote understanding and support for people of 
various sexual orientations. 1 feel a responsibility to at least 
bring issues out in the open so that ignorance is not the basis on 
which people discriminate . 

M}i sense of responsibility has been and is formed from 
reading newspaper articles, traveling to other countries, my 
parents' volunteer work and their concern about social and 
political injustices. VX'hz!e grcndngup, Christianity influenced me 
through church, community, and volunteer work, and its 
general philosophy of giving to those in need. 

"Women participate more fully in 
and out of class while they are students 
at women's colleges, and that participa- 
tion does not stop when they become 
alumnae," Alexander says. 

"They develop high levels of confidence 
during their college years. That leads to 
graduate studies for 25 percent of MBC's 
graduates, to more successful careers, and, 
1 might add, to more profitable careers." 

Nearly three-quarters of women's 
college graduates are in the work force, 
and almost half of them hold positions 
at the higher end of the pay scale, such 
as lawyer, physician or manager. 

Mary Baldwin College's Anna Kate 
Reid Hipp '63, a widely respected 
philanthropist and chair of the board 
of trustees, summarizes her experience 
this way: 

"I support MBC to give to other 
generations the opportunity I had to 
learn, grow, mature and have one great 
time for four years as a student." 

(AH statistics from the "1993 Women & 
Philanthropy Fact Sheet," National 
Network on Women as Philanthropists and. 
the Women s College Coalitions "Facts 
about Today's Women's Colleges.") 

Campus News 

Alumnae Activities and Annual Fund Offices announce new staff 

Executive Director of Alumnae 
Activities Laura Catching Alexander 
'71 resigned her position Novemher 1 1 
to accept a position as director of major 
gifts and planned gifts at The Univer- 
sity of Virginia Law Foundation. Laura 
joined the MBC Development staff in 
1989. She had served as alumnae 
director for over two years. 

Several familiar alumnae faces 
joined the Alumnae Activities and 
Annual Fund staffs this fall. 

Anne Mcintosh Holland '88 was 
named director of alumnae projects. 
Anne is the former director of 
Annual Fund services and served on 
the Annual Fund staff since 1989. 

Tracy Goad, who graduated this past 

Anne Holland '88 

Director of Alumnae Projects 

Laura C. Alexander '71 
Director of Alumnae Activities 

May, joined the Alumnae .'\ctivities 
Office as secretary. 

Fonner Director of Alumnae Projects 
Barhro Hansson '88 ADP resigned in 
September. She has returned to school to 
pursue a Doctor of Divinity degree at the 
Meadville/Lomhard Theological School 
at the LJniversity of Chicago. 

This fall Alicia Fishhurne joined the 
MBC Annual Fund staff as director of 
gift clubs. Alicia received her B.S. 
degree from Clemson State University 
in 1993 and her M.B.A from Clemson 
u-i 1994. 

Susan Conaty-Buck was named 
associate director of the Annual Fund. 
Susan comes to MBC from the Massa- 
netta Springs Conference Center, 
where she served as manager. She 
received her master's in business admin- 
istration from Virginia Tech in 1984. 

Tina Kincaid, a 1994 Mary Baldwin 
graduate, joined the Annual Fund 
Office as secretary. Tina served as 
secretary in the MBC Business Office 
this past summer. 

Stinehart named new ADP director 

Dr. Kathleen Stinehart has been 
appointed associate dean and director 
of the Adult Degree Program. 

An educator with a background in 
innovative management and 
teaching via telecommunications, 
Dr. Stinehart comes to Mary Baldwin 
from Iowa State University, where 
she served as director of extended 
and continuing education. 

"I am really pleased to join an 
institution whose name is synony- 
mous with innovation and quality," 
said Dr. Stinehart. "I am very 

impressed with the ADP faculty and 
staff. As good as the program is now, we 
hope to make it even better." 

Dr. Stinehart received her M.S.Ed, in 
educational administration from 
Western Illinois University and her 
Ph.D. from Iowa State University. 

Dr. Stinehart is only the third 
director of the 17-year-old Adult 
Degree Program. The ADP program has 
five regional centers which serve almost 
1,000 adult students in Staunton, 
Charlottesville, Richmond, Roanoke 
and Weyers Cave. 

Dr. Kathleen Stinehart 
ADP Director 


Arts season features stunning artists and performances at MBC 

Celebration ot the arts is alive and well 
on the Mary Baldwin campus. The 
1994-95 art, music and theatre seasons 
opened with an internationally famed 
pianist and a theatre production ot a 
Tony Award-winning musical. 

The 1994 Broman Concert Series 
premiered with a performance by famed 
pianist Luis DeMoura Castro in Septem- 
ber. Castro was a mentor and piano 
teacher to the late Dr. J. Riley Haws, 
MBC assistant professor of music. This 
season's Broman Concerts are dedi- 
cated to Dr. Haws' memory'. 

In October the Borodin String 
Quartet wowed the MBC community 
with a performance at the St. Francis 
Catholic Church. One of the major 
quartets of today, the Borodin Quartet 
had a close association with famed 
composer Shostakovich. Their inter- 
pretation of his music extends to their 

present day performances. In the third 
Broman Concert of 1994, pianist Eric 
Ruple performed in the Francis Audito- 
rium. Broman Concerts scheduled for 
the remaining academic year include 
the Quartet Parish, pianist John Salmon 
and organist David Schrader. 

The Mary Baldwin Theatre season 
opened in October with a performance 
of the Tony- Award-winning musical, A 
Little Night Music. The MBC Theatre 
Department will present Christopher 
Hampton's Les Liaisons Dangereuses, 
February 15 to 19, 1995. 

Assistant Professor of Studio Art at 
Sweet Briar College Laura Pharis 
launched the fall art season at Mary 
Baldwin College with her exhibit of 
drawings, paintings and sculpture in the 
Hunt Art Caller^'. Virginia artist Julia 
Merkel also exhibited her paintings: 
"New Works: Views from the Field." 

Pianist Eric Ruple 

1 994 Broman Concert performer 

Acquisitions Committee soliciting antiques and fine arts 

Mary Baldwin Acquisitions and Design 
Committee members pose with one of 
their favorite college antiques, Mary 
Julia Baldwin's bed. The committee, 
established by the MBC Board of 
Trustees, solicits antique furniture and 
decorative and fine arts for the college. 
The committee is developing a set of 
policies and procedures as a guide for 
the solicitation and acceptance of 
donated antiques and fine arts. MBC 
received a 1994 grant from the U.S. 
Institute for Museum Services to 
catalogue its fine art. The Acquisitions 
Committee is working on a specific list 
of the college's most pressing art needs. 

Acquisitions Committee members 
and college representatives pictured 
left to right are Bill Pollard, Allen 
Martin, Kathy O'Neill Frazier '78, Sally 
Dorsey Danner '63, Martha Masters 

Ingles '69, Carolyn Weekley '67, Doris 
Rohner Rogers '60, Linda Hinrichs 
Christovich '77, Paul Ryan, Carla 
RuckerNix '57 and MoUie Rehmet 

Cannady '64. For more information, 
contact Vice President for Institutional 
Advancement Mark Atchison at 


Campus News 

Grants provide needed equipment, training and programs 

by Lydia Petersson 
Director of Grants 

It has been a great year for securing 
grants to help support new and ex- 
panded initiatives at Mary Baldwin 

Dr. Jackie Beals (Biology), with her 
colleagues Dr. Lundy Pentz, Dr. Betty 
Hairfield, Dr. Vladimir Garkov, and Dr. 
Gary Diver, has been awarded a 
$50,000 grant from the National 
Science Foundation to purchase a 
scanning electron microscope with 
energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer 
(SEM-EDS). The grant from NSF is 
being matched with $50,000 from the 
Ethyl Corporation. The science faculty 
will be testing an innovative curricular 
approach. Students will enroll concur- 
rently in certain "paired" courses (e.g., 
Environmental Issues and Analytical 
Chemistry) using the SEM-EDS in 
parallel laboratory classes during the 
same week to explore different facets 
of the same problem. This will expose 
students to multiple perspectives on 
the material and help to bridge the 
artificial barriers erected by courses 
and disciplines. 

The National Science Foundation 
will also be helping to fund the 
installation of the college's new 
electronic network. Richard 
Andersen, former director of the 
Center for Information Technology, 
was successful in obtaining a two-year, 
$25,000 grant to provide connection 
of the campus academic network to 
the Internet through NSFnet. 

Dr. Patricia Westhafer (Education) 
and College Chaplain Rev. Patricia 
Hunt submitted a successful proposal to 
allow Mary Baldwin to become one of 
the first hosts of an AmeriCorps 
volunteer. The grant, provided by the 

Corporation for National and Commu- 
nity Service through the Virginia 
Campus Outreach Opportunity League 
(VA COOL) will provide $2,750 plus 
the support of an AmeriCorps volun- 
teer to help with the College's involve- 
ment in two community tutoring 
programs for at-risk elementary school 
students. MBC alumna Rita Wilson '82 
(ADP), a Staunton City Council 
member, was extensively invoK-ed in 
starting the tutoring programs and in 
submitting the grant proposal. 

The staff of the Program for the 
Exceptionally Gifted, headed by 
Director Celeste Rhodes, has been 
working to establish the first PEG 
Scholarship Fund endowment. With 
the help of PEG parent volunteers 
Bruce and Betsy Byford (Anne Bytord 
'89), Martha and Philip Sieck (Jennifer 
Sieck '91), and Rudy and Aremita 
Watson (Noshua Watson '95 and Tenea 
Watson '98), they sucessfully met the 
terms of a $25,000 challenge grant from 
the George I. Alden Trust. A second 
$25,000 grant was received from the 
William H., John G., and Emma Scott 
Foundation, and a grant of $5,000 came 
from the Seth Sprague Educational and 
Charitable Foundation. Donations from 
individuals have brought the total size 
of the fund to date to over $106,000. 

This fall also saw the fruitful 
conclusion of some grant periods: Dr. 
Judy Klein (Economics) returned to 
campus after a year of research and 
writing funded by the National 
Science Foundation. Dr. Klein 
received a $65,000 award for work on 
her project on the history of statistics 
and has completed the first draft of a 
book, tentatively titled Statistical 
Visions in Time: From Commercial 
Practice to Stationary Stochastic 
Processes, 1 662- 1 938. She has 
received a contract from Cambridge 

University Press to publish the book. 

MAT Director Dr. Mary 
Gendernalik Cooper is directing the 
second and final year of a project 
partly funded by the Philip Morris 
Companies to develop the teaching 
partnerships in the Master of Arts in 
Teaching Program. All courses in the 
MAT program are team-taught by a 
college faculty member working with a 
practicing elementary school teacher. 
Dr. Cooper received a $20,000 grant 
from Philip Morris to conduct a series 
of workshops aimed at helping these 
teams learn about their respective 
educational environments and to 
develop course curricula that take 
advantage of their combined knowledge 
of theory and practice. In all, 20 MBC 
faculty and their teaching partners will 
participate in the workshops. Part of 
the funding for the teaching partner- 
ship program, as well as for the plan- 
ning and start-up of the MAT program 
as a whole, has been provided by the 
Jessie Ball duPont Fund. 

The computer lab in Carpenter 
Academic Building has been signifi- 
cantly upgraded thanks to the IBM 
Corporation and the help of 17 IBM- 
affiliated alumnae and friends of the 
college. The equipment was received 
through the IBM Equipment Matching 
Program; the company provides credit 
toward IBM equipment based on the 
amount donated to the college's 
Annual Fund by IBM employees, 
employee spouses, and retirees. Six 486 
computers, plus two multimedia 
stations, have been installed in Carpen- 
ter, and a third multimedia station has 
been placed in the Computer Center in 
Wenger Hall. We hope to secure more 
equipment through the program in the 
coming year — yet another reason for 
our IBM friends to give generously to 
the Annual Fund. 


4th Foxfield festivities Jahulous 

The 4th MBC-sponsored Foxfield e\'ent was attended by over 100 Mary Baldwin alumnae, family, faculty, staff and friends this 
September. Participants enjoyed not only Charlottesville's Foxfield Steeplechase Races but an all-day buffet at the Mary 
Baldwin reception tent. Former Alumnae Activities staff member Nancy Hopkins Parsons '81 started this favorite alumnae 
event while she worked at Marv Baldwin. 

Alumnae, faculty, staff and friends all enjoyed the Foxfield event 
in Charlottesville. Sharing a good time are Russell "Rusty" Evans, 
Jr., Roy den Goodson, Patty Goodson '51 and Parents Council 
member Ann Gordon Abbott Evans '65. 

Susan Parker Drean '83 and her husband Jack share a laugh 
with MBC Business Professor Gordon Hammock (center) at 
the Foxfield Races . 
photos by Jennifer Sowers 

Trustees gather in Columbia , SC, for spring meeting 

A strong alumnae contingency at the April Board of Trustee's 
meeting in Columbia, SC, included (l-r) Trustee Teresita 
Zapata Trigo '88 ADP, Anita Thee Graham '50, Emily 
Dethloff Ryan '63 and Alumnae Association President Sally 
Armstrong Bingley '60. 

Enjoying a reception after the April Board of Trustees meeting are 
Eugenia "Woo" Thomason '62, her hu.sband William Thomason, 
Ann Bearce and Eve Brown '52. 


Campus News 

Dr. Kibler receives Menk Award 

Psychology Professor Dr. John L. Kihler 
has been named recipient of the 1994- 
95 Karl F. and Patricia H. Menk Award 
for Faculty Support and Development. 

This endowed award is presented 
annually to provide financial support to a 
faculty member on sabbatical. Dr. Kibler 
will be on sabbatical leave during the 
spring semester and will research how 
to incorporate new computer technolo- 
gies into his courses. Dean of the 
College Dr. James Lott said, "With this 
project Dr. Kibler has shown his 
continued commitment to professional 

development and teaching excellence." 

The Menk Award honors two 
outstanding Mary Baldwin faculty: Dr. 
Patricia H. Menk, professor emerita of 
history, college historian, and author of 
the college's sesquicentennial history, 
To Live in Time; and her late husband, 
Dr. Karl F. Menk, associate professor of 
microbiology from 1959 to 1981. 

The award recognizes the Menks' 
achievements as teachers and scholars 
and was established to ensure a con- 
tinuing tradition ot outstanding 
teaching at Mary Baldwin College. 

Dr. Jack Kibler 
Professor of Psychoh 

MBC receives grant to host national AmeriCorps volunteer 

Mary Baldwin College has been 
selected as one of five colleges in 
Virginia to receive a grant and host a 
national AmeriCorps volunteer this 
year. A successful application for 
participation in this program was 
submitted by Associate Professor of 
Education Dr. Patricia Westhafer and 
College Chaplain Rev. Patricia Hunt. 

The grant is made possible by the 
Virginia Campus Outreach Opportunity 
League (VA COOL), which was one of 
only 65 recipients of funds from the 
Corporation for National and Commu- 
nity Service. The grant will provide 
Mary Baldwin $2,750 plus the support 
of an AmeriCorps volunteer to help 
with two community tutoring programs 
for at-risk elementary school students. 

MBC alumna Rita Wilson ADP '82, a 
member of the Staunton City Council, 
was extensively involved in starting the 
tutoring programs and in submitting this 
grant proposal. The after-school programs 
are sponsored by MBC and the City of 
Staunton. The programs reach kinder- 
garteners through sixth graders at the 
Booker T Washington Community 

Center and at Farrier Court, a subsidized 
housing complex in Staunton. 

MBC's AmeriCorps volunteer is 
Kerrigan O'Connell, a 1992 graduate of 
the University of Richmond. Kerrigan 
double majored in Spanish and Latin 
American studies. She learned of the 
AmeriCorps volunteer program through 
the University of Richmond Career Center. 

This fall Kerrigan is recruiting and 
training volunteers to work in MBC's 
two after-school programs. She hopes to 
expand these programs with the 
increase of volunteers. Over 100 
children are reached by tutors from 
MBC's traditional and Master of Arts in 
Teaching programs. 

During spring semester Kerrigan will 
develop a student-sponsored commu- 
nity project involving mental health or 
environmental issues. Kerrigan plans to 
apply to The University of Virginia 
counselor education master's program 
after leaving Mary Baldwin and 

The Virginia Campus Outreach 
Opportunity League is one of 1 1 
programs in the nation through which 

a consortium of higher education 
institutions place AmeriCorps and 
Learn and Serve America volunteers. 
Along with Mary Baldwin College, VA 
COOL chose The College of William 
&. Mary, Virginia Commonwealth 
University, The University of Virginia 
and Marymount University to host 
volunteers and receive funds this year. 

AmeriCorps volunteer Kerrigcm O'Connell 


Campus and Alumnae Notes 

Alumnae Presidents Letter 

Dear Alumnae, 

What an honor you have bestowed 
upon me to be president of the Mary 
Baldwin College Alomnae Association. 
It is a privilege to serve and I look 
&>rwaid to meeting many of you dtning 
the next two f eais. 

As we enter the centennial anniver- 
sary of the renaming of the college in 
honor of Mary Julia Baldwin, your 
Board of Directors is hard at work. An 
Ad Hoc Bylaws Cbmroittee under the 
capable leadership of Sue Warfietd 
Caples '&} has been diligently working 
to revise our bylaws. We are preparing 
ourselves for the next century. 

We've formed an Ad Hoc Career 
Networking Conunittee tO' work with 
the Rosemarie Sena Center for Career 
and Life Planning to enhance and 
expand career data for Mary Baldwin 
students. The conraiittee is exploring 
ways to enlarge the Network E&ectory, 
establish an alumna nientor program 
and train alumnae to be career re- 
sources. Join the Network directory — 
all alumnae are ehgible. You just need 
to be willing to assist a senior in starting 
her career. Volunteer today by railing 
the Sena Center at 703-8S7-7221. 

Homecoming and Al umna e College 
1994 were quite successful with 437 
alumnae and guests attending. I 
encourage those of you having reunions 
in May 1995 to return. Mark your 
calendars now for May 25 to 28. You 
will be guaranteed a weekend of 
educational opportunities, renewed 
friendships, and just pure fim!! 

In September, our Second Regional 
Leadership fcrum was held in Dallas 
with participants from Texas, Arkansas, 
Louisiana and Oklahoma. Alumnae 
volunteers Alison Wenger Boone '77, 
Kelly Andrews CoselU '85, Emily 
Dethloff Ryan '63 and Charlotte 
Wenger '83 conducted workshops in 

PresKfent of tke Mimmae Assaciadon 

admissions, alumnae Lnvolvemenc and 
fiindraising and reunion events. 

During 1995 the Alumnae Associa- 
tion will offer several travel opportuni- 
ties. First, see Spain, Italy, Greece and 
Turkey while you cruise the Mediterra- 
nean and Adriatic Seas aboard the 
Pacific Princess (see ad on page 25). 
Next you can enjoy the waterways of 
Holland and three days in Brussels. I 
hope many of you will take advantage 
of these wonderful trips and experience 
the cultures of these beautiful countries. 

There are so many ways you can 
assist the college. Refer a student or 
help a senior search for employment. 
Host and/or attend a college-sponsored 
event or contribute to the Annual 
Fund. Just say yes. 

With best wishes for the hoUdays, 

I remain, 

Sally Armstrong Bingley '60 


Mary Baldwin Alumnae Association 

J]\e Kiracofe Associates 
Flarirned Giving 

This column is the first in a seiies about 
people who support MBC through planned 
giving. Each column will feature an 
alumna or friend luho has made plans to 
support the college throu^ a bequest, trust, 
life insurance , gift anntcity or other planned 
gift. The individuals featured are Kiracofe 
Associates, named to honor the memory 
of Charlene M. Kiracofe '25 , who died in 
1987 and left a bequest in excess of$l.l 
miMton to her alma mater. The first 
Kiracofe Associate featured in The Maga- 
zine is Alice Wilson Marlocfe '47. 

Over the years Alice Wilson Matlock 
'47 had invested wisely and held several 
stocks that had appreciated significantly 
but paid only two percent in annual divi- 
dends. After completing her homework 
on charitable gift annuities, Alice recog- 
nized an opportunity to fulfill her desire 
to support Mary Baldwin's endowment 
and increase her current income. 

Alice found that a gift annuity would 
more than triple her current income by 
paying a fixed rate each month based on 
her initial gift. She would receive a par- 
tial tax deduction for her gift thus reduc- 
ing her income taxes. And part of her 
monthly income from the gift annuity 
would be nontaxable since the Internal 
Revenue Service considers that portion 
to be a return of capital to her. 

Alice contacted the Mary Baldwin de- 
velopment office in December 1993, and 
by the end of the month she had achieved 
her goals through a charitable gift annu- 
ity. She assured the college of a future gift 
and gready increased her income from an 
appreciated asset. 

"Once I realized a charitable gift an- 
nuity provided so many advantages to me 
and the college, 1 was pleased to make my 
comm.itment," Ahce said recently. 

For additional information, please con- 
tact Mark Atchison, vice president for in- 
stitutional advancement, Mary Baldwin 
CoUege, 1-800-622-4255. 


Faculty Notes 


ADP Assistant Professor of Business 
Administration Catherine Ferris 
McPherson received a bronze award in 
the print advertisement category of the 
1994 National University Continuing 
Education Association Marketing and 
Promotion competition. Her winning 
ADP advertisement was called "Man- 
tel." The ad promoted the Adult 
Degree Program in Richmond, 
Roanoke and Charlottesville, VA. 

Dr. Anna Norris, assistant professor of 
French, and Dr. Lola Dobon, assistant 
professor of Spanish, received their 
doctoral degrees on May 22 from The 
University of Virginia. 

Professor of Psychology Dr. Jack Kibler 
and two students, Holly Tatum and 
Jenny Stearns, received an award for 
giving one of the four best presenta- 
tions at the Southeastern Psychological 
Association meeting in New Orleans in 
April. Their presentation was on 
"Litter-specific effects of prenatal 
caffeine on rat pups." 


Assistant Professor ot Art Dr. Sara 
Nair James delivered the keynote 
address at Arts Week celebrations at 
Tidewater Community College in 
Virginia Beach in April, 1994. Her 
speech was titled, "Making Connec- 
tions: Signorelli's Cappella Nuova at 
Orvieto." Dr. James also presented her 
paper, "Portraiture: Tutankhamen to 
Andy Warhol" at the Staunton- 
Augusta Arts Center on June 15. 

Dr. James received her Ph.D. from 
The University of Virginia during 
graduation ceremonies on May 22. 

Health Care Administration Director 
Dr. Steven A. Mosher spoke at the 
annual meeting of the Virginia Osteo- 
pathic Medical Association, held in 
Williamsburg in May. Dr. Mosher spoke 
on "Strategic Planning for the Medical 

Dr. Robert Grotjohn, ADP assistant 
professor ot English, presented a paper 
at the 1994 MLA convention as part of 
the panel on "Post-Colonial Readings 
of Asian American Literature." Dr. 
Grotjohn's paper was titled, "A Hopeful 
Terspectivism' in Teaching Asian 
American Literature: David Mura and 
Mitsuye Yamada." 

Professor of Psychology Dr. Jack Kibler 
presented his paper, "Prenatal Caffeine 
Deceases Body Temperature and 
Ultrasonic Calls in Rat Pups," at the 
American Psychological Society 
meeting in Washington, DC, in July. 

Dr. Sara James, assistant professor of 
art, attended the Southeast College Art 
Conference in New Orleans in October. 
She presented her paper, "A Program- 
matic Approach to Frescoes in Luca 
Signorelli's Cappella Nuova in 

Dr. James McCrory, associate professor 
of education, presented his paper, 
"Using Online Services for Communi- 
cating Professionally," at the Council 
for Learning Disabilities conference in 
San Diego, CA, in November. 

Professor of Sociology Dr. John Wells 
presented a paper with Goochland 
Program Coordinator Dr. Ashton Trice 
at the Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture 
Association conference in Wheeling, 
WV, in October. Their paper was titled, 
"Shaken but not Stirred: Changing 
Images of James Bond." 

Director of the Health Care Adminis- 
tration Program Dr. Steven Mosher 
presented a paper, "Health Care 
Reform: To Be or Not To Be?" to the 
medical staffs of Woodrow Wilson 
Rehabilitation Center and Blue Ridge 
Hospital in August. 

Dr. Laura van Assendelft, assistant 
professor of political science, presented 
a conference paper at the Southern 
Political Science Association meeting 
held in Atlanta in November. Her 
paper was titled "Governors, Agenda 
Setting and Divided Government." 


Dr. Susan Blair Green, ADP associate 
professor of English, attended the 1994 
Virginia Humanities Conference in 
April. The conference, titled "South- 
ern Women in Communities," was 
held at Christopher Newport Univer- 
sity. Noted author Lee Smith was the 
keynote speaker. 

Associate Professor of Biology Dr. 
Jacquelyn Beals and Professor of 
Chemistry Dr. Elizabeth Hairfield 
attended the Virginia Foundation for 
Independent College's Science Confer- 
ence on May 3 in Richmond. The 
conference theme was "Strengthening 
the Sciences." 

Dr. Sally James is working with the 
college's art assessors through a CAP 
Assessment Grant which will allow the 
college's art collection to be catalogued. 
The assessors will make recommenda- 
tions for the care and development of 
the collection. 

Dr. Diane Ganiere, director of the 
ADP center at BRCC, attended the 
National Women's Studies Association 
(Continued on page 17) 



Annual Report 

Contributions to Mary Baldwin College 1993 - 1994 


Annual Report 

Contributions to Mary Baldwin College 1993 - 1994 

Mary Baldivin's progress in educating 
tomorrow's leaders is made possible by 
the continuing generosity of alumnae, 
parents, friends, corporations and foundatuyns , whose 
contributions we are pleased to recognize in this report of 
the 1993-1994 fiscal year. 

You , our benefactors , contributed over ^2.5 million 
to the College. The Annual Fund had a record-breaking 
year. The Annual Fund topped its H million goal by 
raising H ,048,750, the first time ever in the history of 
the Annual Fundi 

Your gifts ensure that we can continue to fidfill 
Mary Baldwin's mission of giving bright and talented 
young people from all economic circumstances the 
opportunity to study with knowledgable and 
dedicated professors. 

For your support, Mary Baldwin College is 
deeply grateful. 


Dr. C\rLthia H. Tyson 


The Annual Report 

Institutional Budget 

Annual Fund Giving Clubs 

Members of special giving clubs are the pillars of support for the 
Annual Fund. The names of special gift club members are listed with 
grateful appreciation at the beginning of each donor section and at the 
head of each class. 

The Rufus Bailey Society 

contributions of *20,000 and 
up to the Annual Fund 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 

contributions of *10,000 to 
H9,999 to the Annual Fund 

The Hill Top Club 

contributions of *5,000 to 
*9,999 to the Annual Fund 

The Founders' Club 

contributions of *2,500 to 
H,999 to the Annual Fund 

The President's Associates 

contributions ot * 1,000 to 
*2,499 to the Annual Fund 

The Ivy Circle 

contributions of *500 to*999 
to the Annual Fund 

The Colonnade Club 

contributions of *250 to *499 
to the Annual Fund 

The Columns 

contributions of ^00 to *249 
to the Annual Fund 


Annual Fund 

4 Year Review 

1990-91 1991-92 1992-93 1993-94 


Aid lTri>7 Annual Fund: 9% 


Annual Fund 

Sesquicentennial Campaign Revenues 


Endowment Income 

Financial Aid (State and Federal Level) 

Room and Board 

Tuition and Fees 


Operation & AcaJem.c 

Maintenance Support 




Public Services 


Academic Instruction and Research 33% 

Scholarships and Fellowships 24% 

Student Aid 10% 

Academic Support 3% 

Institutional Support 19% 

Operation and Maintenance ot Plant 9% 

Public Services 2% 

4 The Annual Report 

Dr. and Mrs. John W. Deming 
(Bertie Murphy Demtng '46) 
Caroline Rose Hunt '43 
Caroline Murphy Keller '42 

Top Giving Clubs 

The Rufus Bailey Society: ^20,000 and up- 

Since its founding, Mary Baldwin College has been 
known for her innovative, creative programs. Dr. Rufus 
Bailey founded Augusta Female Seminary in 1842. He 
insisted on a "real world" education for women. Through 
their generous support of "20,000 or more Rufus Bailey 
Society' members ensure the legacy of Rufus Bailey. 

William G. Pannill 

Pamela Stephens Rose '82 

Virginia Foundation for 
Independent Colleges 

Margaret C. Woodson 
Foundation Inc. 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society: ^10,000 to ^19,999 

Like Mary Julia Baldwin, this group of generous 

alumnae and friends possess the vision and conunitment 

to realize the potential of Mar>' Baldwin College. 

Through financial support of H0,000 to '19,999, 

Society members have the privilege of being able to 

help shape the future of the College. Mary Baldwin 

College honors these individuals. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cl^TRer Jr. 
Alice Tollev Goodwin '66 

Margaret Hunt Hill '37 

N'lr. and Mis. Charles S. Luck III 

Yoko Sakae 

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Turner 

Claire Lewis Arnold '69 
Glade's S. Boester 
Nancy A. Crim 
Quida Caldwell Davis '51 
Agnes Gray EXiff '54 
Bett^- Beasley Fielder '49 
Aima^ Kate Reid Hipp '63 
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. 

- The Hill Top Club: ^5,000 to «9,999- 

Club members donate '5,000 to *9,999 to help secure 
Mary Baldwin College's position in the ever changing 
world of higher education. Members help continue the 
proud heritage that is Mary Baldwin College. Alumnae 
and friends who are in The Hill Top Club are applauded. 

Nancy Rowe Hull '64 
Emily W. Hundlev '47 
Shirley Haynes Hunter '24 

Mr. and Mrs. P. William 

Moore Jr. 
J. Carson Quarles 

Dorothy Cleveland Rohb '44 
Emily Dethloff Ryan '63 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sharp 
William L. Sudderth 
Synod of the Mid- Atlantic 
Tandy Corporation 
Mr. and Mrs. R. Dillard Teer 
(Mildred Roy croft Teer '44) 
A. Jane Townes '69 
Errdly Timberlake Waaerson '34 
Martha .^nn Woolverton '51 (D) 

Mary Stone Adler '62 
Charlotte Jackson Be—- '~! 
Sally Armstrong r . : ^ . r 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ma^.^r. 5^ci ',:. 

Julie Mays Caimell '70 
Peggy .Anderson Carr '67 
Justice and Mrs. George M. 

Estate ot Fannie Royster Cooke 
Liddy Kirkpatrick Doenges '63 ^D) 

The Founders' Club: ^2,500 to H,999 

This giving club was named in honor of the original 
foimders, Mary Julia Baldwin and Rufus W. Bailey. 

Club members give '2,500 to '4,999 which continues 

the 152 years of excellence which is Mary Baldwin 

College. The College honors their generosity. 

Katherine D^-er Dudley '36 

Walter E. Eckel 

Exxon Education Foundation 

Helen K. Groves 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L Hammock 

Carolyn Gilmer Hisley '60 

Ro:alia Cruise Hogg '78 
Gail McLerman King '69 
Margaret Livingston '69 
Jean T. Moore 

New York Marine &. General 
Insurance Company 

M. Elcabedi Freddy '67 
Margaret Thorn Ravvls '69 
William O. Reuther 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. 

Shuford Sr. 
Jane Frances Smith '37 
.Alice Jones Thompson '47 
Harriette Clarke Thome '47 
Teresita Zapata TrigLi ADP '88 
Cecile Meats Turner '46 

Class of 1944 

50th Reunion 
5 i% giving ^17,6 1 5 

Reunion Giving Committee: 
Lois Smith Chapman , Chair 
Laura McManaway Andrews 
Vonceil LeGrand Chapman 
Bettie Trimble Mahray 
Anne Hanneke McGough 
Dorothy Cleveland Robb 
Mildred Roycroft Teer 
Elizabeth Churchman Wick 

The Hill Top Club 

Dorothy Cleveland Robb 
Mildred Roycroft Teer 

The President's Associates 

Bettie Trimble Mabray 

The Ivy Circle 

Vonceil LeGrand Chapman 
Ann Kivlighan MacLeod 

The Colonnade Club 

Sally McCullough Futch 
Josephine Hannah Holt 
Virginia Gilliam Lewis 
Mildred Mohun Lombaer 
Joyce Goldstein Moseley 
Patricia Blair Quick 
Virginia Gochenour Reid 

The Columns 

Laura McManaway Andrews 
Katherine Kivlighan Carter 
Lois Smith Chapman 
Margaret Smith Connor 
Mary Cooke 
Nell Dorsey 
Eva Vines Eutsler 
Christine Davis Hunke 
Elizabeth Wysor Jordan 
Anne Haneke McGough 
Usa Hartwell Meem 

1993-94 Reunion Giving 

Alumnae, in celebration of their upcoming reunion, 

are asked to make an increased gift to the Annual 

Fund. This year, reunion classes raised * 128,443 

with an overall 40% participation. We send special 

thanks to everyone who worked on the Reunion 

Giving Committees. During Homecoming, we were 

happy to recognize the Class of 1969 for the largest 

class gift, and the Classes of 1949 and 1954 for the 

highest level of class participation. The Class of 

1964 was awarded honorable mention for coming 

in second place. Congratulations! 

Reunion Class Gifts 

Margaret Creel Miniclier 
Frances Taylor Roberts 
Jessie Crosby Turk 
Elizabeth Churchman Wick 
Mary Lott Wilson 


Lucie Foster Adams 
Ann Jordan Bast 
Frances Wilborn Bennett 
Charlotte Craun Bishop 
Mary Mish Bundy 
Helen Gansman Graves 
Dorothy Shelton Jones 
Jean Ward McElfresh 
Edwina Davis Ohr 
Julia Kohler Peterson 
Grace Dryden Venable 
Betty Cooke Wood 

Class of 1949 

45 th Reunion 

65% giving H 4, 056 

Reunion Giving Committee: 
Mercer Pendletan Waa, Chair 
Margaret Newman Ai^ent 
Peggy Reid Durden 
Betty Barker Fraser 
Patricia Murphree Honea 
Edith }ames Mickley 
Katharine Makepeace Turner 
Joan Moore Woltz 

The Hill Top Club 

Betty Beasley Fiedler 

The President's Associates 
Betty Harrell Kyle 

The Ivy Circle 

Margaret Lawson Craighill 
Jeanne DuBois Loar 
Joan Moore Woltz 

The Colonnade Club 

Julia Johnston Belton 
Jane Sebrell Leachman 
Jacquelyn Dickey Miller 
Katherine Potts Wellford 

The Columns 

Margaret Newman Avent 
Barbara Minter Barnes 
Ann Craig Bickell 
Nancy Anderson Blakey 
Ann McClain Branch 
Gwendolyn Austin Brammer 
Martha Hobson Crowder 
Patricia Downing 
Peggy Reid Durden 
Betty Farrington Felegara 
Betty Barker Fraser 
Helen Hicks Gant 
Virginia Nurney Harlow 
Patricia Murphree Honea 
Ellen Andrews Hunter 
Bettie Thomas Jacobsen 

Cynthia Betts Johnson 
Shirley Sunderman Kostik 
Elizabeth Usher Laffitte 
Elizabeth Rawls Macklin 
June Lewis McHenry 
Jean Rowan McNab 
Betty Fugate Moore 
Annette Peter Neel 
Helen Houghton Peters 
Beverly Harrison Rhodes 
Evelyn Lacy Roberson 
Elizabeth Jenkins Roddey 
Carolyn Horton Rogers 
Elizabeth Lankford Thomas 
Katharine Makepeace Turner 
Vivienne Hutchens Vail 
Mercer Pendleton Watt 
Katharine Callanan Williams 
Margaret Hooks Wilson 


Margaret Warren Albright 
Rosa Hutson Blankin 
Emily Ogburn Doak 
Jean Whipple Dutton 
Jean Farrow 

Caroline Sprouse Ghebelian 
Ann Ashby Helms 
Dixie Seagler Hoaglin 
Betty McLean Hopkins 
Vera Canaday Lupo 
Jean Quarles Mary 
Claire Snyder McDermott 
Edith James Mickley 
Margaret Ryder Pence 
Mary Heydenreich Robbins 
Martha Reeves Rudd 
Betty Henderson Smith 
Carrie Ham Tarkington 
Katharine Blakey Taylor 
Betty Buchanan ThuUbery 
Nancy Rawls Watson 
Avis Lewellyn Wright 

The Annual Report 

Class of 1954 
40th Reunion 


Reunion Giving Committee: 
Winifred Boggs Myrick, Chair 
Elizabeth DeLoach 
Jessie Carr Haden 
Janet Mitchell Harper 
Kitty McConnell Henninger 
Virginia Eversole Herdman 

The Hill Top Club 

Agnes Gray Duff 

The President's Associates 

Virginia Eversole Herdman 
Louise Fowlkes Kegley 
Winifred Boggs Myrick 
Constance Headapohl Pikaart 
Elizabeth Switzer Zirkle 

The Ivy Circle 

Lee Pierce Mosso 

Marian HolUngsworth Cusac 

The Colonnade Club 

Elizabeth Buehrer Elliott 
Ann Shaw Miller 

The Columns 

Sandra Wright Ahrens 
Liz De Loach 
Johanna Paul Elder 
Eleanor Yeakley Gardner 
Ann Hadaway Greer 
Nancy Rawles Grissom 
Jessie Carr Haden 
Janet Mitchell Harper 
Kitty McConnell Henninger 
Shirley Lammers Karp 
Julia Vann Kenan 
Grace Mizuno Nakahama 
Marjorie Becker 

Anne Dosher Read 
Betty Garrett Schmidt 
Elizabeth Biggadike Scroggin 
Willie Ashlin Wyatt Smith 
Mary Mason Torrence 


Ann Robinson Brown 
Dora Wiley Brown 
Donia Craig Dickerson 
Carol Bacon Dreizler 
Mary McKee Hagemeyer 
Joan Davenport Haydon 
Anne Oden Hall 

Carolyn McGeorge Henslee 
Denise Grellou Ivanov 
Betty Garter Lane 
Ann Morgan Lanier 
Elizabeth O'Neal Livingston 
Alma McCue Miller 
Addie McLaughlin Ours 
Margaret Stanley Parsons 
Daphne Brown Robertson 
Jane Caldwell Ross 
Andrea Bethea Shepherd 
Terry Tilman Townes 
Cherie Parrish Turman 
Nancy Quinn Watson 
Ann Wilson Wesley 
Shirley Else Wilson 

Class of 1959 

35th Reunion 
30% giving H, 565 

Reunion Giving Committee: 
Anne McClung Anderson , 

Carlana Lindstrom Ijxne , 


The Columns 

Anne McClung Anderson 
Gloria Gregory Hildebrand 
Carlana Lindstrom Lane 
Ruth Hawkins Molony 
Dr. Gwen Kennedy Neville 
Lucy Fisher West 
Patricia Henderson Williams 


Carraleigh Singletary Bass 
Virginia Bruce Cooke 
Jane Reid Cunningham 
Margaret Foster Curtis 
Julia Johnson Demler 
Cornelia Davis Doolan 
Anne Herbert Feathers 
Anne Wait Gardner 
Katherine Williams Gooding 
Ann Bagwell Hunt 
Martha Moseley Johnson 
Helen Smith McCallum 
Mary Peterson McGee 
Margaret Miller 
Louisa Jones Painter 
Celeste Weathers Patterson 
Sandra Esquivel Snyder 
Juliasue Stafford Swift 
Elizabeth Edwards Woodward 

Class of 1964 
30th Reunion 
44% giving H 7, 846 

Reunion Giving Committee: 
Beverly Estes Bates, Chair 
Carolyn Smith Abbitt 
Byrd Williams Abbott 
Vickie Reid Argabright 
Jane Heywood Boylin 
Margaret Cole Chappell 
Jacqueline Riddle Davidson 
Susanne Eve Fowlkes 
Laura Holbrook Hardwick 
Susan Thompson Hoffman 
Mary Ann Appleby Marchio 

The Hill Top Club 

Nancy Rowe Hull 

The President's Associates 

Beverly Estes Bates 
Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco 
Susan Thompson Hoffman 
Mary McRae Young 

The Ivy Circle 

Margaret Cole Chappell 
Jacqueline Riddle Davidson 
Laura Holbrook Hardwick 

The Colonnade Club 

Victoria Reid Argabright 
Karen Appleby Baughan 
Julia Carrington Bemis 
Jane Heywood Boylin 

The Columns 

Carolyn Smith Abbitt 
Susan Goodman Ahearn 
Elizabeth Baughan Baukhages 
MoUie Rehmet Cannady 
Sally Dorsey Danner 
Anne Nimmo Dixon 
Mary Jarratt Dunn 
Susanne Eve Fowlkes 
Penelope Wev Frere 
Ann King Harkins 
Margaret Thompson Johnson 
Anita Saffels Lawson 
Phyllis Short Marcom 
Mary Ann Appleby Marchio 
N. Farrar Marshall (D) 
Eleanor Poole McCord 
S. Clemmer McCuUey 
Betty Barnes Pigg 
Rebecca Quinn Schubmehl 
Linda Leeds Scott 
Nancy Smith Smitz 

Juliane Jorgensen Taylor 
Clare Saxon Waddell 
Emily Holloway Walker 
Jean Umberger Wertz 


Paula Greenlee Barber 
Iris Harding Belling 
Suzanne Ackerman Bishop 
Martha Murchison Boyd 
Cynthia Freeman Branscome 
Frances Sanders Davis 
Sandra Grisham Dillard 
Glenn Ellen Downie 
Judith Floeter Ford 
Elizabeth Fisher Harris 
Susan Palmer Hauser 
Dr. Hope Baldwin Lanier 
Beverly Leetch 
Darlena Sizemore Mixon 
Nancy Fairfax Hardesty 

Fran Lovelace Overstreet 
Victoria Ellis Pelinski 
Frances Abbitt Quarrier 
Pamela Milliken Reed 
Virginia Morton Rider 
Gratia Kiracofe Ridge 
Nancy Nelson Spencer 
Helen McHenry Vogel 
Tracy Witchell Youngblood 

Class of 1969 

25th Reunion 
46% giving »36, 280 

Reunion Giving Committee: 
Claire Lewis Arnold, Chair 
Ingrid Stalheim Andrews 
Eda Hof stead Cabaniss 
Judith Galloway-Totaro 
Martha Masters Ingles 
Gail McLennan King 
Anne Emmert Thompson 
A. Jane Townes 
Judith "J" Wade 
Mary Lou Gregory Wilson 
Kay Culbreath Young 

The Hill Top Club 
Claire Lewis Arnold 
A. Jane Townes 

The Founders' Club 

Gail McLennan King 
Margaret Livingston 
Margaret Thorn Rawls 

The Annual Report 

The President's Associates 

Sydney Turner Elsass 
Patricia Binkley Haws 
Robin Watson Livesay 
Elizabeth Newman Mason 
Margaret Barranger Raid 
Virginia Moomaw Savage 
Jennifer Mack Urquhart 
Ann Lewis Vaughn 

The Ivy Circle 

Helen Suzanne Jones Duncan 
Martha Masters Ingles 
Elisabeth Jones 
DoUie McGrath Marshall 
Katharine Quillian Solberg 
Sherri Millar Stephenson 
Penelope Odom Thompson 
Judith "J" Wade 
The Colonnade Club 
Eda Hofstead Cabaniss 
Susan Train Fearon 
Judith Galloway-Totaro 
Kathryn Bish Hanson 

The Columns 

Ingrid Stalheim Andrews 
Nealy Garrett Axsella 
Susan Christ Campbell 
Mary Rebekah Kennedy 

Lynn White Cobb 
Laura McLaughlin Crum 
Susan Cutler 
Linda McAUkter Dawa 
Judith Barnatt Duttarer 
Ann Truslar Faith 
Martha Fowler 
Mary Weston Grimball 
Nancy Hill Haley 
Elizabeth Cay Hinas 
Sara Nair James 
Judith Wast Kidd 
Nora Leary 

Patricia McGeorge Nickerson 
Jill Olson 

Mary Moffatt Hutchason Priddy 
Sandra McQuarria Rigby 
Tia Nolan Roddy 
Martha Sims Rutherford 
Corrie Smith Sargeant 
Ann Ashley Sweeney 
Anne Emmert Thompson 
Mary Halsey Tyda 
Karen Marston Vaught 
Mary Gregory Wilson 
Kay Culbreath Young 


Judith Christian Ashby (D) 
Suzanne Hartley Barker 
Janet Turner Barrows 
Miriam Jones Beckwith 
Sheila De Shong Black 
Patricia Bruce Browning 
Frances Buhman 
Lida Brock Caudle 
Elizabeth Floating Davis 
Linda Missbach Donaldson 
Mary Earle 
Sharyl Amaan Fiegal 
Ellen Gilliam 
Jacqualyn Riapa Hill 
Camilla Florence Kunkle 
Carolyn Williams Lackey 
Lynda Cullop Lawrence 
Gayle Lester 
Grace Friend Mullen 
Sarah Cooka Nawcomb 
Lane Parker 
Ann Davis Spitlar 
Violet McWilliam Taylor 
Anna McLaod Turner 
Jane Carter Vaughan 

In addition to raising money for 
fhe Annua/ Fund, tlie Class of 1969 
donated two Rohanii Beech Trees to 

the College which were dedicated 

to Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Grafton 

during Homecoming. 

Class of 1974 

20th Reunion 

25% giving ^7, 840 

Reunion Giving Committee: 

Catherine "Dee Dee" Lewis 

Maxwell, Co-Chair 
Valerie Lund Mitchell, 

Judith Stovall Boland 
Anne Perrin Flynn 
Sally Dillard Hauptfuhrer 
Betsji Hunsucker Lane 
Ann Arey Mason 
L^inn McWhorter Speno 

The President's Associates 

Ann Bowman Day 
Catharine Lewis Maxwell 

The Ivy Circle 

Catherine Boynton Baazley 
Batty Davis Crump 
Leigh Yates Farmer 

The Colonnade Club 

Marguerite Ivy Crews 
Sally Dillard Hauptfuhrer 
Susan Baughman Homar 
Lossie Noell Wilkinson 

The Columns 

Judith Stovall Boland 
Kathleen Barksdale Craine 
Batty Darwin Darwin 
Diane White Fechtel 
Karen Outlaw Fandley 
Harriett Hughes Fitzgerald 
Susan Englandar Fraile 
Helen Radcliffe Gregory 
Betsy Hunsucker Lane 
Ann Aray Mason 
Judith Sydnor McNeel 
Virginia Johnson Moss 
Jamie Hewell Odrezin 
Marie Dienst Parry 
Branda Saymore Sanders 
Elizabeth Gary Spell 
Sandra Wandrisco Waller 


Kristina Mallonae 

Virginia Sproul Downing 
Louise Boswell Firestone 
Anna Perrin Flynn 
Emily Ferrara Hollings 
Patricia Lacy 
Jane Wright Lauten 
Elizabeth Henderson Long 

R. ColviUe Reid 

C. Cremars Richards 

Lisa Sloan-Levin 

Florence Prassly Snyder 

Lynn McWhorter Speno 

Nancy Ross 

Kathryn Payne Wuasta 

Class of 1979 
i 5th Reunion 
37% giving ^8, 02 1 

Reunion Giving Committee: 
Sue Lollis , Chair 
Gloria Zuniga Canseco 
Cynthia Luck Haw 
Jane Harcus Hill 
Gayla McClelland Lemmon 

Nancy Randall Mackey 
Mary Nell McPherson 
Jane Baugh Singletary 
Ann Stephens Talbott 
Susan Harris Witt 

The President's Associates 

Cynthia Luck Haw 
Mary Nell McPherson 

The Ivy Circle 

Gloria Zuniga Canseco 
Suzi Parker Carson 
Elizabeth "B. J." Felton de Golian 
Kimberly Baker Glenn 
Ann Stephens Talbott 
Nancy Dana Theus 

The Colonnade Club 

Tarry Hall 
Tami O'Dall 

The Columns 

Ellison Miller Carey 
Leah Coleman-Thomas 
Martha Carr Crowley 
Cornelia Jarrell DeWitt 
Jane Harcus Hill 
Nancy Wilson Kratzart 
Robin Jasiawicz Lafferty 
Sue Lollis 

Nancy Randall Mackey 
Kathleen Larus Powell 
Jane Baugh Singletary 
Elizabeth Thomas 
Mary Grier Whelass 


Jane Morris Alford 

Lucy Leake Arsnow 

Mary Agnew Brackin 

Lynne Kreger Frye 

Mary Hamblin Getty 

Jennifer Pace Gray 

Kathleen Chupak Guerino 

Martha Hunter 

Mary Latha Warren Jelinek 

Susan Jones 

Gayla McClelland Lemmon 

Kimberlee Lambe Masich 

Lisa Scott Pugh 

Susan Gordon Rosen 

Lisa Jane Rowley 

Elizabeth Saunders-Northam 

Sharon Seal 

Nancy Mann Sizemore 

Sarah Way Speaker 

Mary Thompson Tayloe 

The Annual Report 

Marv' Warren 
Grecchen Binard Wavell 
Karen Matthews Winchester 
Dorothy Drake Whitaker 
Barbara Barnes Wissbaum 
Susan Harris Witt 

Class of 1984 

10th Reunion 
34% gitwig ^6,520 

Reunion Giving Committee: 
Laura Kerr, Chair 

Marilyn Hu^es AUan 
Pamela Leigh Anderson 
Susan Mitchell Bell 
Laura Martin Davis 
Katherine Fauster 
Margaret Troutman Grover 
Mary Kathryn Hockman 

Deborah Huffman 
Carroll Oliver Roach 

The President's Associates 
E)r. Sheila Jean Kendrick 

The Ivy Circle 

Margaret Troutman Grover 

Laura Kerr 

Carroll Oliver Roach 

Saundra Eareckson Seifert 
EvehTi Tranchin 

The Colonnade Club 

Lisa McKen:ie Millican 

The Columns 

Mary Stuart Copeland Akano 
Pamela Leigh Anderson 
Susan Mitchell Bell 
Kerri Glenn Byrne 
Virginia Gates DiStanislao 
Katherine Fauster 
Deborah Louise Hardie 
Catherine Harrell 
Deborah Huffman 
Lee Beal Kirksey 
Jacqueline Triglia O'Hare 
Virginia McBride Shover 
Elizabeth Edgerton Summers 
Joanna Campbell Swanson 
Jerianne Fitzgerald Thomas 


Maril'yn Hughes Allan 
Theresa Hall Attwell 
Johannah Bauknight 
Lisa Byrne 
Cecilia Caldwell 
Martha Smith CoUett 
Aster Dawit 

Elizabeth Fox Day 
Kelly Garcia-Confer 
Bonnie Haufe 
Carolee Cramer 
Jessica Meekins 
Sherry Duncan Miller 
Belinda Norden Pitman 
Mary Pollard 
Mary Kathryn Hockman 

Jennifer Lambert Sisk 
Margaret Stiftler-Prince 
Erin Sullivan 

Anne Cabell Birdsong Wentz 
Laura Wilson Young 
Frances Youngblood 

Class of 1989 

5th Reunion 


Reunion Giving Committee: 
Donna Myrtle Boydey , Chair 
Kelly Garrett Abbott 
Courtney Bell 
Katherine Carter 
Leslie Ferrier 
Lucille Hodges 

Shelby Poiuell 
Rebecca Walker 
Angela Favata Week 

The Columns 

Kelly Garrett Abbott 
Tracey Cote Allen 
Rita Alvis 
Courtney Bell 
Donna Myrtle Boxley 
Lucille Hodges 
Shelby Powell 
Rebecca Walker 


Susan Achey 
Marylouise Bowman 
Katherine Carter 
Sarah Yeatts Gormley 
Melissa West Hayes 
Sarah McClellan Holman 
Allison Griffin Lorenzo 
Pamela Pniitt McDonough 
Julie King Murray 
Amy Nelson 
Sheri Powell Neuhofer 
Caroline Seibold Smyth 
Katrina Spanka-Kloman 
Jennifer Simpson 
Holly Porter VituUo 

Class Giimj 1 otais 

Previous Year vs. Reunion Year 






■ Annual Fund 92-93 
) Annual Fund 93-94 


iijtl— '9,295- 





n ,040 '1490 

'44 '49 '54 '59 '64 '69 '74 '79 '84 '89 

The Annual Report 9 

Alumnae Annual Fund Awards 

Endowment per College 

Total Endowment Dollars in Millions 





^66. million 

^60. million 

*I9. million 

Holllns Randolph-Macon Marv* 

Woman's Baldwin 

Total Annual Fund 93-94 

Dollars Generated in Millions 





Sweet Bnar HoUins Randolph-Macon Mar>' 

Woman's Baldw-in 

Through these prestigious awards, we recognize 
our alumnae's enthusiastic support for Mary Baldwin 
College. The awards are presented each year and are 
named in honor of past presidents of Mary Baldwin 
College. Accepting the awards on behalf of their 
classes, class delegates represent their peers during 
Founders' Day Convocation. 

The College commends the classes listed helow for 
their outstanding lovaltv to the Qillege. 


Class of 1946 
Awarded to the class presenting the largest gift to the 1993- 
94 Annual Fund, the Fraser Bowl was secured by the Class of 
1946 who contributed *61,476 to the Annual Fund. 


Class of 1969 
Congratulations go to the Class ot 1969 for giving an outstand- 
ing increase of *18,475 to the Annual Fund during 1993-94- 


Class of 1954 
An important goal is to increase alumnae participation in 
the College's Annual Fund. TTie Spencer Pitcher is bestowed 
on the class obtaining the greatest percentage of increase in 
participation. With an increase from 39% in 1992-93 to 61% 
in 1993-94, the Class of 1954 is recognized for the greatest 
increase in participation. 


Class of 1949 
The Jarman Cup is presented to the class demonstrating the 
highest level of class participation in the Annual Fund. An 
outstanding 65% of the Class of 1949 contributed to the 
Annual Fund during 1993-94, thereby assuring the awarding 
of the cup. 

Top Ten Classes 

In Dollars C 


In Percent Participation 









































10 The Annual Report 

Class Gifts 

Class of 1920 

The Columns 

Katherine Bear Aulick 


Margaret Bishop Fitchett 
Margaret Coffman Henry 

Class OF 1921 

Dorothy Gage Wilkin 

Class of 1923 

The Columns 

Laura Vaughan Gaillard 
Agnes Dunlop Wiley 


Louise Hodges Hartzog 
Gladys Parker Silling 

Class of 1924 

The Hill Top Club 

Shirley Haynes Hunter 

The Columns 

Ruth Mowery Marler 


Josephine Barkman Coleman 

Class of 1925 


Katharine Howard Holding 
Susan Herriott Rozelle 
Frances Harris Weaver 

Class of 1926 


Lillian Crawford 
Virginia Roosa Slocum 

Class of 1927 

The Colonnade Club 

Elizabeth Richardson Bane (D) 


Sara Ralston Clowser 
Etta Brown Foster 
Katharine Perry James 
Amanda McCaskill 

Class of 1928 

The Colonnade Club 

Oma Bell Perry 


Dorothy Miller Campbell 
Virginia Jordan Carroll 
Dorothy Dyer Wilkins 

Class of 1929 

The Columns 

Anna McMahon Schultz 


Mary Taylor (D) 

Class of 1930 


The Ivy Circle 

Evelyn Baker Arey 

The Colonnade Club 

Mary Hebbard Parmelee 

The Columns 

Bessie Conway Lewis 


Elizabeth Withers Glascock 
Elizabeth Hesser 
Katherine Duff Powell 

Class OF 1931 

26% giving H60 

The Columns 

Eleanor McMillan Norris 
Marguerite Valz Olson 
Ruth D. See 


Mary Watters Cresswell 
Miriam Hughes Williams 

Class of 1932 

41% giving*] ,620 

The President's Associates 
Josephine Hutcheson 

The Colonnade Club 

Alene Brewster Lamer 

The Columns 

Dorothy Hutchings Alberts 
Dr. Helton McAndrew 


Rebecca Williams Holoman 
Harriett Seem Neff 
Virginia Maben Stokes 

Class of 1933 

48% ^vingH ,400 

The Ivy Circle 

Louise Randol Brooks 

The Columns 

Kathryn Shankweiler Heydt 
Margaret Grabill Jones 
Gladys Lyles 


Margaret De Mund Banta 
H. Jean Brehm Cottman 
Rosa Ott Davis 
Virginia Brand Francis 
Sara Harris Hanger 
Katie Jones Hansen 
Ruth Hopewell 
Margaret Grier Livingston 
Mary Scanlon McCallie 
Ruth Frazer Painter 
Ruth Edmunds Shepherd 
Alice Buel Winn 

Class of 1934 
51% giving ^8, 172 

The Hill Top Club 

Emily Timberlake Watterson 

The President's Associates 

Julia Gooch Richmond 
The Colonnade Club 

Mildred Mawhinney 

The Columns 

Mary Benson Buckley 
Evelyn Wood Chatham 
Catherine Zimmermann 

Virginia Wight Lamb 
Jacqueline Crinkley Maddex 
Martha Gray Thomas 


Grace Crowe Bobo 
Kitty Drummond Bridgforth 
Agnes Latham Carter 
Jean Gould Clarke 
Sibelle Reid Cushman 
Rosalie Brown Humphreys 
Virginia Lyon Johnson 
Frances Richardson 

Elizabeth Schutz Mitchell 
Betty Harrison Roberts 
Myrtle Tencat Thomas 

Class of 1935 

45% giving*], 1 15 

The Colonnade Club 

Amine Cosby Kellam 

The Columns 

Margarett Russell Davis 
Capt. Winifred Love 
Virginia Weaver Macomber 
Mary Clark Marks 
Kerlyn Baber Obaugh 


Marian Martin Gather 
Martha Logan Crissman 
LaRue Prideaux Hall 
Rosannah Milam Huff 
Marguerite Harper Morrison 
Evelyn Brown Nilsson 
Jane Barnes Ruffin 
Jean Clark Wright 

Class of 1936 

33% giving *6, 269 

The Founders' Club 

Katherine Dyer Dudley 

The Colonnade Club 

Dorothy Hooge King 
Dorothy Douglass Kellam 

The Columns 

Helen Wade Dantzler 
Ora Ehmling Ehmann 
Harriet Schofield 

Elizabeth Vincent McMuUen 
LuciUa White Whitted 

The Annual Report 



Nancy Wallace Henderson 
Janet Duthie Hoff 
Alice Guerrant Manly 
Rachael Handshaw Meeker 
Sarah Whitmore Ricks 
Nellie Hankins Schmidt 
Jean Blackburn Tipton 

Class of 1937 

45% giving H 4, 985 

The Mary Julia Baldwin 

Margaret Hunt Hill 

The Founders' Club 

Jane Frances Smith 

The Ivy Circle 

Roberta Vance Homer 

The Columns 

Virginia Kyle Copper 
Elizabeth Curry Langley 
Mary Sherier Mathisen 
Alice Gilkeson Simpkins 


Blessing Whitmore Brown 
Mary Carter 
Josephine Gale Ellis 
Mary Welton Enzian 
Elizabeth Hall 
The Rev. Mellie Hussey 

Jean Holliday 
Virginia Gantt Kendig 
Elizabeth Lambert Mahler 
Jane Mather Parish 
Margaret Childrey Penzold 
Josephine Barnett Ritchie 
Juliette Walker Sanders 
Elizabeth Beckett Sowell 
Ethel Coffey Strawn 
Virginia White Taylor 
Frances Edwards Thompson 
Barbara Johnson von Rets 

Class of 1938 

41% giving H, 965 

The Colonnade Club 

Ruth Galey Welliver 

The Columns 

Phyllis Williams Ayres 
Reba Clemmer Dunlap 

Mary Philpotts Hudgins 
Mary Moffitt Knorr 
Agnes McClung Messimer 
Mary Lumpkin Pope 
Mary Hutcheson Ragland 
Alice Moore Sisson 


Joan Ballard Bailey 
Eleanor Cely Carter 
Betty Bird Cook 
Frances Garwood Craft 
Josephine Jackson Dickerson 
Janet HoUis Doswell 
Opal Newton Garrett 
Elizabeth Howard Greene 
Nancy Ferris Kail 
Adele Gooch Kiessling 
May McCall 
Sarah Lacy Miller 
Peggy Hooven Murphy 
Margaret Keller Pearson 
Dorothy Cohen Silverman 
Marion Hartley Todd 
Lelia Huyett White 
Sara Ranson Woltman 

Class of 1939 

62% giving ^7, 5 23 

The President's Associates 

Sarah Maupin Jones 
Mary Cronin Wolfe 

The Ivy Circle 

Elizabeth Boyd Caskey 
Mildred J. Lapsley 
Nancy Owen Stuart 

The Colonnade Club 

Shirley Black Barre 
Ida Kellough Robb 

The Columns 

Mary Kerr Brooks 
Virginia Broughton 
Margaret Browning Busick 
Marguerite Latham Clemmer 
Janie Holman Edwards 
Margaret Johnston Evans 
Mary Anne Wilson Gibbs 
Virginia Worth Gonder 
Margaret Caldwell Herndon 
Elizabeth Banner Hudgins 
Shirley Smith Huffman 
Sally Collin Kriek 
Maxine Dunlap Mclntyre 

Margaret Armstrong 

Annie Lee Moore Walker 
Shirley Keelgar Williamson 
Elizabeth Gronemeyer Wise 
Frederica Young 


Margaret Shields Boyer 
Nancy Eskridge 
Frances Rue Godwin 
Myrtle Foy Hennis 
Margaret Cochran Hinch 
Marcia Gooch Johnston 
Frances Perrottet Kresler 
Blanche Campbell Lewis 
Anita C. Malugani 
Helen Day Mitchell 
Jean Young Moore 
Hazel Nelle Astin Nelson 
Nina Griffith O'Malley 
Barbara Baker Richardson 
Margie Phipps Shick 
Ermagard Kruse Skaggs 
Mary McLendon Wall 
EugeniaVance Welch 
Helen Hull Yood 

Class of 1940 

56% giving H6,375 

The Hill Top Club 

Margaret Herscher 

The Founders' Club 

Alice Jones Thompson 

The President's Associates 

Jean Baum Mair 
Dorothy Baughan Moore 

The Ivy Circle 

Virginia Hayes Forrest 
Thelma Riddle Golightly 
Ethelyn Jones Maxwell 
Florence Jeffrey Wingo 

The Colonnade Club 

Shirley Fleming Iben 
Sara Frances Ferrell Shay 
Sally Cheney Walker 

The Columns 

Alice Jarman Browder 
Marjorie Tobin Burke 
EUender Stribling Chase 
Mary Van Atta Derr 

Katherine Holt Dozier 
Alice Bitner Freund 
Emma Padgett FitzHugh 
Virginia Aldrich Fogle 
Sarah Hannah 
Louise O. Ravenel 
Barbara Payne Webster 
Ellen Nicholson Williams 


Polly Bartlett 
Bertha Keller DuBose 
Jeanne Smith Gardes 
Harriet Johnson Gurtler 
Elizabeth Carter Hoover 
Betty Shelton Hutcheson 
Gladys Walker Jacobs 
Elizabeth Clayberger Jones 
Kathryn Lineweaver 

Barbara Browne Martindale 
Alma Hines Mitchell 
Almeyda Spratley Peyton 
Mary Conlon Schull 
Rachel Hassell Stevens 

Class OF 1941 

49% giving H, 67 5 

The President's Associates 

Nancy Clark McLennan 

The Ivy Circle 

Dorris Withers McNeal 
Katharine Hoge Smith 
Nadine Prideaux Smith 

The Colonnade Club 

Martha Farmer Chapman 
Genevieve Benckenstein Elder 

The Columns 

Betty Wilcox Armstrong 
Elaine Kibler Baldwin 
Elizabeth Pringle Barge 
Jean Lamer Gray 
Joyce Albright Greig-Denis 
Phyllis Browne Holbert 


Louise Kinkel Boehmke 

Dr. Julia Boykin 

Dale Peters Bryant 

Ann Carroll 

Jane Raudenbush Coiner 

Virginia Evans Crapuchettes 

Gladys Rodgers White DePue 

12 The Annual Report 

Betty KuU Drumheller 
Lelia Dunlap 
Elizabeth Brewer Fish 
Mary Clinard FUnn 
Harriet King Gear 
Malvine Paxton Graham 
Katherine jarratt 
Harriet Angier Kuhn 
Virginia Charles Lyle 
Doris Siler Miller 
Mary Thompson Molten 
Mary Thomas Moorhead 
Frances Sledge Nicrosi 
Barbara Benton Reagan 
Mary Miles Whitaker 
Lillie Harwell Williams 
Nina Sproul Wise 
Marie Ulmer Wolfe 

Class of 1942 

59% giving »35, 480 

The Rufus Bailey Society 

Caroline Murphy Keller 

The President's Associates 

Nancy McWhorter Hurley 

The Ivy Circle 

Louise Vandiviere Mashbum 

The Colonnade Club 

Marian Hornsby Bowditch 
Anne Hayes Brewer 
Sara Mackey Godehn 
Laura Luck Stiles 

The Columns 

Glada Moses Beard 
Hannah Campbell 

Carolyn Norton Brushwood 
Betty Moorhead Clayton 
Mary Bartenstein Faulkner 
Pearl Epling Forsey 
Clarissa Shepherd Gaylord 
Elizabeth Wotring Harrison 
Suzanne Hudson MacLeod 
Jane Craig Morrison 
Mary Blakely Sorrells 
Eleanor Jamison Supple 


Carolyn Stehlin Anderson 
Elizabeth McGrath Anthony 
Ann Atwell 
Mary Simpson Bailey 

Mary Lightner Bast 
Mary Guerrant Dodson 
Elizabeth Leman Dunson 
Jane Harris Catling 
Inez Jones Hagaman 
Betty Bailey Hall 
Janet Werner Harris 
Eleanor Unger Inge 
Beth Tilley Kantner 
Evelyn Engleman Mathews 
Nancy Price McCrackin 
Phoebe Skillman McMillan 
Emily Eakle Morgan 
Jean Anderson Nice wander 
Eula Heep Powers 
Dottie Greer Radcliff 
Ena Taylor Reed 
Mildred Hudson Small 
Kathryn Poerschke Stevens 
Agnes Johns Sweet 
Dr. Leslie Syron 
Margaret McDonald White 
Margaret Bean Yeakle 

Class of 1943 


The Rufus Bailey Society 

Caroline Rose Hunt 

The Ivy Circle 

Meredith Jones Johnson 

The Columns 

Joanne Powell Alexander 
Mildred Proffit Batson 
Reed Munson Beveridge 
Elizabeth Nelson Fenwick 
Gladys Adams Link 
Betty Johnson Mix 
Anna Winslow Newbold 
Frances Knight NoUet 
Margaret Price Pinson 
Ruth Peters Sproul 
Katharine Shelbume 

Mary Mitchener Wilds 


Dorothy Kyle Beck 
Maydwelle Mason Grimsley 
Sylvia Meiner Hanau 
Mary Bagley Higgins 
Margaret McMurray Hottel 
Virginia Hughes 
Kathryn Lucas Hummers 

Emily Jerger 
Marjorie Carter Lacy 
Jean Moyer Mobley 
Mary Bullock Morris 
Dorothy Hundley Neale 
Sally Wheat Porter 
Elizabeth Tyree Powell 
Anna Lane Rogers 
Margaret Harrell Saylor 
Martha Sprouse Stoops 
Ruth Hawkins Webb 

Class of 1945 

43% giving ^6, 005 

The President's Associates 

Jean McArthur Davis 
Julia Pancake Rankin 

The Ivy Circle 

Mary Anne Rhame Bates 
Betty Neisler Timberlake 

The Colonnade Club 

Charlotte Cohn Davis 
Ann Dowdell Stauss 
Mary Griffith Williams 

The Columns 

Gail Riley Blakey 
Elizabeth McCampbell 

Marjorie Creasy Lacy 
Sally Smith Metzger 
Carol Saulsbury Moore 
Margaret McBryde Patterson 
Nancy Roy croft Perry 
Beverly Rhodes Wilson 


Carmen Hayes Anderson 
Margaret Earle Baker 
Kay Gates Barrett 
Anne Churchman Brown 
Nelwyn Kirby Culbertson 
Sally Garrett Eneix 
Anne Daughtrey Harrell 
Elizabeth Pollard Houser 
Dorothy Eloise Whitmore 

Marie Dowd Latimer 
Helen Cook McQuillen 
Louise Plage Neilon 
Catharine Prentiss Plummer 
Bessie Stallings Ritter 
Nancy Nettleton Rood 

Anne Sims Smith 
Julie Sprunt 
Mary Burr Stevens 
Eloise Williams Sturgill 
Ann Whitehead Thomas 
Nancy Townsend 
Mimi Mitchell Tufts 
Frances TuUis 
Margaret Roberts Wagoner 
Cecile Cage Wavell 
Mary Cox Whitmore 

Class of 1946 

43% giving f 61 ,476 

The Rufus Bailey Society 

Bertie Murphy Deming 

The Founders' Club 

Cecile Mears Turner 

The Ivy Circle 

Nancy Howe Guild 

The Colonnade Club 

Velma Newbill Booth 
Madelyn Richardson Brock 
Susan Stewart Goldthwaite 
Cornelia Adair Green 
Charlotte Tilley Sorrell 
Rita Hickey Stone 
Lillie Trimble Turner 

The Columns 

Mary Goodrich Baskin 
Joyce Craig Butterworth 
Peggy Hull Caldwell 
Margaret Davis Evans 
Maude Cover Freeman 
Thelma Trigg Gannon 
Constance Small Hancock 
Alice Parson Paine 
Dr. Beneta Peacock 
Grace Brauer Potter 
Marilyn West Price 
Betty Ott Smallwood 
Jane Frierson Snipes 
Jean Dinkins Thomason 


Sabine Goodman Andrews 
Janet Whitney Bowyer 
Virginia Bridgers Corrigan 
Marjorie Moore Council 
Kitty Presnell Davis 
Shirley Vestal Hill 
Hazel Harris Humphrey 

The Annual Report 13 

Irene East Lamer 
Ellen McDonald Minet 
Mary Brown Myrvik 
Mary Gause Oppelt 
Anne Armstrong 

Gladys McManaway 

Margaret Miller Reynolds 
Adele Eggers Roosevelt 
Helen Black Sinnott 
Emily Reese Smith 
Jean Bickle Smith 
Joan Moran Smith 
Frances Wagener Tebbs 
Sue Anderson Van Ness 
M. Harr Woodward 

Class of 1947 


The Hill Top Club 

Emily W. Hundley 

The Founders' Club 

Harriette Clarke Thome 

The President's Associates 

Kathryn Else Johnson 
Mary Reed Smyth 

The Ivy Circle 

George Ann Brown Carter 
Marianna Jamison Leach 

The Colonnade Club 

Myrna Williams Vest 

The Columns 

Miriam Buckles Helmen 
Dell Proctor HoUstein 
Alice Wilson Matlock 
Anne Early Pettus 
Elizabeth Walsh Read 
Sally Peck Spaulding 
Winifred Gochenour 

Charlotte Fall Williams 
Marillyn Hoyt Yancey 


Mary Thackston Anderson 
D. Dunn Barnes 
Harry Thompson Billington 
Mary Doney Clausel 
Bumey Hay Gardner 
Mary Graves Knowles 

Nancy Jones Hamilton 
Courtenay Plaskitt Hansen 
Florence Harris Hinson 
Katherine Kohler Huguenin 
Donna Hull Jones 
Eleanor Armistead Knipp 
Ethel McCants Lowder 
Jean Bailey McKinney 
Margaret Churchman 

Virginia Roseborough 

Ann Bush Putzel 
Patricia Eubank Sledge 
Lynne McNew Smart 
Laura Dossett Smith 
Nancy Newton Stevenson 
Marquilla Stuckey Stringer 
Joann Myers Thompson 
Gloria Duke Trigg 
Evelyn Cox Washington 
Dorice Mae Waters 
Lee Edwards Watkins 

Class of 1948 


The President's Associates 

Paula Rupe Dennard 
Martha Godwin Saunders 
Elizabeth Hardin Taylor 
Betsy Berry Williamson 

The Ivy Circle 

Martha Brown Hamrick 
Bettie Barnett Lombard 
Martha Anne "Mopsy" Pool Page 

The Colonnade Club 

Anne Monyhan Chambers 
Ellen Eskridge Groseclose 
Peggy Harris Milligan 

The Columns 

Jean Wallace Blount 
Peggy Black Braecklein 
Martha Higgins Fishburne 
Pamela Burnside Gray 
Ann Lucas Hite 
Jacquelyn Siler Kimrey 
Annie Beale Kornegay 
Doris Clement Kreger 
Helen Kinser Moncure 
Helen Atkeson Phillips 
Esther Spurlock Pruett 
Elizabeth Blanchard Wilgus 


Anne Cook Becker 
Mary Hurley Blackshear 
Emily Griffin Buchanan 
Geraldine Canby Carroll 
Elva Fifer 

Betty Gaston Hairfield 
Virginia Albertson Hanks 
Rose Harrison 
Ruth McBryde Hill 
Alice Taylor Houser 
Dorothy Hill Jefferis 
Jane Hammond Jervey 
Leone Bellingrath Jones 
Anne Cronin Keith 
Margaret Clarke Kirk 
Helen De Vore Mattenson 
Elinor Weathersby 

Gertrude King Owen 
Katherine Shannon 

Doris Moffat Salter 
Harriet McLean Slaughter 
Janey Martin Tanner 
Jean Butler Viel 
Dorothy Wilson Vincent 
Elizabeth Page Wardle 
Katharine Adair Woods 

Class of 1950 


The Founders' Club 

Elia Durr Buck 

The President's Associates 

Jacqueline Edwards Cohen 

The Ivy Circle 

Harriet Bangle Bamhardt 
Margaret Barrier 
Anita Thee Graham 
Adriane Heim Lyman 
Harriet Vreeland Reynen 

The Colonnade Club 

Helen Beckelheimer Baugh 
Mary Gochenour Fowlkes 
Frances Koblegard Harcus 
Johanna Westley Lucas 
Barbara Conlon Miescher 

The Columns 

Judith Judge Ashcraft 
Anne Faw Bernard 
Martha Carrick Brook 

Jeanne West Covington 
Emma Martin Hubbard 
Gwendolyn Park Kelly 
Bess Plaxco Smith 
Betsy Carr Smith 
Patricia Marsh Wailes 
Mary Horton Waldron 
Harriette Shahan Wilcox 


Marie McClure Beck 
Marian Jones Bergin 
Annie Pressley Blencowe 
Jean De Vore Calhoun 
Ann Jones Comley 
Betty Shannon Ecton 
Gwendolyn Burton Freeman 
Joann Mitchell Grier 
Emme Wingate Hawn 
Eleanor Townes Leath 
Betty Buescher Mangan 
Mary McCormick 
Clara Burroughs McFarlin 
Barbara Payne Nolan 
Mary Matthews Park 
Evelyn Mathews Pierson 
Mary White Richards 
Doris McClary Rollins 
Patricia Bailey Shaw 
Helen Hord Testerman 
Mary Wright Whaling 
Marilyn Simpson Williams 
Amie Trask Wright 

Class OF 1951 

49% giving H7, 475 

The Hill Top Club 

Ouida Caldwell Davis 
Martha Ann Woolverton (D) 

The Founders' Club 

Charlotte Jackson Berry 

The President's Associates 

Patricia Andrew Goodson 

The Ivy Circle 

Martha McMullan Aasen 

The Columns 

Genevieve Courtney Ames 
Dorothy Atkinson 
Nancy Kunkle Carey 
Elizabeth Beck Dewees 
Ellen Underwood Eckford 
Marilyn Walseth Gano 

14 The Annual Report 

Mary Carolyn Hollers George 
Dr. AUetta W. Jervey 
Marietta Barnes Jones 
Jean Romm Robinson 
Betsy Merritt Sherard 


Dorothy Bridges Adams 
Elsie Martin Andersen 
Mary Ann Tucker Barker 
Elizabeth Williams Bradford 
Donna Davis Browne 
Jane Stanley Chislett 
Marielena Casseres de 

Nancy Draper 
Anne Potts Eddins (D) 
Stuart Moseley Ellis 
Mary Lutz Grantham 
Jacqueline McClenney 

Eileen Gregory Harrell 
Anne Markley Harrity 
Anne Schuchard Hebdon 
Jean Kyle Hedges 
Sally Cox Lee 
Lynn Dazet Lipsey 
Ann Hefner Locy 
Kathryn Rawl McCain 
Eustacia Caul Nicholson 
Wilma Hodge Obaugh 
Anne Poole 

Mary Christie Schroeder 
Margaret Trawick Shewell 
Joan Dieckmann Stein 
Lilian Bedinger Taylor 
Elizabeth Brinckerhoff 

Jane Moudy Van Dragt 

Class of 1952 

48% giving ^6, 630 

The President's Associates 
Constance Detrick Lamons 
Janet Russell Steelman 

The Ivy Circle 

Evelyn Chapman Brown 
Mary Lamont Wade 

The Colonnade Club 

Florence Wimberly Hellinger 
Mary Gray Richardson 
Margaret Moore Ripley 

The Columns 

Leslie Booth 
Peggy Shelton Fore 
Jane Thurmond Gregory 
Margaret McLaughlin Grove 
Dorothy Payne Nash 
Nancy Curdts Pollard 
Ruth Worth Puckett 
Dorothy Smith Purse 
Ruth Harrison Quillen 
Joan White Thomas 
Kathryn Hatley Young 


Adelia Hoefgen Baldwin 
Anne Person Baylor 
Mary Wilson Benthall 
Patricia L. Casey 
Erline Griffin Eason 
Helen Tilson Fletcher 
Dorothy Snodgrass 

Julia Valz Good 
Mary McBryde Gray 
Lynn Lytton Hamer 
Ann Stourgeon Harris 
Ann Greer Kidd 
Peggy Derring Lewis 
Jane Woodruff Lucas 
Marjorie Gordon Manning 
Elsie Nelms Nash 
Anne Stuart Richardson 
Ann Schlosser 
Betty Gwaltney Schutte 
Barbara Sanford Smith 
Nancy Wilemon Smith 
Rebecca Danziger Snell 
Elizabeth Powell Todd 
Billie Jean Smith Towlen 
Marjorie Sykes TumbuU 
Nancy Gray Waller 
Alice Ball Watts 
Emily Mitchell Williamson 

Class of 1953 

30% giving H, 05 5 

The President's Associates 
Dorothy Beals Ballew 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak 

The Ivy Circle 

Martha Bamett Beal 

The Columns 

Jennie Evans Dille 
Mildred Sheridan Gaillard 
Mary Cameron Hagelstein 
Jane Tucker Mitchell 
Edith Auer Reed 
Patricia Tibbals Schnack 
Elizabeth Dahl Shaner 


Julia Scarborough Burgess 
Margaret Garrett Corsa 
Alice Welch Daggett 
Nancy Barron Gourley 
Ann Taylor Hedrich 
Laura Hays Holmes 
Katherine Todd Horton 
Betty Rankin Hunsucker 
Marilyn Myers Lee 
Helen Blount Newton 
Georganne Roberts Rhymes 
Mary Shilling Shannon 
Nelle McCants Smith 
Betty Eberhart Spillman 
Jo Anne Vames Stamus 
Weber Stoner Taylor 
Jo Thacker West 
Elizabeth Gaulding Williams 

Class of 1955 

26%, giving H, 505 

The President's Associates 

Jane Johnston Witham 
Mary Hombafger Mustoe 
Frances Hafer Chiles 

The Columns 

Ellen Stickell Bare 
Katherine Gracey Cannon 
Eleanor Harwell Thomsen 
Dr. Najia Hassen White 


Martha Allen 
Priscilla Markley Cook 
Dorothy Martin Harris 
Elizabeth Robinson Harrison 
Barbara Smith Huss 
Margaret Berry Phillips 
Mary Bams Pruitt 

Class of 1956 

38%o giving ^3, 999 

The President's Associates 

Ann Reid Strickland Nottingham 

The Colonnade Club 

Jeanette Fisher Reid 

The Columns 
Margaret Adair Atmar 
Patricia Bowie Davis 
Nancy Buston Downs 
Laura Clausen Drum 
Mary Reynolds Henderson 
Bettye Hurt Ingram 
Marjorie Mowl Jago 
Ann Dick Lovelady 
Ann Ritchie McHugh 
Susan Andes Pittman 
Dotty Hobby Travis 
Ellawells Milligan Williams 
June Morrow Wtnslow 


Mary Beale Black 
Diana Rede Cabell 
Nancy Payne Dahl 
Celia Wainwright Darsey 
Martha Parke Gibian 
Josephine Terrell Glover 
Anne Goode 

Diane McClenney Macrae 
Elizabeth Malone 
Claire Fontaine Rice 
Mardrivon Cowles Scott 
Clare Trotti Stephens 
Blanche Gambrill 

Barbara Hunter Stone 

Class OF 1957 


The Ivy Circle 
Shannon Greene Mitchell 

The Columns 

Julianne Rand Brawner 
Mary Wilson Cruser 
Barbara Bullock Graham 


Frances Wills Delcher 
Edna Smith Duer 
Katherine Thorington Flythe 
Felicia Candler Freed 
Paula Branch Holt 
Salenda Smith Kincaid 
Corrinne Currie Lane 
Margaret Jorstad Lucas 
Ann Kennedy Melton 

The Annual Report 15 

Diane Alexis Riffelmacher 
Elizabeth Crawford Robbins 
Nancy Switzer Sowers 
Alice Jones Wire 

Class of 1958 

29% giving «2, 986 

The President's Associates 

Ann Cooke Britt 

The Colonnade Club 

Constance McHugh Kimerer 
Margaret Flythe Teague 

The Columns 

Emily Baker 
Mary Redding Coselli 
Rachel Koser Cottrell 
Carolyn Griffis Smith 
Patricia Sphar 
Elizabeth Boling Strand 
Bruce Suttle Winfield 


Janice Gregory Belcher 
Virginia Maxwell Burnett 
Nancy Williams Deacon 
Margaret Teague Eaton 
Marjorie Hoge 
Anne Coleman Huskey 
H. Perry Womom Moore 
Sheffield Lander Owings 
Ada Humphrey Pancake 
Emily Luscher Parr 
Nancy McMullan Pauley 
Lydia Woods Peale 
Elizabeth Plowman 
Patsy Messer Poovey 
Patricia Gwynn Taft 
Elizabeth Withrow Turner 
Frances Spady Wilkins 

Class of 1960 
33% giving ^9, 77 5 

The Founders' Club 

Sally Armstrong Bingley 
Carolyn Gilmer Hisley 

The President's Associates 

Susan Warfield Caples 
Nancy Mayer Dunbar 

The Ivy Circle 

Sally CuUum Holmes 
Florence Daniel Wellons 

The Columns 

Nancy MacGregor Cook 
N. Vaughn Corner 
Linda Hearne Daniel 
Mary Cowan Grimshaw 
Alice Cox Hubbard 
Elmore Bartlett Inscoe 
Rebekah Lewis Krivsky 
Nancy Bartley Leonard 
Doris Rohner Rogers 
Mary Kay McConchie 

Betty Engle Stoddard 


Mary Ellen Brown 
Knox Clarke Chapman 
Sara Squires Erickson 
Nancy Hooker Manning 
Anne Fray McCormick 
Susan Speake Noble 
Jane Shiflet Rexrode 
Sara Miller Richardson 
Patricia Edwards Saunders 
Isabelle Mueller Seihert 
Antoinette Baldwin Shelton 
Sharon Hooks Siewert 

Class of 1961 


The Ivy Circle 

Anne Ponder Dickson 
Dr. May Wells Jones 
Barbara Harris Quarles 

The Columns 

Barbara Reid Bailey 
Patricia Goshom Ball 
Lou Nordholt Bramwell 
Shade Thomas Cronan 
Eleanor Starke Evans 
Cynthia Hundley Fisher 
Olivia Rogers Guggenheim 
Emily Reeves Sloan 
Nancy Simpson Steinmiller 
Otey Hayward Swoboda 


Phebe Palmer Bishop 
Suzanne Sessoms Blair 
Ellen Lyle Bradley 
Elizabeth Allan Collins 
Barbara Williams Craig 
Lois Willard Daniel 
Jane Haley Dykes 

M. Penzold Fooks 
Frances Kretlow Gehring 
Judith Merritt Gibbons 
Nancy Klauder Hall 
Frances Purdom Hammonds 
Charlotte Leverton Hamner 
Beverly Grear Hurt 
Wendy Coleman LeGardeur 
Lucy Rietze Levis 
Ann Wilson Linn 
Shirley Corbin Menendez 
Mary Woods Moore 
Patricia Liebert Riddick 
Susan Ely Ryan 
Martha Vyverberg Telfer 
Katherine Smith Tinker 
Diana Chote Smith 
Cornelia Jenkins Ward 
Sylvia Scott Weaver 

Class of 1962 

38% giving ^9, 835 

The Founders' Club 

Mary Stone Adler 

The President's Associates 

Linda Dolly Hammack 
Susan Pegram O'Gara 

The Ivy Circle 

Susan Hooper Hogge 

The Colonnade Club 

Ann Alexander Cook 
Phyllis Boone Hill 
Lucinda Pina Wilkinson 

The Columns 

Marcelle Rogers Askew 
Susan Jennings Denson 
Jennifer Wilson Green 
Harriet Hart 
Susan Johnson High 
Mary Anne Gilbert Kohn 
Iva Zeiler Lucas 
Carolyn Stover Modarelli 
Josephine Whittle Thornton 
Mary Whitinger Turner 
Carolyn Jones Waghome 


Neilson Peirce Andrews 
Shirley Quarles Baird 
Jane Coleman Balfour 
Mary Eldridge Berry 
Martha Wade Bradford 

Elizabeth Dickerson Brown 
Minnielynn Martin Clay 
Mary Crittenden 
Lucy Martin Danner 
Penn Walker Flournoy 
Margaret Saunders Hayes 
Harriet Hope Howard 
Vera Thomas James 
Martha Butler Matthews 
Margaret Harris McClain 
Charlotte Mooney 
Penelope Pettit Moore 
Emily Troxell Pepper 
Betty Cacciapaglia Pessagno 
Sarah Mitchell Preddy 
Sally Akridge Rieves 
Sarah Drake Sessoms 
Nancy Harris Snead 
Judith Richardson Strickland 
Douglas Laughon Wallace 
Marion Drewry Wills 

Class of 1963 

40% giving U4, 225 

The Hill Top Club 

Emily Dethloff Ryan 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp 

The Founders' Club 

Liddy Kirkpatrick Doenges (D) 

The President's Associates 

Mary Rutherfoord Mercer 

Gale Palmer Penn 

The Ivy Circle 

Sarah Livingston Brown 
Judy Lipes Garst 

The Colonnade Club 

Mary Gould Coulboum 
Nancy Blood Ferguson 
Carolyn Haldeman Hawkins 
Roberta Gill Hefler 
Katherine Sproul Perry 
Ingrid Carlson Shindell 
Frances Davis TenBrook 
Emily T. Tyler 

The Columns 

Helen Arrowood Arnold 
Martha Hunter Boyd 
Reese Edmondson Currie 
Harriet Murphy Frazier 


The Annual Report 

Terry Geggie Fridley 
Mary Hardaway Hasty 
Judith Thompson Hatcher 
Linda Estridge Hofmeister 
Barbara Wishart Johnson 
Susanna Clark Knapp 
Shearer Troxell Luck 
Rosahnda Roberts Madara 
Ann Dial McMillan 
Becky Cannaday Merchant 
Minta McDiarmid Nixon 
Margaret Engle Trumbo 


Anne Hogshead Aleman 
Diana Rogers Block-Mauldin 
Faye Baker Clark 
J. Wright Cochrane 
Linda Wyatt Duncan 
Elizabeth Brantley Gresham 
Martha Fant Hays 
Nannette Jarrell Heidrich 
Sharon Foye Hewlett 
Elizabeth Laird Hicks 
Holly Hanson Hill 
Bette Murdoch Joyner 
Robbie Nelson LeCompte 
Susan Sale Luck 
Linda Fobes Marion 
Joan Stanley Maroulis 
Jane Coulboum Marshall 
Keene Roadman Martin 
Virginia Hesdorffer Maxwell 
Patricia Fisher McHold 
Lynn Butts Preston 
Macon Clement Riddle 
Eleanor McCown Robideau 
Lynette Warner Shiver 
Mary McGrath Stone 
Jane Vaughan 

Class of 1965 

35% giving ^7, 305 

The President's Associates 
Judith Payne Grey 
Carol Stewart Shaw 

The Ivy Circle 

Ann Gordon Abbott Evans 
Gail McAlpin Schweickert 

The Colonnade Club 

Martha Bertrand 
Marian Gordin Lord 
Adele Jeffords Pope 

The Columns 

Mary Gillespie Amos 
Jo A. Avery 
Martha Peck Bolen 
Janice Jones Collins 
Janet Haddrell Connors 
Nan Davis 

Gail McMichael Drew 
Katherine Early Dougherty 
Paula Stephens Lambert 
Margaret Hogenauer 

Kathryn Johnson McKinnie 
Nancy Jackson Miller 
Emma Martin Rouse 
Margaret Jackson Woodcock 
Eleanor Chew Winnard 


Gwendolyn Black Bishop 
Diane Cooper Byers 
Frances Knight Clarke 
Virginia Chapman Cobb 
Elizabeth Light Cressor 
Anne Smith Edwards 
Gary L. Flake 
Sara Beabout Hartman 
Judy Roy Hoffman 
Carol Gibson Kanner 
Ann Mebane Levine 
Helen Hutcheson Massingill 
Cornelia Jackson McAllister 
Elizabeth Brown McKell 
Charlotte Tyson Mewbom 
Elizabeth Matthews Morgan 
Dr. Mary Gathright Newell 
Dorothy lafrate Rudy 
Judy Bryant Skinner 
Jane Smith Sydnor 
Jane Doughtie Taylor 
Margaret Michael 

Susan Spickard Uhlig 
Susan Browne Webb 
Margaret Malone West 
Elizabeth Dismer Yancey 

Class of 1966 


The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 

Alice ToUey Goodwin 

The President's Associates 
M. Elizabeth Swope 

The Ivy Circle 

Sandra Zeese DriscoU 

The Colonnade Club 

Patricia Bilbo Hamp 
Julia Barbee Crothers 
Susan Mulford Gantly 
Ann Morgan Vickery 

The Columns 

Ann Field Alexander 
Susanne Raybum Bates 
Ann Alexander Crane 
Judith Moore Fisher 
Virginia Gonder 
Gwynn McNaught 

Rosemary Harris Henderson 
Beryl- Ann Johnson 
Dr. Gail Apperson Kilman 
Karen Cowsert Pryor 
Betsey Gallagher Satterfield 
Laura Mauldin Stewart 
Jo Turner Thompson 


Lucy Lanier Adcock 
Julia Blanchard Batchelor 
Analeak Liipfert Bowers 
Ashlin Swetnam Bray 
Nancy Yates Briggs 
Roberta Long Campbell 
Carole Rednour Dixon 
Mary Rainer Fanes 
Marguerite Duane Ellis 
Glenda Norris George 
Virginia Freeman Haile 
Joan Davis Howard 
Jane Ellen Via llli 
Esther Johnson 
Claire Stern Kaufman 
Sarah-Mack Lawson 
Virginia Vaughan Longuillo 
Carol Whetham Looney 
Emily Wright Mallory 
Sammy Primm Marshall 
Lou Hartgraves McCarty 
Betty Drury McConnell 
Dr. Martha Flowers Peters 
Frances Davis Pollard 
Janet Wiethoff Price 
Ann Yingling Schmidt 
Alice Lippitt Steyaart 
J. Rothert Taft 
Elizabeth Jones Thacker 

Annette Tixier West 
Anne Eraser Wilhelm 

Class of 1967 

The Founders' Club 

M. Elizabeth Preddy 
Peggy Anderson Carr 

The President's Associates 

Angela Blose Corley 
Susan Massie Johnson 
Barbara Freeman Ragsdale 
Dr. Sue Ellen Butler 

The Ivy Circle 

Gay Gilmore Butler 
Carey Cooley McDaniel 
Ann Humphrey Sanders 
Marian McDowell Whitlock 

The Colonnade Club 

Marion Barge Clark 
Margaret Weaver Crosson 
Kathleen Myers Faust 
Jean Lambeth Hart 

The Columns 

Margaret Maddex Barnes 
Margaret Turner Coleman 
Anne Shields Emerson 
Dixie Epes Hoggan 
Mikal Bralley Hoofnagle 
Mary Reuman Howard 
Linda Young Kennedy 
Barbara Homer Miller 
Anne S. Moore 
Helen Stone Moss 
Nancy Falkenberg Muller 
Jacquelyn Stroupe Pace 
Margaret Allen Palmer 
Sallie Chellis Schisler 
Margaret McNeese 

Martha Harlow Stronach 


Sandra Preseren Alley 
Mary Carolyn Comforth 

Janice Smith Barry 
Frances Gallion Bear 
Anne Williams Blanks 
Hazel Williams Bynum 
Elizabeth Shinnick Caldwell 

The Annual Report 1 7 

Donna Weiglein Chasse 
Susan Benton Dodson 
Winton Mather Doherty 
Louise Tabb Edge 
Nancy Ruhright Gates 
Susanne Reim Glass 
Joan Velten Hall 
Virginia Carter Holden 
Marjorie Gillespie Holt 
Kathryn Rice Knowles 
Frances Harvey Mallison 
Rebecca Breeden Mastin 
Margaret Jennings Metz 
Susan Powell Norton 
Virginia Taylor Otts 


Dr. Susan N. Palmer 
Ellen Ryan Pearson 
Katharine Saffold Rapkin 
Carolyn Newman Renner 
Leslie Henderson Sheehan 
Carol Laws Slonaker 
Lindsley Wheeler Smith 
Gail Alberts Stone 
Judith Pugh Stone 
Lucia Lionberger Thomas 
Susan Townsend 
Mary Powell Wallace 
Susan McKeown Waters 
Jane Feierabend Wiggins 
Carla Cooper Winter 

Class of 1968 

32% giving 511,883 

The President's Associates 

Ray Castles Uttenhove 
Neille McRae Wilson 

The Ivy Circle 

Kathleen Kenig Byford 
Susan Gamble Dankel 
Ann Whitten Gillenwater 
Grace Branch Moore 
Edith A. Stotler 
Cathy Turner Temple 

The Colonnade Club 

Kathleen Aure 
Barbara Brown Bowles 
Diane Hillyer Copley 
Elizabeth Jolley Kobiashvili 
Sarah Sterrett Meyerhoff 
Jeannette L. Norfleet 

Cornelia Green Roy 
Cynthia Knight Wier 

The Columns 

Sharon Knopp Bares 
Dr. Catherine Walleigh 

Elise Palma Couper 
Angelina Painter Eschauzier 
Lonna Dole Harkrader 
Barbara Craft Hemphill 
Susan Vaughan Henry 
Barbara Penick Jimenez 

De Diego 
Susan White Persak 
Florence Temple Roberts 
Mary Miller Sopher 
Dr. Lois Lundie Spence 


Emily Bonner Anderson 
Virginia Watson Bernard 
Elizabeth McHenry Bosworth 
Judith Way Bouchard 
Jeanne Schaub Classe 
Judith Wells Creasy 
Ellen Gaw Dean 
Joanne Musulin De La Riva 
Anne Kinnier Driscoll 
Sharon Gray Duncan 
Suzanne Freeman 
Lynda Overcash Fritz 
Elizabeth Gathright 
Celia Gibson 
Elizabeth Roper Golden 
Nancy Peyton Gresham 
Lynn Boyd Hewitt 
Barbara Lovill Hooks 
Lady Appleby Jackson 
Susan Merklas Kahn 
Elizabeth Hadden Lunney 
Helen McCuen Moody 
Margaret Lawrence 

Judy Mauze Philpott 
Carol Mathews Ray 
Martha Blake Rex 
Alicia Rodon-Estefani 
Jane Starke Sims 
Susanne Dyer Stanley 
Tempe Grant Thomas 
Judith Yates Tor 
Eleanor Harbrook Wilson 
Nancy Thomas Yost 

Class of 1970 

35% giving *iO,47I 

The President's Associates 

Julie Mays Cannell 
Louise Rossett McNamee 

The Ivy Circle 

Molly Upton Tarr 

The Colonnade Club 

Chris Ziebe Blanton 
Mary Saunders Conwell 
Elaine Rabe Giese 
Sheryl Quanbeck Hagan 
Janie Huske Satterfield 
Frances Williamson 

The Columns 

Martha Kennedy Albertson 
Janet Bartholomew Altamari 
Carolyn Bass Armentrout 
Katherine Crawford 

Jane Graves Bartlett 
Virginia Holmes Brown 
Whitney Hanes Feldmann 
Leslie Freeman 
Minna Thompson Glenn 
Elizabeth Lamer Gutmann 
Elizabeth Higginbotham 
Martha Booth Jennison 
Gair Hartley Jewell 
Sue Newman Landa 
Cally Lewis Lavigne 
Elizabeth Rand Lemon 
Laura Croom Murray 
Emily Borden Ragsdale 
Dianne Sellers 
Daphne Walker 
Anne Pearson Wallace 


Mary Browning Birkhead 
Mary-Kelly Busch 
Jo Guider Chase 
Mary McCaa Cothran 
Margaret Wright Crawford 
Deborah Howe Crotts 
Lynn Des Prez 
Susan Heltzel Estes 
Dale Smith Georgiade 
Candace Snodgrass Gessner 
Ann Harris 
Virginia Mosby Hayles 
Janice Shoemaker Hill 
Sharon Ellis Hinnant 

Jane Smith Hopkins 
Rebecca Thomas Kopp 
Ann Perkins Lewis 
Margaret Lake Lindsay 
Grace Hitchman McGrath 
Janet Ernst Mills 
Elizabeth Irzyk Mize 
Margaret Hawkins 

Janice Coleman Robertson 
Mary Wood Senechal 
Jean Barry Strain 
Anne Hancock Teresa 
Elizabeth Nesbitt Thomason 
Stephanie Shearer Timm 
Pattie Newell Williams 
Alice Franciso Wipfler 

Class OF 1971 

3i% giving ^9, 025 

The President's Associates 

Lynn Zagora Bender 

The Ivy Circle 

Louise W. Boylan 
Jane Elizabeth Faulds 

The Colonnade Club 

Janet Dennis Branch 
Barbara Leavitt Franklin 
Jennifer McHugh Haase 
Mary Ferguson Karnes 
Janice Booth Maner 
Nancy Winters Moore 
Laura Sadler Olin 
Brooke Hume Pendleton 
Caroline Struthers 
Bonnie Brackett Weaver 

The Columns 

Laura Catching Alexander 
Leigh Suhling Barth 
Lee Willey Bowman 
Sally Cannon Crumbley 
Ann Allen Czerner 
Catharine Dorrier 
Mary Babcock Edwards 
Sara Dabney Edwards 
Melissa Wimhish Ferrell 
Lila Caldwell Gardner 
P. Bowman Haggard 
Betty Herrman 
Alice Craddock Massey 
Antoinette Bond Morrison 
Mary Murrin Painter 

1 8 The Annual Report 

Kathr>-n English Roberts 
Marion Catlett Rose 
Catherine Gladden Schult: 


Carol Cadell Bowie 
Sher\-l Allen Blackford 
Susan Hoch Crane 
Cynthia Fitch 
Rosemern- McClintock Franks 
Susan Price Garth 
Linda Blake Gayle 
Elizabeth Francis Griffith 
Susann Hutaff Haskins 
Ellen Porter Holtman 
Elizabeth Fore Keatinge 
Janet Sapp Marks 
Ellen Johnson Massey 
Shirley Frey Morris 
Betsy Marshall Nau 
Jane Shortell Nelson 
Eleanor Myers O'Mara 
Mary Pardue 
Madge Wiseman Ramey 
Ann Gilmer Richardson 
Katherine Blackwell Roach 
Clara MacKenrie Smiley 
Robin Spence 
Carol Sorrell Strawbridge 
Doris Fauber Strickler 
Catharine Pierce 

Amy Nelson Warren 
Kathr^Ti Jacobs Wendell 
Julia Anderson Wilson 

Class of 1972 


The Ivy Circle 

Marcia McDonald Helms 

The Colonnade Club 

Blanche Wysor Anderson 
Carol Ditto Car\- 
Patsy Hildebrandt Downer 
Virginia Masters Fleishman 
Mar^■ Jim Moore Quillen 
Jane Ray son Young 

The Columns 

Jill Kiely ^Ajiderson 
Susan Pruett Caldroney 
Charlotte Heller Chatlain 
Jill W^ite Cooke 
Sarah Crockett Eggleston 

Leah Waller Golden 
Jeanne Jackson 
J. Page Price Lewis 
Nina Re id Mack 
Susan Heru^' Martin 
Sally Via Matthews 
Karen Stonebumer Miller 
Sara Allen Moody 
Kathleen Madigan 

Mildred Willis Paden 
Susan Almond Smith 
Karen Searle Snyder 
Theresa Koogler 

Mar\' Atkinson Stone 
Mar\^ Phipps Such 
Kathy Young Wetsel 
Ann Wilkerson 


Rogene Elkins Austell 
Claudia Turner Bagwell 
Anne Vogtle Baldwin 
Connie Lov\Tance Beach 
Kathr\-n Medbur^- Bennett 
Barbara Robertson Burke 
Angeline Butler 
Clatie Harris Campbell 
Shepherd Johnston Chuites 
Denise Craig 
Carter Moffett Douglass 
Nancv Preseren Fankhauser 
Catherine Spratley Fa\Te 
Mar^' Rogers Field 
Janie Davis Floumoy 
Lea Ayers Gilman 
Carol^Ti Apperson Hansen 

Anne Henderson 

Julia Henley 

Jean Dittmar Hubertus 

Linda Grinels Irby 

Sarah Johnston 

Frances Bleckley Kemp 

Margaret Jones Kramer 

Car^Ti Gove Long 

Leelia Logan Louis 

Lelia L^tle 

Mar\' Tompkins Miller 

Sallie Hubard Moore 

Elizabeth Goad Oliver 

Susan Rogers Parks 

Ann Richardson 

Marcia Pearson Sendax 

Elizabeth M. Smith 
Leslie Thompson Stiefler 
Gwendolyn Gillaugh 

Marsha Summerson 
Susan Richards Tyler 
Melanie Gamble Walker 
June Reynolds Wood 
Jacquelyn Hill Wyche 

Class of 1973 

35% givingHQ,935 

The President's Associates 
Jean Cortright Copeland 
Lindsay Ryland 
Barbara Knisely Roberts 
Margaret Bryant Rust 

The Ivy Circle 

Pamelia Bird Sanderlin 

The Colonnade Club 
Mar>- Mudd Galvez 
Mary Hotchkiss Leavell 
Susan Dibrell Miller 
Martha Hildebrand 

Judy Spence Tate 
Sallie Brush Thalhimer 
Julia Offen Wangler 

The Columns 

Linda Thorn Abele 
Carol>'n Holmes Avery 
Marf Jane Conger 
Margaret Wilson Doherty 
Olivia Young Fisher 
Elizabeth Pollard Hemeter 
Katherine Hewitt Holmes 
Clare McMann Lancaster 
Mildred Farquharson Lawson 
Patricia Gonzalez Lustig 
Margaret Baldwin Marks 
Sally Jacoby McMillen 
Sarah Eason Parrott 
Linda Forbes Riley 
Sarah Stallworth Sebrell 
Mar^' Hamilton Sprague 


Kathleen Thomasson Bagby 
Sharon Parker Balthrop 
Sally Deitrick Brady 
Virginia Phillips Counselman 
Linda Dodd Ebersole 

Linda Lueders Falck 
Deirdre Dougherty Grogan 
Agnes Kelly Houff 
Beryl Barnes lerardi 
Mary Burton Johnson 
Eloise Hendershot Lennox 
Ella Lewis 

Catherine Keenan Mayo 
Elizabeth Wilgus Murray 
Sandra May O'Dormell 
Lois Siegfried Oglesby 
Diana Parker 
Terr^' Gage Quin 
Julie Clark Reedy 
Susanne Reaves Rhame 
Robyn Timberlake Ruth 
Carol Jackson Schmidt 
Rebecca Pettigrew Simon 
Melanie Dexter Snoddy 
Dorothy Thompson 
Mary Totin 
Barbara Phillips Truta 
Diana Phinney Tucker 
Deborah Verdier-Smith 
Susan Simmons Weir 

Class of 1975 


The President's Associates 

Harriet Marrow Neldon 

The Ivy Circle 

Constance Bak 
Lee Johnston Foster 
Blaine Kinney Johnson 
Margaret B^xd McGeorge 
Lisa Harvey Raines 
Deborah Dull Walker 

The Colonnade Club 

Anne Lonnquest Moore 
Nancy Higgins O'Malley 
Patricia Sholar-Freund 
Dr. Katherine Smallwood 

The Columns 

Deborah Moench Ayme 
Susan Brooks 
Catherine Shaner Carlock 
Pat Eldridge 
Oneita Carlson Enoch 
Mary Tucker Fouraker 
Mar>' Jim Morgan Fulton 
Melinda Ratliff Gallegos 
Linda Holder Gordon 

The Annual Report 


Anne North Howard 
Cynthia Johnston 
Gretchen Clemen Morris 
Mary Robin Neel 
Robin Boyd Rawles 
Florence Jones Rutherford 
Martha Davis Shifflett 
Kathryn Quarles Wafle 
Anne Feddetnan Warner 
Dehra Wood-Raines 


Florence Brandon Allison 
Rachel Hobbs Blanks 
Anne Hunter Plonk Boone 
Sally Matthews Bryant 
Janet Farrar Byington 
Martha Marshall Cassell 
Caroline Stowe Covington 
Chama Caddy DiSanto 
Janet Jordan Hannah 
Betsy Hiller 
Susan Lemon Hobbs 
Laurie Jones Kapfer 
Virginia Henninger Lyles 
Mary Cox MacLeod 
Suzanne Maxson Maltz 
Susan Bickerstaff Orne 
Pamela Patton 
Susan Heiner Steadman 
Eva Stimson 
Katherine Lee Stormont 
Norwood Ricks Strasburger 
Patrice Snoddy Wall 
Anne Anderson Wallen 
Catherine Choate Ward 
Lynda Bergen Wheatley 

Class of 1976 


The Ivy Circle 

Clair Carter Bell 
Donna Neudorfer Earp 

The Colonnade Club 

Lisa Wall O'Donnell 

The Columns 

Clarke Stanley Beckner 
Marjorie Sanner Fagge 
Joan Ferrell 
Cheryl Hydrick Guedri 
Carroll Blair Keiger 
Kathryn Lee Kemp 
Pamela Dunbar Kreger 

Holliday Harper Love 
Lt. Cmdr. Christina 

Beardsley McGaughey 
Mary Sutton Payne 
Laura Wall Phillips 
Susan Thomas 
Joanne Palmer Wood 


Margaret Bryson Altman 
Anne Leatherbury Atwood 
Jennie Peery Budd 
Susan Hazelwood Buffington 
Katherine Hobbs Burnett 
Patricia Tuggle Collins 
Meredith Lyons-Crews 
Shirley Douglass 
Mary Ferguson 
Catharine Johnson Flagg 
Cary Adkins Guza 
Jennifer Henley James 
Corinne White Llewellyn 
Mary Hollings McConnell 
Margaret Roberts McMahon 
Nancy Lawler Milam 
Claire Colbert Mills 
Mary Richardson Misiti 
Margaret Carr Norfleet 
Catherine Priddy Norman 
Douglass Head Pittman 
Margaret Lybrand Ryland 
Elizabeth Grove Sayers 
Mary Schorn Stainback 

Class of 1977 

24% giving H, 835 

The President's Associates 
Alison Wenger Boone 
P. Eloise Clyde Chandler 

The Ivy Circle 

Diane Hepford Lenahan 

The Colonnade Club 

Sherry Bassett Brooks 
Linda Hinrichs Christovich 
Melissa Rhodes McCue 

The Columns 

Dr. Donna Grey Booth 
Lucile Jones Clyde 
Judy Ellen Hanlen 
Dr. Sarah Lawrence Heald 
Marjorie Bates Moore 
Patricia Hines Phoenix 
Martha Lynch Smith 


Carolyn Hedge Baird 
Mary George Bradshaw 
Ellen Cowan Compton 
Katharine McWane Doel 
Cynthia Hall 
Bettie Herbert 
Stuart Lee Jones 
Terry Colaw Kershner 
Cynthia Vaughan Lantz 
Kathryn McCain Lee 
Leslie Doane Leocha 
Gene Balch Limbaugh 
Elizabeth Llewellyn 
Mary Mattox McAllister 
Kathleen Fitzgerald Picoli 
Edith Roosevelt Purgason 
Katharine Randolph 
Page Branton Reed 
Lindsay Barksdale Rorick 
Debra Wolfe Shea 
Helen Harris Sherman 
Cheryl Rickard Spicher 
Patricia Stratton 
Shawn Keys Whitman 
Theresa Bentley Wolf 
Nancy Pearson Yeaman 

Class of 1978 

25% giving *9, 965 

The Founders' Club 

Rozalia Cruise Hogg 

The President's Associates 

Letia McDaniel Drewry 
Elizabeth Hamblin Gordon 
Carol "Cappy" Paul Powell 

The Ivy Circle 

Mary Baldwin Johnson 
Maj. Melissa E. Patrick 
Katherine T. Taylor 

The Colonnade Club 

Laurie Scott Bass 
Catherine McKenney Harcus 
Catherine Ferris McPherson 
Sally Wetzel Wicks 

The Columns 

Anne Gary Hall Allen 
Pamela Turner Chapman 
Mollie Moomau Prominski 
Tracy Wright Richtand 
Elizabeth Hoefer Ward 
Gayle Hogg Wells 


Kelsey Adams-Melvin 
S. Carroll McCausland 

Mary Eros Barnes 
Pamela Williams Butler 
Heidi Goeltz Clemmer 
Jennifer Johnston Cobb 
Jonnie Cogdell Courtney 
Sylvia Goshorn Crawford 
Jane Ellington 
Whitney Dodd Godwin 
Melanie Goff 
Lisa Howard Grose 
Valerie Guthrie 
Lavalette Lacy Jennings 
Leisa McCauley Kite 
Colleen MuUarkey 
Kathryn Redford O'Mara 
Mary Parrish Passagaluppi 

Class of 1980 

26% giving ^7.9 19 

The President's Associates 

Karen Emmet Hunt 
Mary Jones McAllister 

The Ivy Circle 

Mary Lynn Tuggle Gilliland 

The Colonnade Club 

Susan Martin Cooley 
Melinda Dodge 
Margaret Chapman Jackson 
Sarah JoUey Kerr 
Martha Philpott King 
Mary Meador Nelson 

The Columns 

Elizabeth Gulbenk Balentine 
Katherine Pierson Golden 
Ann Gregory Colligan 
Athalie Smith Derse 
Carolyn Dew Gruensfelder 
Victoria Goodwin Hardy 
Christina Holstrom 
Susan Cowan Kaiser 
Linda Fogle Newsom 
Sally Simons 

Langhorne McCarthy Stinnette 
Elizabeth Updegraff Vardell 


Melanie Barber 
Susan Tucker Barfield 
Amy Adkins Bradshaw 

20 The Annual Report 

Elizabeth Abercrombie Daniels 
Ann Merrill Graham 
Ellen Philpot Ingle 
Judith Leitch MacLennan 
K. Wooldridge Marchetti 
Susan Moomaw Moring 
Gary Edel Nichols 
Audrey Andrews Oddi 
Trueheart Gaskie Porter 
Ann Powers 
Lynne Myers Rawlings 
Dorothy Butler Sutton 
Pamela Roach Voight 
Jenifer Walker 
Carolina Woodard 

Class of 1981 

23% giving H, 460 

The President's Associates 

Valerie Lynn Wenger 

The Ivy Circle 

Margaret Wren de St. Aubin 

The Colonnade Club 

Jean Huffman Garter 
Glenda Ridgely 

The Columns 

Jane McGlure Booth 
Elizabeth Trimble Bradley 
Amy Tracy Ingles 
Nita Knight Klein 
Sarah Snead Lankford 
Elizabeth Laffitte 

Pamela Pope 
Ann Potter 
Martha Ferrell Thornhill 


Maureen Butler Beall 
Janet Davies Beebe 
A. Whitney Markley Denman 
Melinda Rose Eichom 
Leigh Williams Greer 
The Rev. Margaret Kincaid 

Ann Hayes 
Nancy Broyles James 
Alice Stevens Marshall 
Pamela Hunziker McDorman 
Lucinda Purr McKinney 
Kathryn Gravely Melo 
Carol McKenna Mongan 
Suzanne Montague 

Patricia McGinnis Nicholson 
Sheila Stewart Olson 
Pamela McCain Pearce 
Jennifer Free Pecora 
Nancy Price Porter 
Melissa Weyher Saunders 
Martha Read Skinner 
Rebecca Smith Wirt 

Class of 1982 

27% giving m, 620 

The Rufus Bailey Society 

Pamela Stephens Rose 

The President's Associates 

Stephanie Carlson Brennan 

The Columns 

Sallie Adams 
Sara Beth Bearss 
Dawn Martin Blankinship 
Ann Filipowicz Blotner 
Linda Cochrane 
Susan Foster Dawejko 
Carolyn Duke Elkins 
Mary Polino Pansier 
Mary Wagner Jones 
Anna Gibson Koon 
Adele Moore Lane 
Margaret Herbert Roach 
Sara Pendleton Tartala 


Andrea Zukaukas Aikins 
Elizabeth Burris Brooke 
Barbara Nicodemus Denn 
Anne Edel Dennis 
Susan English 
Dana Flanders 
Cynthia Phillips Fletcher 
Teresa Young Fort 
Marguerite Harrison 
Margaret Ellen Healy 
Amy Hall Jackson 
Koy Edmiston Mislowsky 
Ellen Moomaw 
Virginia Teague Nexsen 
Tamara Obaugh 
Nancy Ragsdale 
Katherine Frear Raines 
Virginia Cardwell Rosebro 
Caroline Savage 
Sarah Beard Shafer 
Tracyann Threefoot 
Ann Haynes Vanderhout 

Edith Parode Webb 
Suzanne Hauser Weiss 
Elizabeth Howard Young 

Class of 1983 

25% giving «6, 595 

The President's Associates 

Susan Parker Drean 
Charlotte R. Wenger 
Tance Anderson Laughon 

The Ivy Circle 

Anne Beverly McCormack 

The Colonnade Club 

Kathleen Jones Flynn 
Linda Martin Graybill 
Jane Gillam Komegay 

The Columns 

Elizabeth Wyatt Ashe 
Eliza Ragsdale Dudley 
Laura LaGrow Durland 
Rhonda Foreman 
Mary Bartelloni Klinedinst 
Gabrielle Gelzer McCree 
Martha McGraw McKaugh 
Anne Broyles Proctor 
Emily Shore Reeve 
Mary Torrence 


Cynthia Ryan Allen 
Deborah Boyer 
Elizabeth Cole 
Mary Wilson Covington 
Grace Curd 
Laura Grantham 
Jane Latchum Jacobsen 
Carolyn Enochs Mance 
Robin Rexinger Mayberry 
Melissa McClellan 
Mary Pleasants McManus 
Georgianne Miller Mitchell 
Barbara Price Riley 
Frances Oxner Robertson 
Peyton Burnett Telegadas 
Rebecca Traylor 
Jane Owen Wendling 
Sheila Young 

Class of 1985 


The President's Associates 

Suzanne Woodfin Villani 

The Ivy Circle 

Dawn Tusing Burris 

The Columns 

Elizabeth Dickerson Franklin 
Lillian Smith Shannon 


Felicia Rand Cook 
Amelia Cuomo 
Mary Scott O'Brien 

Alice Ingram Hickman 
Maura Kelley Higginbotham 
Alice Hubbard 
Margaret Humphrey 
Pryor Castleman Lancaster 
Catherine Good Lubawski 
Anne Ware Maloney 
Jeanne Reuther Putnam 
Martha Towler Robson 

Class of 1986 

J4% giving*], 090 

The Colonnade Club 

Julie Ellsworth Cox 

Rita "R. J." Landin-Loderick 


Stacie Hamilton Baird 
A. Baylor 
Amy Bridge 
Tamara Dingbaum 
Esther Ames Dittamo 
Katie McGee Dyslin 
Ann Hall Branscome 

Carroll Coupland Kennedy 
Elizabeth Birks Lange 
Candle DoUarhite Meadors 
Kimberly Barlow Sandy 
Karen Latshaw Schaub 
Eustacia Nicholson 

Carol Vaughn Sprinkle 
Michele Starck 

Class of 1987 

18% giving mS 

The Columns 

Karen Colaw 
Shelby Price Dukes 
Jeanne York Montgomery 
Mackay Morris 

The Annual Report 2 1 


Carrie Anderson 
Rebecca Crymes 
Suzanne Hooper Gibson 
Susan Hostetter Gilvary 
Winnifred Gravely 
Sheryl Brock Herber 
Linda Knighton 
Gretchen Drenkard Koontz 
Denise Kuhn 
Mary-Slater Linn 
Carolyn Casler Luxton 
Barbara Overman Marsh 
Sharon Menzies 
Laura Ruhl O'Dell 
Tracy Brickner Schloss 
Margaret Stephenson 

Simone Wade 
Danielle Webber 
Claire Williams 

Class of 1988 

19% giving H, 390 

The Colonnade Club 

Cheryl Davenport 

The Columns 

Ralphetta G. Aker 
Mallory Copeland Kahler 
Joanne Reich 

Lucinda Barksdale Sprinkle 
Karin Whitt 


Joan Grasberger Bowers 

Margaret Hartley Buchanan 

Paula Srigley Colman 

Lisa Derby 

Tiffany Bevan Dormire 

Susan Musser Gaines 

Bobbye Mitchell Gery 

Eleanor McClendon Hall 

Anne Holland 

Tanya Kiser Jussila 

Margaret Mathis Lindeman 

Sally Miller 

Denise Dorsey Mitlehner 

Janice Myers 

Laura Yoch Prizzi 

Joanna Kenyon Rosenberger 

Lisa Dressier Walrod 
Kristy Barlow Warthan 
Deborah Wuensch 

Class of 1990 

13% giving «585 

The Columns 

Katherine Slough Demers 
Jennifer Netting 


Rosina Bolen 
Dana Both 
Mary Erikson 
Mary Georges 
Julia Hickey 
Alexandra Hoffman 
Katherine Brant Manning 
Susan Morey 
Hilda Tate Riith 
Cecilia Stock Robinson 
Lori Smith 
Mary Irvin York 

Class of 1991 


The Columns 

Collier Andress 
Virginia Berry 
Catherine Noyes Biringer 
Kanako Taya Miwatani 
Jennifer Webb 


Elizabeth Baker 
Mary Claybrook 
Alicia Crouch 
Shea Dejarnette 
Martinah DiSavino 
Alice Earle 
Gina Groome 
Cynthia Hill-Wilson 
Priscilla Huynh 
Elizabeth Leonard 
Elizabeth Bender Nelson 
Caroline Oden 
Sarah Penhallow 
Karen Ponton 
Cora Raynor 
Mary Shook 
Mary Thrift 
Eleanor Ware 
Mary Wexler 
Heather Wilcox 
Pamela Williamson 

Class of 1992 

13% giving ^2, 025 

The President's Associates 

Asako Satomi 

The Colonnade Club 

Nancy McClellan 

The Columns 

Talley Warner 

22 The Annual Report 

Alumnae Giving Committee 

This small group of loyal supporters has given generously 

of their time and energy calling a group of their 

classmates for gifts to the Annual Fund. Many thanks 

to these committee members for their help and 

support of the College. 

Charlotte R. Wenger '83, 

Anita C. Malugani '39 
Ann Cooke Britt '58 
Rachel Koser Cottrell '58 
Janie Huske Satterfield '70 
Alison Wenger Boone '77 
Lynn Tuggle GiUiland '80 

Valerie L. Wenger '81 
Susan Parker Drean '83 
Allison Young Smith '87 
Jennifer Webb '91 
Gina Lorraine Groome '91 
Nancy C. McClellan '92 
Joy-Marie Bigalke Chien '92 
Kelly A. Kennaly '93 


Katherine Bolen 
Julie Brenner 
Marguerite Carter 
Joy-Marie Bigalke Chien 
Rose Chu 
Mary Cocke 
Kristi Coleman 
Elizabeth Connell 
Debbie Feigin 
Mary Satterfield Gilbert 
Mary Huffstetler 
Mary Hughes 
Victoria Hughes 
Wendy Gay Klich 
Melinda Lobban 
Sarah Pemberton 
Evi-Luise Pover Saukulak 
Carroll Suggs 
Tiffany Taylor 
Alice Washington 
Robin Wilson 

Class of 1993 

9% giving H, 040 

The Columns 

Mary Hamilton 
Allyson Heyward 
Beth Palk 


Helen Adams 
Margaret Ashmore 
Mary Alice Bomar 
Donetta Abshire Boothe 
Anne Butler 
Alitia Cross 
Jean Gatje 

Elizabeth Peto Gwaltney 
Stephanie lies 
Jennifer Jones 
Kelly Kennaly 
Margaret Kluttz 
Evelyn Mills 
Sonja Musser 
Lisa Nichols 
Emily Oehler 
Sharon Scott 
Heather Smith 
Jennifer Waybright 
Courtney Yingling 

Members of the ADP Loyalty 
Fund Committee Are: 
Jane Terrell '88 

National Co-Chair 
Dana Kingrey '86 

National Co-Chair 
Jane Crabill '83 
Elizabeth Cummins Dudley '84 
Barbro Hansson '88 
Elizabeth "Betty" Dudley 

Landes '82 
Ann Marks '87 
Sandra Sprouse '93 

ADP Circle 

Elizabeth "Betty" Dudley 

Landes '82 
James P. McPherson 
Sandra Sprouse '93 
Teresita Zapata Trigo '88 

Professionals' Club 
Charlene Hutcheson 

Carpe Diem! 
Ann Field Alexander '66 
Nelson Bickers '83 
Elizabeth Cummins Dudley '84 
Jean Oilman 
Alexander Hamilton IV 
Doris D. Harlan '86 
Linda Koogler 
Grace Jones Long '81 
Dudley B. Luck 
Dr. Roderic Owen 
Lallon Pond 
Pamela Richardson 
Nancy Summers '87 

The ADP Loyalty Fund 

The Loyalty Fund has raised over $6,000 for ADP 

scholarships. Thank you to all die ADP aluitmi 

who make this fund successful. 

Giving Clubs 

President's Association; H,000 and up 

ADP Circle: *500 to *999 

Professionals' Club: *250 to H99 

Carpe Diem!: nOO to *249 

ADP Honor Roll: *25 to *99 

ADP Honor Roll 

Anonymous (2) 
Geneva Agee '80 
James Agee '87 
Jackie Aikins '92 
William Aldrich '92 
Margaret Dudley Alford 'i 
Debra Armstrong '92 
Anne Benham '89 
Teresa Bigler '82 
Pamela Clark '88 
Michael Clatterbuck '79 
Patricia Collins '93 
Willma Conner '93 
Tracy C. Coogan '90 
Peggy Cooper '92 
Robert Croxson '88 
William Davick '93 
Rita DePrank '93 
Frances Doniel '86 

Ruth Doumlele '82 

Gail Flintom '92 

Ruth Crummett Floyd '85 

Susan K. Floyd '90 

Bonnie J. Ford '82 

Mary Vermillion Frantz '90 

Thomas M. Gathright III '90 

Sherri Oravins '89 

Susan Green 

Robert Grotjohn 

Barbro Hansson '88 

James Harrington 

Gloria Heam '91 

Mary Hughes '92 

Amy Hundley '91 

Virginia Bolt Jessup '87 

Barbara B. Johnson '79 

Kerry Johnson '87 

Mary Jane Joyce '84 

Claire T. Kent 

Matching Gift Companies 

Appalachian Power Company 
Burlington Industries 

First Union Foundation 

Knight-Ridder Newspapers 
State Farm Companies 

Tenneco Foundation 

Susan Loud Kitchin '83 

Ann Marks '87 

Nancy Miller '93 

Sally Putnam '83 

Annette Reynolds '86 

Margaret Carswell Richardson '78 

Joan Ripley '88 

Susan Rudin '91 

Jackie Scruggs '86 

Dr. Carol C. Shannon '84 

Anne C. Sills '90 

Carol Sutton '93 

Nancy Olson Tatar '89 

Jane Terrell '89 

Sandra Terry '90 

Deborah Jo Wallace '85 

Jean Warren '82 

Debra Wenger '90 

Anne Wilmoth '93 

Marie Ziegler '93 

Deborah Zimkus '90 

Sara Zimmerman '85 


Janie Bamette '85 
Yvonne Coffey '82 
Constance Collins-Davis '83 
Gail Crusco '85 
Franklin Dooms '93 
Teresa Gilbert '90 
Barbara Hubbard Gray '92 
Armilda Hayes '89 
Virginia Mason '82 
Herbet Glen McClure Jr. '87 
Dreama McMillan '83 
Gloria Rowley '85 
Diane Seymour '87 
Sonia Smith '91 

The Annual Report 


Leadership Boards 

We extend a special thanks to the Board of Tmstees for their contributions and participation in the 1993-1994 Annual Fund year. 
Their guidance and commitment to Mary Baldwin 
College's future growth is extraordinary. 

Board of Trustees 

Executive Committee 

Charles S. Luck 111, Chairman 

Claire Lewis Arnold '69 

J. Edward Belts 

Bertie Murphy Deming '46 

Liddy Kirkpatrick Doenges '63 (D) 

Gail McLennan King '69 

P. William Moore ]r. 

]. Carson Quarles 

John 0. Rocovich Jr. 

Board Members 

Carole Lewis Anderson 

Beverly Estes Bates '64 

Charlotte Jackson Berry '51 

Peggy Anderson Carr '67 

Phyllis L. Cothran 

Ouida Caldwell Davis '51 

Alexander Hamilton IV 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 
Carolyn Gilmer Hisley '60 
Caroline Rose Hunt '43 
Frank C. Martin Jr. 
Louise Rossett McNamee '70 
William G. Pannill 
William O. Reuther 
Barbara Knisely Roberts '73 
Pamela Stephens Rose '82 
Yoko Sakae 
Charles H. Shuford Sr. 
H. Gordon Smyth 
Teresita Zapata Trigo '88 ADP 
Cecile Mears Turner '46 
Ray Castles Uttenhove '68 
Walter M. Vannoy 

A. l^-^^Xl^i^^ 

Marian Hornsby Bowditch '42 

Margaret Herscher Hicchman '40 

Evelyn Chapman Brown '52 

Susan Thompson Hoffman '64 

Anne Ponder Dickson '61 

Josephine Hannah Holt '44 

James S. Evans 

Shirley Haynes Hunter '24 

Leigh Yates Farmer '74 

Rosalinda Roberts Madara '63 

Helen K. Groves 

Dorothy Baughan Moore '40 

Nancy Wallace Henderson '36 

Julia Gooch Richmond '34 

A. J. Brent 

Margaret Herscher Hitchman '40 

Edmund D. Campbell 

Louise Fowkles Kegley '54 

The Honorable George M. 

Ralph W. Kittle 


W. L. Lemmon 

Ora Ehmling Ehmann '36 

Donald C. Lutken Sr. 

Dr. William H. Foster Jr. 

H. P. McNeal 

H. Hirer Harris Ir. 

Kenneth A. Randall 

The Honorable A. S. Hanison Jr. 

Betty Neisler Timberlake '45 

Executive Committee 

Emily Dethloff Ryan '63, president 
Sally Armstrong Bingley '60, 

Louise W. Boylin '71 
Susan Warfield Caples '60 
Diane Hillyer Copley '64 
Julie Ellsworth Cox '86 
Judy Lipes Garst '63 
Susan Massey Johnson '67 
Rita "R. J." Landin-Loderick '86 
Shannon Greene Mitchell '57 
Board Members 
Susan Achey '89 

Alumnae Association Board of Directors 

The governing board of Mary Baldwin's Alumnae 

Association serves as the communication channel 

between the College and its alumnae. We extend a 

special thanks to these Alumnae Board members for 

their contributions and their continuing guidance and 

commitment to Mary Baldwin. 

Ralphetta G. Aker '88 
Laura Catchmg Alexander '7 1 
Dawn Martin Blankinship '82 
Alison Wenger Boone '77 
Kathleen Kenig Byford '68 
Nancy Kunkle Carey '51 
Susan Martin Cooley '80 
Elizabeth "B. J." Felton de Golian '79 

Debbie Feigin '92 
Dana Flanders '82 
Lynn Tuggle GiUiland '80 
Amy Tracy Ingles '81 
Dr. May Well Jones '61 
Jane GUlam Komegay '83 
Paula Stephens Lambert '65 
Elizabeth Dudley Landes '82 

Sue Rein Lollis '79 

Lelia Lytle '72 

Sanford Jones McAllister '80 

Catherine Ferris McPherson '78 

Ann Shaw Miller '54 

Beth Palk '93 

Mary Sutton Payne '76 

Gale Palmer Penn '63 

Lisa Shirl Powell '94 

Sabrina Darrow Rakes '94 

Josephine Whittle Thomton '62 

Suzanne Woodtin Villani '85 

Marian McDowell Whitlock '67 

NeiUe McRae Wilson '68 

Advisory Board of Visitors 

Executive Committee 

Henry M. Carter Jr. 

Susan Gamble Dankel '68 

Linda Dolly Hammack '62 

Onza E. Hyatt 

Mary M. Pool Murray 

M. Elizabeth Preddy '67 

Carol Stewart Shaw '65 

Dr. John A. Taylor 

Board Members 

Martha McMuUan Aasen '51 

M. Alfred Akerman 

Ginny Driver Alpert 

Jo A. Avery '65 

Constance Anne Bak '75 

Our thanks to those alumnae, parents, and friends of 

the College who serve on the Advisory Board of 

Visitors. Their participation in the Annual Fund is 

vital for continued growth at Mary Baldwin. 

Dorothy Deals Ballew '53 
George V. Bernard 
Gay Gilmer Butler '67 
W. Bruce Byford 
James P. Carreras 
Eugene W. Chismer 
H. C. Stuart Cochran 
Sharon P. Creekmore 
Shirley S. Dejamette 
Dean S. Edmonds 111 

Sydney Turner Elsass '69 
Martha P. Farmer 
Dr. Martin A. Favata 
Col. Jack E. Fincham 
Judith Galloway-Totaro '69 
Aladino A. Gavazzi 
Gordon M. Grant 
Judith Payne Grey '65 
Joy Nalty Hodges 
Dr. Anne Morris Hooke 

Karen Emmet Hunt '80 
Patricia Simpson Hylron 
Martha Philpott King '80 
Katherine M. Lichtenberg 
Carey Cooley McDaniel '67 
Robert L. Montgomery 
Jean T. Moore 
Charles R. Odom 
Bernard V. Peto 
Peter E. S. Pover 
David W. Proctor 
Barbara Freeman Ragsdale '67 
David E. Satterfield IV 
Valerie Lynn Wenger '81 
Rita Smith Wilson '82 ADP 
Elizabeth Switzer Zirkle '54 

24 The Annual Report 

Parents Council 

Executive Committee 

Jacqueline Riddle Davidson '64, 

James D. Douglas.Vice President 
William T. Butler 
Sharon S. Dyess 
Thomas P. Gratto 
Victoria Hill Howland 
Hope Hennen Hunter 
Joyce K. Jennings 
Boyd K. Knowles 
Lynn H. Shuler 

The active network between the College and parents of students 

is guided by the important work of the Parents Council. These 

parents of current traditional and PEG students involve 

themselves in such activities as career development, 

communications, fund raising and student recruitment. Our 

deepest gratitude to these devoted parents for both their time 

and their commitment to Mary Baldwin College. 

Council Members 

Patsy Lewis Barr 
J. Ray Clymer, Jr. 
Ann Lee Cook '62 
Elizabeth Thompson Day 
James C. Dejarnette 

Ann Gordon Abbott Evans '65 

Susanne Eve Fowlkes '64 

Dorothy Rogers Fulton 

Pat R. Hargrett 

Rev. Michael H. Kennedy 

Catherine Kilday 

Linda Southard Lenox 
Andrew W. Prescott 
Mary Ann Rakes 
Charles Rotgin, Jr. 
Patricia Povia Rusk 
Linda HoUoman Sydnor 
Michael W. Terry 
Lisa Turner 
Dr. Robert A. Warren 
Aremita R. Watson 
Suzanne Drake Wilson 
Dr. A. Calhoun Witham 

Parents of Current and Former Students 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Ray Clymer Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Luck III 
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Turner 

The Hill Top Club 

Nancy A. Crim 

Mr. & Mrs. W. R. Hitchman 

Margaret Herscher Hitchman '40 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Sharp 
William L. Sudderth 

The Founders' Club 

Walter E. Eckel 

Mr. &. Mrs. Gordon L. Hammock 

Rozalia Cruise Hogg '78 

Gail McLennan King '69 

jean T. Moore 

William O. Reuther 

Mr. &. Mrs. Charles H. Shuford Sr. 

Cecile Mears Turner '46 

The President's Associates 

Dorothy Beals Ballew '53 

Mr, & Mrs. Eugene W. Chismer 

Mr. & Mrs. Calvin N. Clyde Jr. 

Sharon P. Creekmore 

Mr. & Mrs. E. B. Fitzgerald 

Gordon M. Grant 

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander 

Hamilton IV 
Mr. & Mrs. Onza E. Hyatt 
Ralph W. Kittle 
Randall j. Knisely ]r. 
Boyd K. Knowles 
Nancy Clark McLennan '41 
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Meador 

Parents entrust their daughter's education to 
Mary Baldwin College with the knowledge 
that at Mary Baldwin, students receive an 

excellent education. These gifts from current 
and former parents represent an important 
affirmation of the College and its mission. 

Dr. Patricia H. Menk 
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard V. Peto 
Andrew W. Prescott 
Barbara Freeman Ragsdale '67 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rotgin Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Kiyohide Satomi 
Mrs. Baxter N. Shaffer 
Mrs. C. Gordon Smith ]r. 
Mr. & Mrs. A. P. Stover Jr. 
Elizabeth Hardin Taylor '48 
Mr. & Mrs. Colin j. S. Thomas Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter M. Vannoy Jr. 
Capt. & Mrs. O. C. Wev 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Calhoun Witham 
Jane Johnston Witham '55 

The Ivy Circle 

Mrs. Mark L. Allen 

Martha Barnett Beal '53 

Mr. & Mrs. Norris A. Broyles Jr. 

Kathleen Kenig Byford '68 

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Carreras 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry M. Carter Jr. 

Margaret Cole Chappell '64 

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Dawson 

Elizabeth T. Day 

Mr. & Mrs. Jaquelin Harrison 

Ann Gordon Abbott Evans '65 

Dr. & Mrs. Martin A. Favata 
Dorothy Rogers Fulton 
Thomas P. Gratto 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald D. Hansen 
Pat R. Hargrett 
Mrs. F. Schley Knight 
Marianna Jamison Leach '47 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Martin Jr. 
Ethelyn Jones Maxwell '40 
Shannon Greene Mitchell '57 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter E, S. Pover 
Gail McAIpin Schweickert '65 
Katharine Hoge Smith '41 
Mrs. William A. Sutherland 
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Sydnor 
Michael W. Terry 
Betty Neisler Timberlake '45 
Mr. & Mrs. William Troxell 
Mr. &. Mrs. Richard L. Tusing 
Mary Lamont Wade '52 
Mr. & Mrs. O. L. Walker 
Vice Admiral & Mrs. Joe 

Williams Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Somers M. Wilton 

The Colonnade Club 

Shirley Black Barre '39 
Helen Beckelheimer Baugh '50 
Kenneth Bell 

Barbara Brown Bowles '68 
William T.Butler Jr. 
Ann Alexander Cook '62 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Creed 
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Dejarnette IV 
Mr. & Mrs. R. C. Dorey Jr. 
James D. Douglas 
Sharon S. Dyess 
Mrs. Robert V. Ely 
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin W. Estes 
Susan Mulfor Gantly '66 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Glenn 
Cornelia Adair Green '46 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Halligan 
Frances Koblegard Harcus '50 
Mr. & Mrs. Jasper P. Home III 
Patricia Simpson Hylton 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry M. Jacobs Jr. 
Catherine Kilday 
Boyd K. Knowles 
Mr. & Mrs. David Carl Landin 
Alene Brewster Lamer '32 
Mrs. Steve L. Mathis III 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Odom 
Mary Hebbard Parmelee '30 
Brooke Hume Pendleton '71 
Nathaniel W. Pendleton Jr. 
Mary Ann Rakes 
Mrs. Joe W. Reid 
Lynn H. Shuler 
Charlotte Tilley Sorrell '46 
Margaret Flythe Teague '58 
Myma Williams Vest '47 
Mrs. Frederick H. Walsh 
Dr. Robert A. Warren 

Aremita R. Watson 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Webb 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Wenger Jr. 

The Columns 

Mr. & Mrs. Fisher Ames 

R. LaRue Armstrong 

Margaret Newman Avent '49 

Elaine Kibler Baldwin '41 

Eli:abeth Pnngle Barge '41 

Barbara Minter Barnes '49 

Patsy Lewis Barr 

Reed Munson Beveridge '43 

Mr. & Mrs. Cabell B. Birdsong 

C. R. Bish 

Gwendolyn Austin Brammer '49 

Mrs. A. C. Britton 

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund S. Burke jr. 

W. Bruce Byford 

Elizabeth Smith Chapman '44 

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Cross 

Linda Heame Daniel '60 

Mr. &.Mrs.C.J.Deitz 

John D. Dejarnette 

Mr. & Mrs. John Edwin Duke 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Fishback 

Emma Padgett FitzHugh '40 

Dr. William H. Foster jr. 

Susanne Eve Fowlkes '64 

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred E. Fry 

Thelma Trigg Gannon '46 

Dr. & Mrs. Robbins L. Gates 

Aladino A. Gavazzi 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Glazebrook 
Virginia Worth Gonder '39 
Mr. & Mrs. C. T. Graves 

Jennifer Wilson Green '62 
Mr. & Mrs. H. H. Hanks 
Radm. & Mrs. Talbot Edward 

Mr. & Mrs. John Reed Hartley 
Mr. & Mrs. James j. Harvey 11 
Kitty McConnell Henninger '54 
Margaret Caldwell Hemdon '39 
Mr. & Mrs. John Roberts Hildebrand 
David B.Hill Jr. 
Joy Nalty Hodges 
Richard F. Hoffman 
Patricia Murphree Honea '49 
Capt. & Mrs. A. W. Howard jr. 
Victoria Hill Howland 
Emma Martin Hubbard '50 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. Hunter 
Sara Nair James '69 
Joyce K. Jennings 
Rev. & Mrs. T. Q. Johnston 
Mr. & Mrs. G. Paul Jones Jr. 
Marietta Barnes Jones '51 
Mrs. William Clarke Jones 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Kaplan 
Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Kennaly 

Rev. Michael H. Kennedy 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. King 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. Klopman 

Doris Clement Kreger '48 

Marjorie Creasy Lacy '45 

Elizabeth Usher Laffitte '49 

Mr. & Mrs. W.W.Lambeth 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Leatherbury 

Mr. & Mrs. D. W. Marston 

Marsha Fox McAlister 

June Lewis McHenry '49 

Col. & Mrs. Efrain Medina 

William R. Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Mitchell 

Carol Saulsbury Moore '45 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Edward Nance 

Annette Peter Neel '49 

Mr. Si Mrs. Stephen R. Osmer 

Alice Parson Paine '46 

Dr. James Patrick 

Margaret McBryde Patterson '45 

Nancy Roycroft Perry '45 

Anne Early Pettus '47 

Sally E. Pistey 

Judge Oliver A. Pollard 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Pollard 

Dr. & Mrs. Ganas K. Rakes 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Ravenhorst 

Mrs. Beverly M. Read 

Elizabeth Walsh Read '47 

Dr. & Mrs. William W. Regan 

Margaret Armstrong Robertson '39 

Carolyn Horton Rogers '49 

Doris Rohner Rogers '60 

Mr. & Mrs. T. P. T. Roper 

Patricia Povia Rusk 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Allen Sage 

Betsey Gallagher Satterfield '66 

Elizabeth Dahl Shaner '53 

Betsy Merritt Sherard '51 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Reese 

Shoemaker Jr. 
Betty Ott Smallwood '46 
Betsy Carr Smith '50 
Dr. & Mrs. Frank R. 

Dr. &. Mrs. Paul C. Sparks 
Sally Peck Spaulding '47 
Mr. & Mrs. E. Leslie Spence 111 
Mr. & Mrs. A. Kendall Sydnor 
Linda Holloman Sydnor 
Elizabeth Lankford Thomas '49 
Mary Mason Torrence '54 
Dotty Hobby Travis '56 
Margaret M. Trussell 
Katharine Makepeace Turner '49 
Elmer C. Vreeland 
Annie Moore Walker '39 
Mercer Pendleton Watt '49 
John M. Wexler 
Elizabeth Churchman Wick '44 

Elizabeth Blanchard Wilgus '48 
CmJr. & Mrs. Dale E. Williams 
Mr. & Mrs. Isham R. Williams Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. J. G. Wright 
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Wright 


Lt. Col. & Mrs. Richard A. Aceto 
Jane Coleman Balfour '62 
Anne Person Baylor '52 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles N. Beard 
Gwendolyn Black Bishop '65 
Mary Hurley Blackshear '48 
Mrs. C. S. Bloxom 
Dr. Charles H. Boggs Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Bones 
Martha Murchison Boyd '64 
Mrs. Lee W. Branch 
Cynthia Fteeman Branscome '64 
Mr. & Mrs. Carroll E. Breeden 
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Brock Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. D. Ray Broughton 
Maj. & Mrs. Heyward G. Brown Jr. 
Dr. Harry M. Burbank Jr. 
Diana Rede Cabell '56 
Mr. & Mrs. j. W. Campbell 
William E. Carmean 
Marian Martin Gather '35 
Rev. & Mrs. Robert N. Clark 
Mr. & Mrs. G. Frank Clement 
W. N. Cochran 
Elizabeth Allan Collins '61 
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart W. Copeland 
Judith Wells Creasy '68 
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Cremers 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Dana Jr. 
Marielena Casseres de Gonzalez '51 
Lt. Col. Dennis D. Domin 
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne L. Dorough 
Mr. & Mrs. ]. E. Duff 
Josephine Gale Ellis '37 
Mr. & Mrs. E.J. English 
Dr. Ann Moore Flowers 
Mr. & Mrs. C. J. Francisco Jr. 
Mrs. Judson Freeman 
Mr. & Mrs. R. B. Funderburk 
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Garrett 
Mr. & Mrs. Parvin Ray Gibbs 
Judith Merritt Gibbons '61 
Dorothy Snodgrass Goldsborough '52 
Julia Valz Good '52 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Greever 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Griffith 
Mr. & Mrs. W. B. Gwyn 
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin W. Hall Jr. 
Mrs. Charles G. Halsey 
Mr. & Mrs. C. Guy Hancock Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Heeke Jr. 
Floylee Hunter Hemphill 
Mr. & Mrs. John David 

Mr. & Mrs. Arturo A. Hilado 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hockenbury 

Dr. Allan A. Hoffman 

Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Holberton 

Mrs. G. Sterling Holland 

Joan Davis Howard '66 

Betty Rankin Hunsucker '53 

Joy D. Jackson 

Maria Gooch Johnston '39 

Richard W. Jones 111 

Beth Tilley Kantner '42 

Nicholas S. Karacsony 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. Kelly 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Barr 

Keplinger Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Kirby 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Henry Latchum 
Sally Cox Lee '51 
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Lenox 
Ann Perkins Lewis '70 
Blanche Campbell Lewis '39 
Ann Wilson Linn '61 
Elizabeth O'Neal Livingston '54 
Virginia Richard Lollis 
Ethel McCants Lowder '47 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Lynch 
Alice Guerrant Manly '36 
Anna K. Mansfield 
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin M. Markel Jr. 
Helen Hutcheson Massingill '65 
Evelyn Engleman Mathews '42 
Mr. & Mrs. B. W. Matthews jr. 
Kathryn Rawl McCain '51 
Mary Wood McCormick '50 
Ann Peterson McGee '59 
Ann A. McGrath 
Phoebe Skillman McMillan '42 
Carolyn P. Meeks 
Edith James Mickley '49 
Dixie Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Miller III 
Mr. & Mrs. Ladson A. Mills 
Gwen Mitchell 
Helen Day Mitchell '39 
Margaret Churchman Moffett '47 
Mr. & Mrs. Percy Montague III 
Anne G. Musser 
Elsie Nelms Nash '52 
Dorothy Hundley Neale '43 
Dr. Janet M. Nettleton 
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Nichols 
Eustacia Caul Nicholson '51 
Susan Speake Noble '60 
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert D. Olsen 
jean M. Oseth 
Rev. & Mrs. John G. Parks 
Nancy McMuUan Pauley '58 
Margaret Keller Pearson '38 
Julia Kohler Peterson '44 
Mr. & Mrs. Carey A. Phillips 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Philpot 

Catharine Prentiss Plummet '45 
Dr. & Mrs. Herman Preseren 
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard W. Price Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Porter 

Quarles ]r. 
Dr. & Mrs. William Quillian Jr. 
Sarah Whitmoie Ricks '36 
Mi. & Mts. John V. Roland 
Juliette Walker Sanders '37 
Mr. & Mrs. Lou E. Satchell 
Mr. & Mrs. Gail D. Schrader 
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Morton Scott 
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn S. Settle 
Gladys Parker Silling '23 
Mr. &. Mrs. Lamar Sloan 
Mr. & Mrs. Emerson W. Smith 
Emily Reese Smith '46 
Nelle McCants Smith '53 
Mr. & Mis. Victor J. Smith II 
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Smith 
Rebecca Danziger Snell '52 
Kathyrn Poerschke Stevens '42 
Mr. & Mis. James M. Stokely 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Stonebumer 
Carroll W. Suggs 
Virginia White Taylor '37 
Elizabeth Brinckerhoff Thomas '51 
Dennis B. Thompson 
Frances Edwards Thompson '37 
Col. William H. Tomlinson 
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Tompkins 
Billie Jean Smith Towlen '52 
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas D. Tunstall 
Mis. David S. Turner John J. Velten 
Mr. & Mts. Lawrence Wayne Wade 
Mrs. Lynn Hayden Wadhanis 
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond T. Waller 
Cecile Cage Wavell '45 
Ann P. Weimei 
Ann P. Weinstock 
Mi. & Mrs. Harold T. Wertz 
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert J. Wetzel Jr. 
Dorothy Dyer Wilkins '28 
Elizabeth Gaulding Williams 
Miriam Hughes Williams '31 
Rev. & Mrs, William W. 

Williamson Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. David G. Wilson Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Wilson 
Mr. & Mrs. Reuben E. Wilson 
Suzanne Drake Wilson 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Wtrsing Jr. 
Nina Sproul Wise '41 
Beth P. Witt 
Marie Ulmer Wolfe '41 
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin M. 

M.NoellHarr Woodward '46 
Amie Trask Wright '50 
Mr. & Mrs. Landon R. Wyatt Jr. 

Faculty and Staff 

Mary Baldwin College's faculty and staff carry out the fundamental process of 

creating the appropriate learning climate. Those listed below have also 

chosen to demonstrate their additional support of the College's educational 

leadership through Annual Fund contributions. We salute all of those 

who shape the Mary Baldwin College environment. 

The Founders' Club 

Gordon L. Hammock 

The President's Associates 

Kenneth McBride 

Dr. Heather Wilson 

Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco '64 

Douglas E. Clark 

Dr. James D. Lott 

Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak '53 

Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 

The Ivy Circle 

Mark L. Atchison 
James P. McPheison 
H. E. Neale 
Di. Patiicia Westhafei 

The Colonnade Club 

Crista R. Cabe 
John S. Kelly 
Nancy P. Mclntyre 
Catherine Ferris McPherson '78 
Walter Ridgely '81 ADP 
Gwendolyn Walsh 

The Columns 

Ann Field Alexandei '66 

Laura Catching Alexander '71 

Dr. Robert T. Allen III 

Tracey Cote Allen '89 

Beverly J. Askegaard 

Dr. Lewis Askegaard 

Linda Lee Booth 

Donna Myrtle Boxley '89 

Mary G. Cooper 

Gary W. Diver 

W. Michael Gentry 

Hampton and Betty Hairfield 

Sara Nair James '69 

Nancy L. Johnston 

Betty M. Kegley 

Patricia N. LeDonne 

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Metraux 

Michael D. Norris 

Dr. Roderic Owen 

Dr. Jane T. Pietrowski 

Paul Ryan 

Sharon B. Spalding 

Dr. Frank R. Southerington 
Theresa Koogler Southerington '72 
William J. Winter Jr. 


Shirley T. Craft 
Heyward Cutting Jr. 
Dr. Susan B. Green 
Marion B. Hart 
Carolyn M. Hensley 
Marjorie C. Hoge '58 
Anne M. Holland '88 
Elaine E. King 
Donna A. Lawyer 
Donna H. Love 
Marsha Mays 
Carolyn P. Meeks 
Wanda K. Morris 
Anne G. Musser 
Lydia J. Petersson 
JohnA.Runkle'81 ADP 
M. Kathryn Smith '92 
Jennifer B. Sowers 
Robin L. Wilson '92 

Former Faculty, Staff and Emeriti 

Former faculty, staff and emeriti are just as important to the College as current faculty 

and staff. Their wisdom and knowledge is everlasting. Their generous support shows 

continuous dedication to Mary Baldwin College, and for this we are proud. 

Barbara and Ernest Adelman 
Mrs. Otto Aufranc 
Betty A. Beard 
Clair Carter Bell '76 
Elizabeth P. Campbell 
Susan L. Canfield 
Katherine Kivlighan Carter '44 
Dr. Marjorie B. Chambers 
Amelia Lynn Cuomo '85 
Dr. Mary Tuck Echols 
Lee Johnston Foster '75 
Rear Admiral W. J. Galbraith 

Dr. & Mrs. Robbins L. Gates 
Nancy Gillett 
Melanie Goff '78 
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Grafton 
Mary Frances Huffstetler '92 
F. Freeman Jones Jr. 
Marietta Barnes Jones '51 
Mary Anne Kasselmann 
Jane Gillam Komegay '83 
Janis R. Kvatemik 
Katherine Lichtenberg 
Dr. Patricia H. Menk 
Amanda Brown Miller 

P. Donald Moses 

Dr. Mary Gathright Newell '65 

Dr. Frank R. Pancake 

Dr. James B. Patrick 

William C. Pollard 

Glenda Ridgely '81 

Carroll Oliver Roach '84 

Lillian Rudeseal 

Harriet B. Runkle MAT '94 

James T. Spillman 

Rebecca Waalewyn Traylor '83 

Rebecca Walker '89 

The Annual Report 27 

Matching Gifts from 
Corporations and Foundations 

Aetna Life and Casualty 
American Tohacco Company 
Arthur Andersen and 

Company Foundation 
AT&T Foundation 
Automatic Data 

Processing Foundation 
Bamett Banks Inc. 
The Baxter Foundation 
Becton Dickinson Foundation 
Bell Atlantic 
BellSouth Services 
The Boeing Company 
Burlington Industries Foundation 
T. B. Butler Publishing Company 
Carolina Power and Light 

Castle and Cooke Properties 
Coca Cola Company 
Crestar Financial Corporation 
Exxon Education Foundation 

The corporations and foundations listed below have matched 

employee gifts to Mary Baldwin College during the 1993-1994 

Annual Fund year. Thanks to their matching support, the 

1993-1994 Annual Fund was enhanced. If you work for a 

matching gift corporation or foundation, you can increase the 

impact of your gift on the College's Annual Fund. Check with 

your personnel or business office, or call Nancy Mclntyre at the 

College (703)887-701 1 to see if you are eligible. 

First Boston 

First Union Foundation 

Freddie Mac 

Freeport-McMoRan Inc. 

Geico Philanthropic Foundation 

General Reinsurance Corporation 

Georgia Pacific Corporation 

The Gerher Campanies Foundation 

GTE Corporation 

Harcourt General Inc. 

Harris Foundation 

HCA Foundation 

Hoechst Celanese Foundation 
Hoffman-LaRoche Inc. 
Hooker Furniture Corporation 
Indiana Michigan Power Campany 
Jefferson Pilot Corporation 
Johnson and Higgins of Virginia Inc. 
Thomas J. Lipton Foundation 
Martin Marietta Corporation 

Merck Company Foundation 
Merrill Lynch and Company 
Mobil Foundation Inc. 

Corporations and Foundations 

We extend special thanks to all the businesses and organizations listed below for 
their contributions and participation in the 1993-94 Annual Fund year. 

The Rufus Bailey Society 

Pannill Foundation 

Stephens Inc. 

Virginia Foundation for 

Independent Colleges 
Margaret C. Woodson 

Foundation Inc. 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society' 

Golden Distributing Company 
Luck Stone Foundation Inc. 
Sands Foundation 

The Hill Top Club 

Hassie Hunt Foundation Inc. 
Peachtree House Foundation 
Sakae Institute ot Studies 
Abroad U.S.A. 

The Founders' Club 

J. T. Turner Inc. 

The President's Associates 

Dean S. Edmonds Foundation 

Tlie J. N. McArthur Foundation 

Kuehn Foundation 

Obaugh Ford-Chrysler-Plymouth 

Rupe Foundation 

Rust Foundation 

Salisbury Community Foundation 

The ServiceMaster Company 

Shenandoah's Pride Dairy 

Wenger Foundation 

The Ivy Circle 

Chesterfield Yarn Mill Inc. 
Coopers & Lybrand 
Crestar Bank 

Guy C. Eavers Excavating Corp. 
General Electric Foundation 
McKee Foods Corporation 
Schley & Lang Knight Foundation 
Scott & Stringfellow Inc. 
Woodfin Heating 
Wren Foundation Inc. 

The Colonnade Club 

Chesapeake Corp. Foundation 

CIGNA Corporation Foundation 

Freddie Mac 

Gary Brown & Associates Ltd. 

Signet Bank 

Stotler Charitable Trust 

The Columns 

CFW Communications Foundation 
Commonwealth Gas Services 
Duke Power Company Foundation 
The Greatet New Orleans Foundation 
Marsh & McLennan 
National Computer Systems 
The Spartanburg County Foundation 


Blue Bell Foundation 
Burlington Industries Foundation 
CSX Corporation 
RF&P Railroad Company 
Wells Fargo Bank 

Morgan Guaranty Trust 


Morgan-Worcester Inc. 

Murphy Oil USA Inc. 

National Computer Systems 


Nationwide Foundation 

New England Telephone/NYNEX 
New Jersey Bell 
New York Life Foundation 
New York Marine and General 

Norfolk Southern Foundation 
Northern Trust Company 
Obaugh Ford-Chrysler-Plymouth- 
Pennsylvania Power and Light 

Pennzoil Company 
PepsiCo Foundation Inc. 
Philip Morris Inc. 
Price Waterhouse Foundation 
The Procter and Gamble Fund 
Reynolds Metals Company 

Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Inc. 
Sara Lee Foundation 
Scott Foresman and Company 
Seven-Up-Dr. Pepper Bottling 

Siemens Energy and Automation Inc. 
Southern Services Inc. 
Southwestern Bell Foundation 
Sprint Foundation 
State Farm Companies Foundation 
Tandy Corporation 
Tenneco Foundation 
Texas Commerce Bank-Houston 
U.S. Bank 

Union Pacific Corporation 
United Services Automobile 

United States Fidelity and 

Guaranty Company 
Virginia Power/North Carolina 

Washington Post 
Waste Management Inc. 
Westinghouse Educational 

Westvaco Corporation 

28 The Annual Report 


Annual support from friends affirms the College's position of 

importance in higher education. The support of friends of the College helps 

bring innovations onto campus and increases Mar\' Baldwin College's 

\'alue to the community. 

The Rufus Bailey Society 

^X'illiam G. Pannill 

The Man" Julia Baldi^in Sociew 
Yoko Sakae 

The HiU Top Club 
P- William Moore Jr. 
J. Caison Quarles 

The President's Associates 

Estate of Charles F. Cole 

The I\-v Circle 
Carole Lewis Anderson 
Dr. Anne Morris Hooke 
Mrs. Georse Meccalt Murrav II 

Dr. John A. Taylor 
Caroline Upshur Walker 

The Colonnade Club 

Mr. & Mrs. H. C. Stuart Cochran 

Mrs. H. G. Hansen 

William S. Moses 

Betty Stanley 

The Columns 

Ginny D. Alpert 

Dr. & Mrs. J. P. .\nderson 

Carol I'Wi Douglas 

Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Hokinger 

Mr. &. Mis. Walter N. McDougaU 

William J. McMillan 

Mr. & Mrs. M. D. Norris 
E. B. Rouse 
Virginia K. Willis 

Mrs. Orme Wilson Jr. 


Mrs. Roland H. Brady 

Rev. & Mrs. CD. Caldwell 

Col. Jack L Fincham 

Mrs. Roland G. Hohn 

Kathleen A. Hurren 

Elizabeth M. Lee 

Anne Leatherbury Lowell 

Mrs. E. S. Marchant 

Mrs. William I. Thomas 


Mary Baldwin College 
was founded in 1842 
with the support of the 
Presbyterian Church, 
and this bond continues 
today. Individual churches 
and the Synod of the 
Mid-Atlantic demon- 
strate their support for 
the College's educational 
progress through xA.nnual 
Fund contributions. 
Many thanks to these 
churches for their dona- 
tions totaling *8,975. 

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 
Louisville, Kentucky 

Second Presbyterian Church 
Roanoke, Vir^nia 

Synod of the Mid- Atlantic 
Richmond, Virginia 

Gifts and Grants to the Annual Fund 





1993-94 1 










549,590 ! 










517,619 I 
















Matching Gift Corpofraaons 




567,978 ! 










50 1 






*Uoes not mclude Alumnae 

^3 Parent Trustees 

**Includes Current and Former Parents 


The Annual Report 


M 5 0,000 and above 


Estate of Mr. and Mrs. N. 

Chisholm Bamhart 
Jessie Ball duPont Endowment Fund 
Philip Morris 

'100,000 and above 

Bell Atlantic-Virginia 
Jessie Ball duPont Fund 
Norfolk Southern Corporation 
Virginia Power Company 

*50,000 and above 

Bassett Furniture Industries, Inc. 

Beazley Foundation, inc. 

CSX Corporation 

Camp Foundations 
Camp Foundation 
J. L. Camp Foundation 
Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation 
Camp Younts Foundation 

Ethyl Corporation 

The Homestead 

Mobil Corporation 

NationsBank of Virginia 

North Shore Foundation 

*40,000 and above 

Crestar Financial Corporation 
George A. and Lorraine Snell Fund 

»30,000 and above 

Charles A. Frueauff Foundation 
Warren W. Hobbie Trust 
The Perry Foundation, Inc. 
Signet Banking Corporation 
United Parcel Service (UPS Fdtn.) 

*25,000 and above 
Massey Foundation 
Reynolds Metals Company Foundation 

*20,000 and above 

Brunswick Corporation 
Central Fidelity Bank 
Chesapeake Corporation Foundation 
Clark-Winchole Foundation 
First Virginia Banks, Inc. 
General Motors Corporation 
Landmark Communications, Inc. 

The Virginian-Pilot & The 

The Roanoke Times & 
E. Claiborne Robins 
Universal Corporation 

The Virginia Foundation 
FOR Independent Colleges 

Every year Mary Baldwin College, along with fourteen other 

privately supported colleges and universities in Virginia, 
benefits significantly from the generosity of business, industry 
and other private sources across the state through the efforts 

of the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges. In 
1993-94 this total effort produced M,453,647 from 781 private 

enterprise contribution sources for VFIC colleges; Mary 

Baldwin College received '139,828 as its unrestricted share. 

The VFIC is a joint fund-raising organization established 

by and for the benefit of its membet colleges. Businesses and 

community leaders assist in soliciting contributions from the 

corporate community which are distributed in June to the 

fifteen non-tax supported member colleges and universities, 

according to a standard formula: 40% on the basis of 

undergraduate entollment and 60% divided equally. 

VFIC has been recognized nationally as the premier 

independent college fund among the 38 similar associations 

in terms of its annual distribution to member institutions. In 

1993-94 the following companies and individuals provided 

leadership contributions of *5,000 or more to the VFIC. 

VFIC Donors 

» 15, 000 and above 
Appalachian Power Company 
Robert B. Claytor/Norf. Southern 

Craddock-Terry Foundation 
First Union National Bank of 

Richard G. Holder 
Leggett Foundation (Leggett Stores) 
Marietta NcNeal Morgan & 

Samuel Tate Morgan, Jr. Fdtn. 
Mars Foundation 
Newport News Shipbuilding 
Union Camp Corporation 

HO.OOO and above 

Allied-Signal, Inc. 

William E. Betts, Jr. 

Coopers & Lybrand 

Ernst & Young 

First Colony Life Insurance Company 

The Flagler Foundation 

Gottwald Foundation 

Coleman A. and Emily S. Hunter 

Charitable Foundation 
KPMG Peat Marwick 
Mary and Daniel Loughran Fdtn., Inc. 

Media General Foundation 
Richmond Times- Dispatch 

Northern Telecom, Inc. 

Miriam Seeherman 

South Tmst Bank of Alabama, N.A. 

Ukrop's Super Markets, Inc. 

Washington Forrest Foundation 

Weinstein Management Company 
Carole M. & Marcus M. 

Wheat First Butcher Singer 

*7,500 and above 
Burlington Industries Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Gottwald 
Intermet/Lynchburg Foundry 

The Lane Company, Inc. 

(The Lane Foundation) 
Maurice L. Mednick Memorial Fund 
Roanoke Electric Steel Co. 
Sumitomo Machinery Corp. of America 
Tandy Corporation 

Computer City 

Incredible Universe 


Radio Shack 


*5,000 and above 
AT&T Foundation 
American Filtrona Corporation 
Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Inc. 
Canon Virginia, Inc. 
Carilion Enterprises, Inc. 
E. R. Carpenter & Co. 
Caruthers Foundation, Inc. 
Christian, Barton, Epps, Brent 

& Chappell 
Cifcuit City Stores, Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Cutchins, III 
The Daily Press, Inc. 
Deloitte & Touche 
Ferguson Enterptises, Inc. 
C. B. Fleet, Inc. 
Franklin Equipment Company 
Furnace Associates, Inc. 
Gray Lumber Co./Garland Gray Fdtn. 
J. J. Haines & Company, Inc. 
William A. Hazel, Inc. 
Home Beneficial Life Insurance Co. 
Home Quarters Warehouse, Inc. 
Hunton & Williams 
Jefferson Bankshares, Inc. 
Mrs. Richard B. Lewis, Jr. 
Lindsay Cadillac Company 
Chas. Lunsford Sons and Associates 

Div., Frank B.Hall of Va., Inc. 
Markel Corporation 
The May Company Foundation/ 

Mrs. J. Tate McBroom 
McGuire, Woods, Battle & Boothe 
Nationwide Insurance Companies 
New River Electrical Corporation 
Noland Company Foundation 
Ohrstrom Foundation, Inc. 
Ovemite Transponation Company 
Owens & Minor Inc. 
Pinkerton Group, Inc. 
Price Waterhouse 
C. E. Richardson Benevolent Fdm. 
Rosenthal Automotive Otganization 
Rouse-Bottom Foundation, Inc. 
Dwight C. Schar 
Snell Construction Corporation 
Stone & Webster Engineering 
The United Company 
Unisys Information Systems 
Virginia Insurance Reciprocal 
Vulcan Matetials Company 

30 The Annual Report 

Recognition Gifts 

Memorial Gifts 

Esther Thomas Atkinson '13 by 

Rebecca Thomas Kopp '70 

Harriet Showell Bald '44 by 

LeRoy Bald 

Elizabeth Richardson Bane '27 by 

Betty Stanley 

Shirley Burlingame Batchelder '48 by 
Roger W. Batchelder 

Knox Littlepage Clarke '32 by 
Harriet Seem Neff '32 

Mary E. Latimer Cordner by 

Meredith Jones Johnson '43 

Laura P. Dixon by 

Jane D. Ellington '78 

Marion Burns Deuser by 

Dr. James B. Patrick 

Virginia Davis Hall '44 by 

Peggy Anderson Carr '67 

J. Riley Haws by 

A. Jane Townes '69 

Frances Leys Horner '23 by 

S. Carroll McCausland Amos '78 

Lucia Whitehead Makepeace '56 by 

Marjorie Loving McCaleb '65 

James L. McAllister Jr. by 

Shearer Troxell Luck '63 

Mrs. James L. McAllister Jr. 


Kathryn Rawley Scott 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Scott 

Margaret H. Chesson Mizell by 

Mrs. James L. McAllister Jr. 

Elizabeth Parker by 

Louise W. Boylan '71 
Peggy Anderson Carr '67 
Lillian Rudeseal 
A. Jane Townes '69 

Charles Reutenber by 

Dr. James B. Patrick 

John LeMay Royster and 
Marjory Fleming Royster by 

Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco '64 

Mary Frances Dudley Schmid '40 by 

Anne G. Musser 

Susan Swafford Sheldon '69 by 

Brooks Sheldon 

Mary Kathleen Shuford '83 by 

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Coleman 
Helen Stevens Forster '83 

Tance Anderson Laughon '83 
Gabrielle Gelzer McCree '83 
Mr. & Mrs. George A. Moretz 

Dorothy B. Packard Smith by 

Cecile Mears Turner '46 

Starke Baken & Emma O'Mara Smith by 

Jane Frances Smith '37 

Annie Walker St. Clair by 

Margaret Moore Ripley '52 

Fannie B. Strauss by 

Margaret Pollard Rea '46 

Donald D. Thompson by 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew F. Smith 

Josephine B. Timberlake by 

Louis M. Balfour 

Honorary Gifts 

Alitia Cameron Cross '93 by 

Mrs. Lynn Hayden Wadhams 

Elizabeth Crawford Engle '3 1 by 

Betty Engle Stoddard '60 

Dr. Barbara Ely by 

Sonja M. Musser '93 

Alexander Hamilton IV by 

Mary Rutherfoord Mercer Ferguson '63 

Mary Emily Humphreys by 


Mary Simpson Bailey '42 
Grace Foundation Inc. 
Nancy Rawles Grissom '54 
Mary Cloud Hamilton 

HoUingshead '61 
Shearer Troxell Luck '63 
Katherine M. Rorrer 
Janet Russell Steelman '52 
Betty Engle Stoddard '60 
Elizabeth Withrow Turner '58 
Suzanne Smith Vaughn '59 

Gordon C. Page by 

Barbara Reid Bailey '61 
Mary Eldridge Berry '62 
Susan Gamble Dankel '68 
Page Grey Dudley '56 
Anne Smith Edwards '65 
Kathleen Myers Faust '67 
Cynthia Hundley Fisher '61 
Elizabeth Robinson Harrison '55 
Carolyn Haldeman Hawkins '63 
Florence Wimberly Hellinger '52 

Ann Ritchie McHugh '56 
Nancy Rhoads Miller '57 
Ellen Gibson Shaw '56 
Cathy Turner Temple '68 
Joanne Palmer Wood '76 
Lois Morrison Zeigler '56 

EUie B. Riggan by 

Rev. and Mrs. Herbert T. Lewis 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Scott 

Betty Neisler Timberlake '45 by 

Julie W. Spnint '45 

Esther Thomas Atkinson by 

Rebecca T. Knopp '70 

Angela Connelly Ryan by 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Bingley Jr. 
(Sally Armstrong Bingley '60j 

Emily Dethloff Ryan '63 by 

Louise W. Boylan '71 

Elizabeth Parker by 

Louise W. Boylan '71 

The Annual Tribute Fund 

The newly established Annual Tribute Fund makes it 
possible for donors to contribute a gift to the College in honor 
or memory of someone. Birthday and anniversary gifts are two 

ways to use the Fund. Gifts will be included in the College's 

Annual Fund, which helps support the operating budget each year. 

If you would like more information about the Annual Tribute 

Fund, please contact Nancy P. Mclntyre at 703-887-7011. 

Peggy Anderson Carr '67 
Lillian Rudeseal 
A. Jane Townes '69 

Mary "Gill" McGowan Martin '44 by 

Margaret Smith Connor '44 

Knox Littlepage Clarke by 

Harriet Seem Neff'32 

Marguerite Hillhouse by 

Lillian Rudeseal 

Frances Nair Armstrong by 

Emily Dethloff Ryan '63 

Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson by 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Shuford Sr. 

Charles S. Luck III by 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Shuford Sr. 

Charlotte Jackson Berry '5 1 by 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Shuford Sr. 

The Annual Report 3 1 

Designated Grants and Gifts 

Administration Building Fund 

Julie W. Sprunt '45 

Art Equipment Fund 

Emily Wallace Hundley '47 
Betty Owen '49 

Art Conservation and Aquisition 

Institute of Museum Services 

Athletic Program 

Kuehn Foundation 

Carol "Cappy" Paul Powell '78 

Carpenter Programs in Health Care 
Administration and Preparation 
for Ministry 

E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter 

Carroll Lectures 

Jane Frances Smith '37 

Computer Equipment Fund 


Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges 
Distinguished Visiting Artist/ 
Scholar Program 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Hayne Hipp 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 

DuPont Visiting Minority Scholars 

Virginia Foundation for Independent 

Employee Relief Fund 

Dr. Mary Hill Cole 

Dr. Dane J. Cox 

Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco '64 

Dr. D. Stevens Garlick 

Dr. W. Michael Gentr>' 

Gordon L. Hammock 

The Rev. Patricia Hunt 

Elaine E. King 
Loretta Temple Lawson '89 
Dr. Jane Turner Pietrowski 
Dr. Jerry T. Venn 

General Endowment Fund 

Ann Cooke Britt '58 
Bertie Murphy Deming '46 
Patricia Andrew Goodson '5 1 
Beverly Grear Hurt '61 
Caroline Murphy Keller '42 
Leavy Investment Management 
Ann Reid Strickland Nottingham '56 
Margaret Thorn Rawls '69 
Jane Frances Smith '37 

Martha Stackhouse Grafton Library 

Ann B. Carroll '41 
Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco '64 
Betty Jo Hamilton '81 
Jane Sanders Morriss '69 
Virginia Foundation for 
Independent Colleges 

A FLstory of Practical Dynamics and 
Time Series Analysis, 1662-1938 
Dr. ]udy L. Klein 

National Science Foundation 

Mary Emily Humphreys Lectures 
in Biology 


Mary Screven Simpson Bailey '42 

Elf Atochem North American 


Nancy Rawls Grissom '54 

Mary Cloud Hamilton Hollingshead '61 

Margaret Query Keller '55 

Shearer Troxell Luck '63 

Katherine M. Rorrer 

Janet Russell Steelman '52 

Cecile Mears Turner '46 

Elizabeth Withrow Turner '58 
Suzanne Smith Vaughan '59 
WFS/B & S Foundation 

Mary Emily Himiphreys Lectures in 
Biology: Endowment Fund 

Grace Foundation 
Betty Engle Stoddard '60 

Master of Arts in Teaching Program 

Jessie Ball duPont Fund 
Philip Morris Incorporated 

Mednick Fellowship for Faculty 

Maurice L. Mednick Memorial 
Fund (VFIC) 

Karl and Patricia Menk Fund for 
FaciJty Support and Development 

Leslie Cadell Bowie '71 
Sandra Zeese DriscoU '66 
Carolyn Haldeman Hawkins '63 
Dr. Patricia Hobert Menk 
Dr. & Mrs. McKelden Smith 

Anne Sims Smith '45 
Dr. & Mrs. A. Erskine Sproul 

Ruth Peters Sproul '43 
A. Jane Townes '69 
U.S. Bancorp 

Gordon and Mopsy Page Garden Fund 

Bobbie Reid Bailey '61 

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company 

Mary Eldridge Berry '62 

Susan Gamble Dankel '68 

Frances Wills Delcher '57 

Page Grey Dudley '56 

Elf Atochem North American 

Kathleen Myers Faust '67 
Cynthia Hundley Fisher '61 

Elizabeth Robinson Harrison '55 
Carolyn Haldeman Hawkins '63 
Florence Wimberly Hellinger '52 
Margaret Query Keller '55 
Ann Ritchie McHugh '56 
Nancy Rhoads Miller '57 
Daphne Brown Robertson '54 
Ellen Gibson Shaw '56 
Cathy Turner Temple '68 
Tenneco Foundation 

Scientific Equipment Fund 

Ethyl Corporation 

Thomas F. Staley Foundation 
Lecture Program 

Thomas F. Staley Foundation 

Student Life 

C & P Telephone Company 
The Cartledge Foundation 
Crestar Foundation 
Dorothy Douglass Kellam '36 
Cecile Mears Turner '46 
Dorothy Jones Wrigley '70 

George Hammond Sullivan 
Program in Political Science 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan 

Theater Equipment Fund 

Emily Wallace Hundley '47 

Tree Fund 

The Rev. Patricia Hunt 

Virginia Women's Institute for 

VMl Alumni Agencies 

Women in Philanthropy Conference 


Writers in Virginia Program 

Virginia Commission for the Arts 


Courtney Bell '89 
Ann McClain Branch '49 
Gay Gilmore Butler '67 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Carey 

(Nancy Kunkk Carey '51) 
Katherine Dyer Dudley '36 

These gifts are donations of goods, services or products given by 

individuals or corporations to benefit the College in an 

immediate and tangible way. The College is truly 

appreciative of the many contributions made in this manner. 

Margaret Teague Eaton '58 
Elizabeth Ziebe Elliott '74 
Gordon Ewin 

Adair Ewin Faust 
Josephine Hannah Holt '44 
Patricia Simpson Hylton 

A special thank you goes to Mrs. Katherine Wayt Woodbury White who generously donated 

Mary Julia Baldwin's personal bracelet to the College. If anyone is interested in viewing the 

bracelet, it is located in the display case across from Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson's office. 

Marjorie Loving McCaleb '65 
Mary Kathryn Hockman Robinson '84 
Charlotte R. Wenger '83 
Katherine Wayt Woodbury White 
Joan Moore Wolt '49 

32 The Annual Report 

Endowed Scholarships 

Winifred Berry Cassard and Dorothy 
Berry Bragonier Scholarship 

Dorothy Berry Bragonier '10 

Mary E. Latimer Cordner 
Scholarship Fund 

Meredith Jones Johnson '43 

General Endowment for Student Aid 
Dennis Fi.ind 
John S. Loving 

Elizabeth Crawford Engle 
Scholarship Fund 

Grace Foundation Inc. 
Betty Engle Stoddard '60 

Julia Martin Holland Memorial 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Vlartin Jr. 

The Dr. and Mrs. William Miller 
Holman Scholarship 

Anne Holman Hinckley '34 

Mary D. and Donald R. Irving 

Student Teacher Endowment Fimd 
Rev. and Mrs. Herbert T. Lewis 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Scott 

Marguerite Fulwiler Livy Scholarship 

Robert Bruce Livy 

The Mayo Scholarship 

Bonnie Hohn 

James L. McAllister Jr. Preparation 
for Ministry Scholarship Fund 

Shearer Troxell Luck '63 

Mrs. James L. McAllister Jr. 


Kathr^'n Rawley Scott 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Scott III 

Margaret G. Stanley 

Gordon C. Page Music Scholarship 

Anne Smith Edwards '65 
Flossie Wimberly Bellinger '52 
Joanne Palmer Wood '76 
Lois Morrison Zeigler '56 

James B. Patrick Leadership Award 

Maj. Melissa E. Patrick '78 

PEG Scholarship Fund 

Dr. and Mrs. M. Alfred Akerman 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Byford 
Kathleen Kenig Byford '68 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Christensen 
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Christie 
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall V. Jamison 
Mr. and Mrs. Morris A. Kenig 
Martin Marietta Corporation 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. S. Pover 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clark Price 
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Reuhush 
The William H., John G., and 
Emma Scott Foundation 

Richmond Alumnae Scholarship 
Richmond Alumnae Chapter 

Charles Rutenbur Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Dr. James B. Patrick 

Mary Kathleen Shuford Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Coleman 
Helen Stevens Forster '83 
Gabrielle Geher McCree '83 
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Moretz 

Starke Baken and Emma O'Mara 
Smith Memorial Scholarship 

Jane Frances Smith '37 

Annie Walker St. Clair Scholarship 

Margaret Moore Ripley '52 

Fannie B. Strauss Scholarship Fund 

Margaret Pollard Rea '46 

Donald D. Thompson Memorial 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Smith Jr. 
Tenneco Foundation 

Elizabeth Fleming Ast Wise 

Ruth Frazer Painter '33 

Non-Endowed Scholarships 

Jane B. FitzGerald Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

St. Giles Presbyterian Church 
Richmond, Virginia 

Hobbie Scholarship 

Warren W. Hobbie Charitable 
Trust (VFIC) 

Individual Scholarships 
AAUW - Staunton Chapter 
Abingdon High School 
Air Force Aid Society 
All Saints Scholarship Fund 
American Business Women's 

Appomatox County Education 

Foundation Inc. 
Arlington Police Beneficent Association 
Beta Sigma Phi Sororirj' 
Nannie Gar^' Blackwell 

Scholarship Fund 
Da\-id S. Blount Education Foundation 
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers 
Christ Episcopal Church 
Circuit City Foundation 
Citizens Scholar Foundation of America 
Commonwealth of Virginia 
Defense Mapping Federal Credit Union 
Education Testing Service 
Emmanuel Episcopal Church 
Episcopal Church Women 
Esterline Technologies 
First Presbyterian Church 
Glass High School 
Great Bridge High School 
Greenwood Sertoma Club 
Haines & Company Inc. 
Homestead Scholarship Fund 
Hot Springs Presbyterian Church 
IBM Watson Memorial Scholarship 

Jackson-Newcomb Scholarship 

Scholarships at Mary Baldv^in College 

have been instrumental in attracting 

and retaining good students. 

Alumnae, friends and parents continue 

to inspire and support individual 

recipients through their generous gifts 

this year to scholarship funds. 

Johns Hopkins Uni\-ersity 
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Jones 

Margaret Grabill Jones '33 
E.B. Kelley and E. Kelley Foundation 
Kiwanis Club of Marion 
Lafayette Educational Fund 
Lexington Women of the Moose 
Virginia D. Marks Scholarship 
Lucy E. Meiller Education 

Foundation Scholarship 
Morgan Student Aid Fund 

Navy-Marine Corps Scholarship 
owe Philanthropic 
Parent Advocates/Gifted Education 
Poplar Springs Baptist Church 
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 
Presbytery of Shenandoah 
Prince George Ruritan Club 
Princess Arme High School 
Richfood Educational Trust 
R. Wallace Rosen Trust 
Lonza L. Rush Scholarship 
School Board/City of Norfolk 
Horace Small Apparel Company 
Smyth Foundation 
South Cobb High School 
St. James Episcopal Church 
Staunton Education Association 
S^Tiod of the Trinity 
The Community Foundation 
Tidewater Scholarship Foundation 
Unitarian Universalist Association 
United Methodist Church 
United National Bank 
Veterans of Foreign Wars 
Virginia Annual Conference 
Virginia DECA Foundation 
Virginia Metalcrafters 
Warrenton Fauquier Jaycees 
Washington & Lee University 
Westmoreland Coal Co. & Perm 
Virginia Corporation Foundation 
Whiteland Community- High School 
Wilson Trucking Corporation 

Emily Wirsing Kelly Scholarship 

in Fine Arts 
Emily Wirsing Kelly Foundation 

(Timothy A. Kelly) 

VFIC Scholarship Fund 

Virginia Foundation for 
Independent Colleges 

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation 

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation 

The Annual Report 33 


Estate of Doris S. Ames 
Estate of William P. Ames, Jr. 
Estate of Harry V. Balcom 

Estate of Charles F. Cole 

Estate of Mary Ellen Davis 74 

Estate of Margaret Van Devanter Fancher 72 

Estate of James G. Leybum 

Estate of John S. Loving 

Estate of Edythe Alphm Moseley '37 

Estate of Jean Ruble '36 
Estate of W.E.Woolbright.Jr 

The Kiracofe Society 


Blanche Wysor Anderson '72 

Carole Lewis Anderson 

Laura McManaway Andrews '44 

Christiana Armstrong 'ii 

Ann E. Atwell '42 

Jo Avery '65 

Margaret Barrier '50 

Beverly E«tes Bates '64 

Sarah Warren Baynes '64 

Julia Carrington Bemis '64 

Charlotte Jackson Berry '51 

Marcia Williams Bohannon '71 

Dorothy Berry Bragonier '10 

Andrew J. Brent 

Ann Hayes Brewer '42 

Ann Cooke Britt '58 

Eleanore Eckel Brough '65 

Evelyn Chapman Brown '52 

Sarah Livingston Brown '63 

Su:anne Burch '61 

Elizabeth Pfohl and Edmund Campbell 

Peggy Anderson Carr '67 

Virginia Jordan Carroll '28 

Nancy Kunkle Carey '51 

George Ann Brown Carter '47 

Elizabeth Boyd Caskey '39 

Georgeanne Bates Chapman '68 

Vonceil L. Chapman '43 

Pamela P. Clark '88 

Lucile Jones Clyde '77 

Josephine Barkman Coleman '24 

Charlotte McCormick Collins '67 

Mary Jane Conger '73 

Margaret Schneider Conzett '34 

Abigail Robinson Coppock '69 

Margaret Garrett Corsa '53 

Mary C. Gould Coulboum '63 

Ann Alexander Crane '66 

Jane Reid Cunningham '59 

Fred G. Currey 

Sally Dorsey Danner '64 

Linda M. Dawe '69 

Bertie Murphy Deming '46 

Anne Ponder Dickson '61 

Liddy Kirkpatrick Doenges '63 (D) 

Laura Clausen Drum '56 

The Heritage Society has been renamed The Kiracofe Society 

in memory of Charlene Kiracofe '25 who died April 4, 1987. 

Through planned giving her estate gift was one of the largest 

ever received by Mary Baldwin College. The alumnae and 

friends listed below are hereby honored for naming 

Mary Baldwin College as beneficiary in their wills, life 

insurance policies, retirement plans, and/or trusts. 

Katherine Dyer Dudley '36 

Nancy Mayer Dunbar '60 

Mary Ellen Killinger Durham '66 

Ora Ehmling Ehmann '36 

Angelina Painter Eschauzier '68 

Leigh Yates Farmer '74 

Susan Train Fearon '69 

Annabelle Fetterman 

Margaret Rose Fiester '81 

Margaret Robertson Fohl '68 

Susanne Eve Fowlkes '64 

Jeanne Ashby Furrh '50 

Nancy Gilliam '38 

Sarah Yeatts Gormley '89 

Lindsay Ryland Gouldthorpe '73 

Dr. Thomas H. and Martha S. Grafton 

Jean C. Grainger '70 

Mary Agnes Grant '30 (D) 

Joyce A. Greig '41 

Linda Dolly Hammack '62 

Bonnie Wheeler Hanchett '46 

Frances Koblegard Harcus '50 

Jane Lee Harcus '79 

Ann Graham Hazzard '43 

Mabel Fetterman Held '76 

Sarah Head Hendricks '64 

Margaret Coffman Henry '20 

Jane Harcus Hill '79 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 

Carolyn Gilmer Hisley '60 

Jean M. Holliday '37 

Mary Cloud Hamilton 

Hollingshead '61 

Susan Baughman Homar '74 

Elizabeth Hiles Huebner '37 

Mary E. Humphreys 

Emily W. Hundley '47 

Shirley Haynes Hunter '24 

Martha Masters Ingles '69 

E. Lindsay Jones '69 

Margaret Grabill Jones '33 

Bonnie Kennedy Kant '74 

Louise Fowlkes Kegley '54 


Jessie Cover Kennedy '38 

Gail McLennan King '69 

Ivy S. Koster '67 

Constance Detrick Lamons '52 

Mildred J. Lapsley '39 

Frances Lawrence '77 

Roberta Wilson Lea '66 

Gladys Adams Link '43 

Lynn Dazet Lipsey '51 

Judith Easterly Lockridge '81 

Carey Goodwin Louthan '66 

Winifred Love '35 

Suzanne Maxson Maltz '75 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Martin, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Harvie Martin, Jr. 

Mary Williams Mathis '62 

Alice Wilson Matlock '47 

Anne B. McCormack '83 

Mr. and Mrs. Milton McMullan 

Don D. Montgomery 

Lisa R. Moore 

Ann Hunter Murray '54 

Harriett Seem Neff '32 

Jeannette Norfleet '68 

Dr. and Mrs. Maunce Nottingham, Ji 

(Ann Reid StricklanA 

Nottingham '56) 
Susan Pegram O'Gara '62 
Mary Bess Fitzhugh Oliff '36 
Alice Parson Paine '46 
Susan N. Palmer '67 
Dr. Frank R. Pancake 

(D) Indicates deceased. Esmie not settled. 

Dr. Beneta J. Peacock '46 
Anne P. Phillips '42 
Mary Biedler Piner '21 
Anne Poole '51 
Carol Paul Powell '78 
Mary Buckner Ragland '18 
Margaret Thorn Rawls '69 
Elizabeth L. Read-Connole '74 
Joanne M. Reich '88 
Barbara K. Roberts '73 
Nancy Nettleton Rood '45 
Raquel Fajardo Ross '36 
Emma Martin Rouse '65 
Jessie Cover Seay '38 
Robert S. Sergeant '75 
Ethel M. Smeak '53 
Anne Sims Smith '45 
Jane Frances Smith '37 
Dr. A. Erskine Sproul 
Janet Russell Steelman '52 
Elizabeth Engle Stoddard '60 
Edith A. Stotler '68 
Marjone K. Stuart '35 
Dorothy Redwood Sutherland 
Caroline Wood Sydnor '28 
Dr. Leslie W. Syron '42 
Emily Ramsey Thompson '26 
Alice Jones Thompson '40 
Betty Neisler Timberlake '45 
A. Jane Townes '69 
Frances Tullis '45 
Emily T. Tyler '63 
Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 
Ray Castles Uttenhove '68 
Jane Moudy Van Dragt '51 
Ann Lewis Vaughn '69 
Charlotte Vorwerk '57 
Judith L. Wade '69 
Deborah Dull Walker '75 
Nancy Rawls Watson '49 
Cecile Cage Wavell '45 
Harry W. Wellford 
Charlotte R. Wenger '83 
Elizabeth Bunting White '81 
Sara Ranson Woltman '38 
Claudia L. Woody '77 
Hilda Ziegler '40 


The Annual Report 



While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our donor lists, 

errors or omissions in this report may have occurred. 

We appreciate our donors' generosity, 

and we apologize for any inaccuracies in this list. 

Any corrections should be sent in writing to: 

Donna M. Boxley '89 

Assistant Director of Annual Fund Operations 

The Office of Institutional Advancement 

Mary Baldwin College 

Staunton, Virginia 24401 

conference titled, "Teaching, Theor>' 
&. Action: Women Working in a 
Global Context." Dr. Ganieie also 
served as coordinator of a task force on 
iA.dult Learner Outcomes as part of an 
assessment project by Alliance. Alli- 
ance is an association for alternative 
degree programs for adults. 

Dr. Stevens Garlick, director of the 
.-\DP center at PV'CC, participated in 
a "Learn from Success" seminar 
sponsored by the National University 
Continuing Education Association 
(NUCHA). Dr. Garlick is MBC's 
institutional representative to the 
NUCHA. The "Learn from Success" 
seminar was held in May at Oregon 
State University. Participants from 
around the country were introduced 
to the complex administrative and 
technical issues of adopting "distance 
learning" into the contemporary 

Dr. Michael Gentry, associate professor 
of mathematics, participated in a fractal 
geometry workshop this summer at the 
University' of Mar^dand at College Park. 

Assistant Professor of Art Paul Ryan 
exhibited his paintings in a five-person 
invitational exhibit at the Santord 
Gallerv" of Clarion University in Pennsyl- 
vania in March and .A.pril, 1994. 

Dr. Roderic Owen, ADP professor of 
philosophy, served as director the 
cultural itmnersion program at MBC 
this summer. The program is for 
students from Shiga Women's College, 
located near Kyoto, Japan. This summer 
Dr. Owen was appointed to the board of 
directors of the Staunton/ Augusta 
County Mediation Center. 

Instructor of Theatre Rick Seyford 
served as director of the ShensmArts 
April 1994 production of Smoke on the 

Theatre Instructor Rick Se\'ford and 
Audio Visual Ser\'ices Director Bill 
Betlej coordinated and served as 
instructors for the second annual 
Virginia Foundation for the Humanities 
Film and Video Seminar held at MBC 
last summer. The two-week seminar was 
for Virginia priman' and secondary" 
school teachers. 

Dr. Lundy Pentz, associate professor of 
biology, directed the 1994 Young 
Women in Science program on campus 
in July and August. Forty-two young 
women from Virginia attended the two- 
week program. 

Dr. Elizabeth Hairfield, professor of 
chemistr^s attended the American 
Chemical Society meeting in Washing- 
ton, DC, in August. 

Associate Professor of Education Dr. 
Patricia Westhafer presented an 
introduction to the 4-MAT system 
workshop for middle school teachers in 
Stuarts Draft, VA. She also attended a 
made a presentation at the 4-^'IAT 
renewal conference in Chicago this 
summer. Dr. Westhafer presented a 
workshop on the "4-MAT Model to 
Teach All Kids" during Professional 
Development Day for Staunton, 
Waynesboro and Augusta County" 
school teachers. 

Instructor of German Susan L. 
Thompson spent the sum^mer in 
Germany arranging the upcoming stay 
of PEG German students. While in 
Germany, Ms. Thompson attended a 
two-week seminar sponsored by the 
Association of German Teachers 
(AATG). The seminar focused on 
East Germany since unification. In 
August, Ms. Thompson participated 
in a three-day training seminar for 
German teachers. The seminar was 
sponsored by the Goethe House in 
New York Citv- 


Assistant Professor of Art Paul Ryan's 
critical review, "Kevin McGrath: 
Drawings and Paintings," was published 
in the July/ August 1994 issue of Art 
Papers. Mr. Ryan and his wife Dinah 
coauthored an interview with Robert 
Storr, curator of painting and sculpture at 
the Museum of Modem Art in New York 
City. The paper was published in the 
March/April 1994 issue of Art Papers. 

Dr. Laura van Assendelft, assistant 
professor of political science, published 
her paper, "Agenda Setting at the State 
Level: The Neutralization of Entrepre- 
neurial Politics in Virginia's Land Use 
Initiative," in the September, 1994 
issue of Southeastern Political Ren'eu'. 

Dr. Ruth E. Chodrow, adjunct assistant 
professor of biology', published an article 
on the development of her pet housecall 
veterinary business in the August, 1994 
issue of Veterinar>' Economics. Hei article 
was first runner-up in a national competi- 
tion sponsored by the magazine. 


Mary Ann Kasselmann resigned her 
position as MBC athletics director to 
enter the graduate program in physical 
therapy at the University' of Kentucky. 
Ms. Kasselmarm joined the MBC 
athletic staff in 1982. She ser\-ed as 
coach of the volleyball, basketball and 
swimming teams and was named 
director of athletics in 1984- 

In addition to her duties as Dean of 
Students, Dr. Heather Wilson was 
named acting director of the Virginia 
Women's Institute for Leadership 
program this summer. 

Naoko Yamamoto was hired as instruc- 
tor of Japanese. 


Founders' Day 

Founders Day J 994 

MBC celebrates 152 years of academic excellence 

The 1994 Founders' Day celebration ushered in a new academic 
year already marked with achievements. Mary Baldwin began 
the 1994 academic year with record enrollment numbers includ- 
ing 301 new students. The college was ranked 5th in the top ten 
southern regional liberal arts colleges in the September U.S. 
News & World Report's Americas Best Colleges. 

]ackie Nicholas '85 , Sabrina Rakes '94 and Alumnae Associa- 
tion President Sally Armstrong Bingley '60 enjoy themselves at 
the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace cocktail party during the jail 
Leadership Weekend. 

Anne Miller '54 accepted the Spencer Pitcher on behalf of her 
class , which raised its Annual Fund participation rate 22 percent 
over last year. 

Founders' Day 1994 was a true celebration ot MBC's con- 
tinued heritage of academic excellence. Founders' Day is cel- 
ebrated annually on the Friday closest to the October 4 
birthday of Mary Julia Baldwin. 

Mary Julia Baldwin headed the school from 1863 until her 
death in 1897. As one of the school's first female philanthro- 
pists, Miss Baldwin is remembered for a 34-year tenure which 
brought the school a permanent endowment and an aca- 
demically challenging course of study. 

Also honored at Founders' Day is Dr. Rufus Bailey, a min- 
ister and graduate of Dartmouth College and Andover Theo- 
logical Seminary, who opened the school as Augusta Female 
Seminary in 1842. Bailey organized the school with the support 
of Presbyterian churches in Staunton and Augusta County. 

MBC Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Lundy Pentz pre- 
sented the Founders' Day address. Dr. Pentz has served on the 
MBC faculty since 1980, and he directs the college's annual 
Young Women in Science summer program. 

During the Founders' Day celebration seniors were in- 
vested by MBC President Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson. Other 
events held during the MBC's Founders' Day and Leadership 
Weekend included Parents Day and meetings of the MBC 
Alumnae Association, Advisory Board of Visitors and Par- 
ents Council. 

The following Founders' Day Convocation Honors were pre- 
sented by Dean of the College Dr. James Lott: 

Margarett Kahle Russell Award 

Russell Scholar for 1994-95 
Danica Jamison '95 

Endowed by the MBC Alumnae Association and Board of 
Trustees, this award honors the late Margarett Kable Russell. 
It is awarded annually by vote of the faculty to a member of 
the junior or senior class who is outstanding for academic 
attainments, high character, and quality of life or service on 
campus. The stipend supports a scholarly project undertaken 
during the senior year. 

Ms. Jamison's project consists of a series of creative writing 
workshops for the participants in the Staunton After School 
Homework Program at the Booker T. Washington Commu- 
nity Center. Students will improve writing skills, complete 
self portraits and work as a team on a mural project. Dean of 
the College Dr. James Lott said Ms. Jamison's project is a 
"wonderful combination ot education, creation and outreach." 


Marguerite Hillhouse Scholars 

Class of 1995, ]o Marie Osmer 
Class of 1996, Laura McCallum 
Class of 1997, Theodora Clark 

Named in honor of Miss Marguerite Hillhouse, who served 
the college as dean of admissions and registrar prior to her re- 
tirement in 1970, these scholarships are given to the return- 
ing students who attained the highest cumulative grade point 
averages in their respective class for the previous year. 

Annual Fund Awards 

During the Founders' convocation the 1993-94 Annual Fund 
Awards were presented by Dawn Martin Blankinship '82, 
chair of the Alumnae Board Annual Giving Committee: 

Classmates Dr.Sara Nair James, MBC assistant professor of art, 
and Betsy Mason accepted the Lewis Platter on behalf of their 
class. The Class of J 969 raised their Annual Fund contributions 
$18,475 over last year. 

The Lewis Platter 

Class of 1969 

The Lewis Platter is presented to the class recording the 
largest increase in Annual Fund giving over the previous 
year. The Class of 1969 raised their total Annual Fund 
contributions $18,475 over the 1992-93 year. 

The Jarman Cup 

Class of 1949 

The Jarman Cup is presented to the class with the highest 
percentage of Annual Fund participation. Sixty-five percent 
of the Class of 1949 gave to the 1993-94 Annual Fund. 
Nancy Blakely accepted the award on behalf of her class. 

Dean of the College Dr. James Lott and his wife Pam share a 
laugh with Alison Wenger Boone '77 (center) at the Woodrow 
Wilson Birthplace reception. 

The Spencer Pitcher 

Class of 1954 

The Spencer Pitcher is presented to the class with the 
greatest increase in Annual Fund participation. The Class of 
1954 raised their participation level from 39 percent in 1992- 
93 up to 61, percent in 1993-94. Anne Miller accepted the 
award for her classmates. 

The Fraser Bowl 

Class of 1946 

The Fraser Bowl is presented to the class contributing the 
largest total Annual Fund gift. The Class of 1946 raised 
$61,476 for the 1993-94 Annual Fund. 

Nancy Blakely '49 accepted the Jarman Cup award for the Class 
of 1949, which had a 65 percent participation rate in the 1993- 
94 Annual Fund. 


Founders' Day 

'The Idea of a College' Founders Day Speech J 994 ^ven 
b;y Dr. Lundy Pentz, associate professor ofhiolo^ 

Founders' Day often focuses on the role of 
Rufus Bailey and Mary Julia Baldwin in es- 
tablishing the college as a successful busi- 
ness, but consider the peculiar nature of this 
business. Here we all sit, students and fac- 
ulty, wearing robes of a type that were 
quaint and odd five centuries ago. While 
many businesses feel the desirability of some 
sort of uniform for the staff, the problem is 
usually solved more simply. We 
could, for example, issue baseball 
caps with squirrels on them to all 
faculty. Why, instead, these cum 
bersome, hot, and expensive rel- 
ics of Renaissance Europe? 
Because, I would propose, they 
are visible symbols of the fact 
that we are no ordinary business, 
no commonplace institution, but 
inheritors and interpreters of one 
of the grandest of human ideas - 
the idea of a college. 

People have always been 
trained for jobs. During the last 
Ice Age, you could have majored 
in mammoth hunting or root 
gathering, trained by the more 
experienced members of the clan. 
The final exams were graded unmercifully - 
those who learned, got food; those who 
didn't, became food for something else. 
Later, as ways of making a living became 
more complex and varied, the training pro- 
cess became so also, reaching full develop- 
ment in the apprentice/joumeyman/master 
system. This system, still with us in many 
ways, has a noble history of producing 
skilled and proud practitioners of the essen- 
tial arts and crafts of civilization. But the 
system itself, by its very efficiency, produced 
people with leisure time, and the way some 
chose to employ that time was in the pur- 
suit of a very different thing from practical 

To the medieval towns they flocked, to 
these new things they called the Universi- 
ties. They sold their clothes for parchment 
and quills and covered themselves with the 
rusty black robes of the lower clergy, till 
then the only people occupied with books. 

They learned not trades hut thoughts - at 
first merely reciting the thoughts of dead 
Greeks but gradually creating thoughts from 
their own minds and finally discovering the 
richness and insight that came from ex- 
changing and arguing these thoughts in the 
community of scholars. The effect on their 
minds was immense. They were liberated 
into a world of infinite possibility. 

Dr. Lundy Petit; presented the 1994 Founders' Day speech 

The freedom to think thoughts, to ask 
possibly useless questions, to explore ideas 
without the practical constraints of the 
trades was liberating, but it was also danger- 
ous; the University was in danger of becom- 
ing a refuge for hopeless eccentrics, a home 
for useless and self-absorbed dilettantes. 
Here, in the expanding but intensely practi- 
cal New World, would there be any place 
for such institutions? 

Our neighbor over the mountain, Mr. 
Jefferson, had a clear vision of one place for 
such an institution. He saw the liberating 
power of such an education as a vital ingre- 
dient in producing the kind of citizens that 
would use their power wisely. He also saw 
no difficulty in introducing the study of 
such practical subjects as medicine into the 
"pure" curriculum of the renaissance univer- 
sities. The renewed dignity of the skilled 
professional in the new republic seemed to 
remove the taint of practicality. Gradually 

the mixture of practical and classical train- 
ing came to be characteristic of the Ameri- 
can approach. The reason for the mixture, 
however, and therefore the way the two were 
balanced, was undecided and shifting. 

There were profound changes in society 
and economics during the 19th century, and 
these changes led American colleges to 
identify themselves in constantly changing 
ways: now training grounds for 
missionaries, now finishing schools 
to teach correct social behavior, 
now preparatory schools to provide 
students to professional programs 
such as medical and law schools. 
But what were they truly? What 
was their real mission? The classic 
definition of the question, and a 
vigorous analysis of some answers, 
came from across the Atlantic, 
from one of the best minds o{ the 
1 ^th century, from John Henry 
Newman. Newman had only re- 
cently converted from 
Anglicanism to the Roman Catho- 
lic Church, and his elevation to 
the College of Cardinals was far in 
the future, when in 1852 he gave a 
series of addresses to the faculty and stu- 
dents of the Catholic University of Dublin, 
of which he was rector. Later, he published 
the collection under the title "The Idea of a 
University." The series was prompted partly 
by debates, both inside and outside the Uni- 
versity, about just what its mission really 
was and whether it was pursuing this in a 
coherent way. (Such questions, of course, 
never need to be asked at an institution like 
ours!) Part of the issue was the relation of 
the Church to the institution - the proper 
role of religion in the liberal arts - and 
though it is an important topic in a Presby- 
terian institution like MBC as well as in a 
Catholic one like the University of Dublin, 
it is a topic I will pass over in favor of the 
other main issue Newman addressed. 

This issue was what Newman described 
as the "charge brought against its studies... 
[of]... their remoteness from the occupations 
and duties of life, to which they are the for- 


mal introduction, or in other words, their in- 
utilit\." h\ short, Newman's concern was with 
those who accused the liberal arts of being 
useless dabbling suitable only for the idle rich. 
He did not disagree, nor should we, that they 
could very well be reduced to that. In tact, he 
witheringly criticized the state of the English 
institutions of the time, describing their stu- 
dents who "are forced to load their minds 
with a score of subjects against an examina- 
tion, who have too much on their hands to 
indulge themselves in thinking." 

The alternative, in Newman's day and, I 
would argue, in our own, is what Newman 
described as the view that "Education should 
be confined to some particular and narrow 
end, and should issue in some definite work, 
which can be weighed and measured." 
Those who hold this view ask "what there is 
to show for the expense of a University; what 
Ls the real worth in the market of the article 
called a "liberal education.'" The 20th century 
has seen the rise of business coOeges, voca- 
tional-technical schools, and community col- 
leges whose prevailing philosophy is precisely 
this utilitarian view of education. 

The utilitarian view, in its pure form, 
was bound up with the idea that a male 
child must be directed into, and trained for, 
a career his father has chosen for him - in 
Locke's phrase, "that course of life that he is 
designed to." Women's education was, of 
course, a future development for Locke and 
a relative novelt\' even for Newman. The 
American utilitarian institutions, likewise, 
were designed tor male students. Women's col- 
leges, perhaps because of the narrow range 
of careers open to women at the time, en- 
joyed greater freedom in their curricular de- 
cisions. Some, it is true, became little more 
than finishing schools. But others took a 
higher road. They inherited the respect for 
the practical that characterised the male in- 
stitutions, but they were not dominated by 
it. In my 1905 Maty Baldwin Seminary 
catalogue, 1 find that there was a School of 
Business and Bookkeeping, and the latest 
technology was in use - a Smith Premier 
Typewriter. Even the Literary Department 
offered instruction in dictationi The music 
department offered extensive instruction in 
organ, reflecting another career option for 
church women. But at the same time, they 
read Chaucer and Spenser, studied differen- 
tial and integral calculus, and used the 
chemistr\' text written by Ira Remsen of 
Johns Hopkins Universit^■ - for everyone 

graduating from the college! Why was this 
mixture of the utilitarian education and the 
liberal education undertaken: Examining 
this old catalogue for an answer, 1 was 
struck by a brief statement of what they 
meant to do. In place of our modem lists of 
the many characteristics of an educated 
woman, this old catalogue has a single, 
simple statement of the outcome of a Mary 
Baldwin education - and the single adjec- 
tive chosen is "strong." The purpose of the 
college is to "turn out women strong in 
mind, body, and in character"! I am sure I 
detect some anticipation of the horrified 
male reaction to that choice of words be- 
cause they are immediately followed by the 
reassuring qualifier "yet gentle and refined." 

Meanwhile, as the enterprise of women's 
education develops during this centur>', how 
are the overtly utilitarian institutions faring? 
At best, variably. As might be predicted in 
the rapidly changing world of the 20th cen- 
tury-, the programs that were the most spe- 
cialized, the most clearly utilitarian, were 
the least successful. Programs like these are 
closing, or else modifj'ing themselves to be 
closer and closer to the blend of liberal and 
practical education Jefferson env isioned. 

All too often, however, Jefferson's blend 
of liberal and practical education becomes a 
hybrid monstrosity that embodies the woist 
qualities of both. The practical schools in a 
university', for exam^ple, tend to be isolated 
and self-absorbed. The "Har\'ard Business 
School way" has become a well-knowTi 
joke, if a rather expensive one. The liberal 
studies, usually concentrated in a tradition- 
ally poveny'-stricken school called Arts and 
Sciences, indulge in all the worst sorts of 
ivory-tower excesses, as if in reaction. Stu- 
dents are caught in the middle of these 
competing faculties. The dismal result of all 
this is that most college students graduate 
with too little really practical training and 
too shcillow a liberal education as well. Frus- 
trated employers - and bankrupt parents - 
throw up their hands in dismay at the fail- 
ure of higher education in America. In 
some circles the current fashion is to ac- 
knowledge the worthlessness of this enter- 
prise and attempt to reduce the damage by 
cutting the time and semester hours and 
facult\" required to complete a college de- 
gree. Presumably someone will eventually 
notice the low ccst of merely printing diplomas. 

I would suggest that all is not lost, how- 
ever, and that we happen to be in one of 

those happy places where our particular his- 
tory and our present experience permit us - 
sometimes, at our best - to come close to 
the ideal. The "strong-minded" woman we, 
1 hope, still aim to produce is not content 
either with useless dabbling or with nar- 
rowly practical application. 1 like to think 
that the Mary Baldwin graduate of 1905 
would not be one bit dismayed to find that 
her job required her to use another type- 
writer than the Smith Premier she trained 
on. 1 even imagine that if she could some- 
how be given a computer, she would in time 
master it. 1 picture her making use, in the 
process, of the experimental method she 
learned in science, the logic she learned in 
math, and, no doubt, some of the moral vir- 
tues she learned in religion and philosophy. 

Because we - at our best - see what we 
do as a single thing, because we are one col- 
lege and not many schools in a university, 
we can not only avoid the rife between the 
practical and the libeial arts, we can 
achieve a synthesis of them. To do so is not 
to take the easy path. To be practically lib- 
eral, so to speak, we must subject our most 
cherished specialties to the tests of rel- 
evance and appropriateness. We must be 
self-critical in a way that too few liberal arts 
institutions are. To be liberally practical, we 
must be no less critical, demanding that our 
practical skills be deep and substantial, ad- 
dressing fundamentals rather than the 
changing superticialities. We do not always 
succeed in this, as an institution or as indi- 
viduals, but it is infinitely worth trying. 

This synthesis is what 1 would call the 
Idea of a College. I believe it was implicit in 
this institution from its begiiming and 
known to its founders, whom we honor to- 
day. The degree to which we succeed as a 
college will not be determined by the wis- 
dom of our trustees, the leadership of our 
administrators, or even the scholarship, 
love, and labors of our faculty; it will be de- 
termined by the lives of you who are our 
students. If we have done well by you se- 
niors, you will soon go out, as strong women, 
to apply your practical skills, guided by the 
life of the mind your liberal education has 
awakened. If - and only if - you do that, we 
will know that future years will see new 
groups of people here, wearing these same 
awkward, ancient robes, working out in 
their own, new ways the old discovery that 
the life of the mind and the acts of the will 
can, and should, be one. 


Alumnae News 

Kathleen Dickinson Outstanding ADP Graduate for 1 994 

hy Roussie Woodruff '91 ADP 

There is a sign just before entering 
Buena Vista, VA, that reads "6002 
happy citizens, 3 old grouches." On 
commencement day last May, Kathy 
Dickinson was one of Buena Vista's 
happiest citizens. Not only had she 
completed the college education she 
had started at 18 and stopped, not 
only was she graduating magna cum 
laude, she was also, to her great 
shock, named the ADP Outstanding 
Graduate for 1994. 

It is a sign of Kathy 's modesty that 
when James McPherson, then ADP 
director, began reading the qualities of 
the outstanding ADP graduate, she was 
pleased to hear it was another psychol- 
ogy major who would also be moving 
on to the master's program at James 
Madison University. When she heard 
the award winner was also from Buena 
Vista, she thought, "1 know people from 
Buena Vista." Half way through the 
speech, when she heard the student had 
run for the Buena Vista City Council 
and was a member of Rockbridge 
Habitat for Humanity, she suddenly 
recognized herself. She was the out- 
standing graduate. 

For all her accomplishments at Mary 
Baldwin, Kathy entered the Adult 
Degree Program only after she had 
spent a year studying at Southern 
Seminary College in Buena Vista and 
determined that her brains "still 
worked." She had her doubts about 
them after several years of motherhood 
and tedious office jobs. Her success at 
Southern Sem gave her enough 
confidence that, while working for a 
local lawyer as a secretary/paralegal, she 
thought, "I could be a lawyer." 

Kathy entered Mary Baldwin in 1991 
as a psychology major, although she 
intended right up until her senior year 

to continue on to law school. The prep 
course for the LSAT persuaded her she 
no longer wanted to be a lawyer for the 
rest of her life. Since she liked working 
with people, in particular with teenag- 
ers, she applied to JMU's graduate 
program in school psychology and 
community agency counseling. She was 
quickly accepted. "If you're an attor- 
ney," she said, "they call you counselor. 
Now I am going to be a counselor." 

Outstanding graduate nominees must 
show commitment to Mary Baldwin 
College and to the larger community. 
Kathy served the college as secretary ot 
Psi Chi, the psychology honorary 
society. She served her community by 
running for the Buena Vista City 
Council, by being volunteer chair ot 
the Buena Vista Parks and Recreation 
Commission, and by becoming a 
member of the Rockbridge Habitat for 
Humanity. As part of one of her MBC 
courses she volunteered as an intake 
interviewer for the Rockbridge Free 
Clinic. She enjoyed it so much, she 
stayed on past the 20-hour requirement 
of her course. In her final semester at 

Kathleen Dickinson '94 ADP 

Mary Baldwin she volunteered at the 
Blue Ridge Community College 
Women's Resource Center and, in the 
words of someone who knows her work 
there well, "confirmed the picture of 
MBC's wonderful adult students in the 
minds of all who have been associated 
with her." 

People who accomplish a great deal 
put the rest of us in awe. Kathy said her 
secret was to do something toward each 
task every day, even if only for 10 or 15 
minutes. She found her two children, 
Adam and Erin, were willing to wait 
until later for her full attention if she 
took immediate short breaks from her 
work when they needed her. She 
managed to eat lunch with Adam at his 
school twice a week and went on field 
trips when she could. She learned to ask 
her children for help, and she included 
them and her husband as much as 
possible in her education. "I couldn't 
have done it without my family's 
support," she said. 

The most difficult aspect, Kathy 
found, of returning to college when 
you're past 18 and you're carrying adult 
responsibilities is accommodating all 
your roles. "I tried to find a balance 
among all the different hats I had to 
wear," Kathy said. "I was a wife, 
mother, student, and had to find time 
for myself." Her balancing act was 
good enough to convince her youngest 
sister to return to nursing school and 
her daughter Erin, a sixth grader, to 
aim for college. 

Kathy Dickinson repeats something 
often heard from ADP graduates. "Mary 
Baldwin gave me hope. I am so grateful 
for getting a second chance." She wants 
all current and potential ADP students 
to know, "You don't have to be stuck in 
one slot for the rest of your life." You 
don't have to be one of those three 
Buena Vista grouches. 


World War I Xar\ Veteran Mtinon Wicks Freymann '12, dies 

by Jarvis M. Freymann 

Marion Wicks Freymann, a Naval 
veteran ot World War I and member of 
the Mary Baldwin Class of 1912, died 
October 3, 1994, at the age of 102. She 
was a long-time resident of Omaha, NE, 
and Chapel Hill, NC. She most 
recently lived in a convalescent facility' 
in Avon, CT. 

Bom in Los r\ngeles on January IS, 
1892, hlis. Freymann spent her child- 
hood years in Texas and attended Mary 
Baldwin from 1909 to 1912. Following 
a brief flirtation with the New York 
theater, she enlisted In the Navy in 
1917. She spent the remainder of 
World War I as a chief petty officer in 
the newly established Office of Naval 
InteUigence in Philadelphia. 

While stationed in Pbdladelphia Mrs. 
Freymann was featured in her parents' 
hometown newspaper, the Spokane 
CkTonide. The June, 1918 story 
recorded her appointment as a chief 
petty officer and quoted her, "I was not 
satisfied twifi doing my bit" she says, ivith 
emphasis. "I wanted to do my utmost for 
die coimtfy m this cri^. I have two 

~'^j£" \iarioin Wicks 
;-:-juII of 1918. 

brothers in the service . 
and when they come 
home I want to look 
them in the face and 
say that I too have 
done my duty for our 

In 1919 Marion 
Wicks Freymann 
married Dr. John 
Freymann, a U.S- 
Navy surgeon. Fol- 
lowing their dis- 
charge from the ser- 
vice, the couple 
settled in Omaha - 
Mrs. Freymann wa- 
very active in civic 
social and cultura. 
affairs in Omaha. 

When her hus- 
band returned to ac- 
tive service as a cap- 
tain in the U.S. 
Navy Medical 
Corps during World 
War II, Mrs. Frey- 
mann lived briefly 
in Northampton, 
MA. At the age of 
52 she audited several courses at 
Smith College. She later moved to 
N'ew York Cit^' and became active in 
Navy Relief. Following the war, she 
md Dr. Freymann returned to Omaha, 
• here they remained until his death 
u-i 1964. 

Always a voracious reader and keen 
student of European history, Mrs. 
Freymarm. traveled extensively through- 
out her long and colorful lifetime. She 
acquired a circle of acquaintances 
including Thomas Mann, Mrs. Grace 
CooUdge, President and Mrs. Franklin 
D. Roosevelt, Helen Keller and Gene 
Tunney. She moved to Chapel Hill in 
1967 and lived there until moving to 
Connecticut in 1991. 

Marion Wicks Freymann at her IQOth birthday party on 
January 18, 1992. 

In recent years, Mrs. Freymann 
pursued her interests in genealogy and 
world events. A staunch Democrat, 
she prided herself on having cast a 
ballot in every U.S. election held 
since American women won the right 
to vote. 

Mrs. Freymarm is survived by her 
three sons Dr. John Gordon Freymann 
of Avon, CT; Dr. Moye Wicks 
Freymarm of Chapel Hill, NC; and 
Jarvis M. Freymann of Scituate, MA. 
She is also survived by 10 grandchil- 
dren and eight great grandchildren. 
Mrs. Fre>Tnann was buried with full 
military honors and rests beside her 
husband in the U.S. National Cemetery 
in Arlington, VA. 


Alumnae News 

Prodding friends prompt Vaught to open Gallery V 

hy Amy Tyler 

Gallery V owner Lori Vaught credits 
persistent friends with providing the 
final nudge toward opening her own 

"1 have always wanted to open my 
own gallery," says Vaught. "Friends 
would call me and ask me, 'When?' I 
would say 'When I have enough money, 
when I have the right space.'" 

After realizing that there was no 
perfect moment, Vaught converted her 
warehouse apartment into a gallery in 
October of 1992. Artwork was inter- 
spersed among her home furnishings on 
sheetrock walls. In search of more wall 
space, Vaught moved to a second 
apartment before finding her current 
location on Peter's Street. 

Rising out of Castleberry Hill (best 
known for its renovated warehouses), 
Gallery V's turquoise building with an 
ornate iron grate still acts as home and 
business to Vaught. Artwork dominates 
the ground floor; the only furnishings 
are a small table and vase of flowers. 
Upstairs, though, comfortable furnish- 
ings and antiques are the rule. "There is 
a warm feel to the space," she says. "It 
is not intimidating." 

Vaught describes her gallery as a 
vehicle for young, emerging artists to 
exhibit solo, a feat that would be 
difficult in a larger, more commercial 

She displays mixed media, including 
sculpture, photography and painting — 
most in the contemporary vein. Artists 
are culled from local art schools, her 
own research and by word-of-mouth. 
With exhibits rotating monthly, the 
affable Vaught finds turning away 
artists is perhaps the most difficult part 
of her job. 

"There are ways to distance yourself," 
she maintains. "Instead of visiting the 
artist personally and putting yourself on 

Luri Vaught '.So with a collection in Gallery V. 

the spot, 1 may ask them to send slides 
so that I view all the work together." 

A 1986 graduate of Mary Baldwin 
College, Vaught studied studio art and 
art history, before deciding to be "on 
the other end" during her senior year. 
While assembling her senior art show, 
she found herself more interested in the 
show itself than in the work she had 
made. "I found that I was really good at 
grouping things, hanging and produc- 
ing," she says. 

She also attended a few classes in 
gallery management at the Atlanta 
College of Art to bolster her technical 
knowledge of gallery operation. 

Vaught explains that it is often 
difficult for artists to market themselves 
successfully. "Most are very modest 
about their work," says Vaught. "Once 1 
had an artist who almost decided not to 
come to the opening." 

The prices for the works on display are 
moderate — beginning at approximately 
$35 and rarely surpassing $ 1 ,000. The 
idea is to keep the work affordable. 

While Gallery V is an enjoyable 
business for Vaught, it's not a particu- 
larly profitable one. To make ends 
meet, she holds down a full-time job 
as a showroom manager for Westgate 
at Atlanta Decorative Arts 
Center. The gallery is only open on 
weekends or by appointment. 

Vaught sinks much of her income 
into the Gallery, designing logos and 
sending out invitations. Eventually, she 
says, she would like to see Gallery V 
become self-supporting. 

Vaught is among a growing number 
of artists who are making Castleberry 
Hill their home. While she recognizes 
that the area is out of mainstream 
traffic, she defends her choice of 
location. "I like that it is different," she 
says. "People seem to really like it once 
they make the trek." 

This article is reprinted with the permission 
of the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Ms. 
Tyler is a former staff writer with the 


14-day Luxury Air/Sea Cruise Aboard the Pacific Princess 
June 5 to June 18 $3,195 (until December 12, 1994) 

Join in deck ganies or sit back and relax dunng the day. 

At night enjoy outstanding entertainment at the most 

exciting nightspots afloat. Music, comedy and dancing 

on the Pacific Pnncess have been given a five-star 

rating by Fielding's Worldwide Cruises guide. 

Barcelona, Spain 
Embark the Pacific Princess 

Mallorca, Spain 

Captain's Welcome Reception 

Cannes(Monte Carlo) 


Livomo (Florence/Pisa) 


Kusadasi (Ephesus) 

Katakolon (Olympia) 

Cruise the Adriatic Sea 

Wmp AddttionAl uBfiovasAtton, please caU 900-294-0900 

Waterways of Holland 

12-daij deluxe holiday featuring a seven-night cndse 
June 29 to July 10 S2,o99 

Oq MDATs popular Watenrays of Holland, you will discover the Netherlands at one of the loveliest times of the year. 
Cruise aboard a privately chartered ship past mndmilU that turn lazily in breezes redolent m\k springtime. Then it's on to 

Belgium and its crown jewel, Brussels. 

Cruise the intricate canals and waterways on the M.6. Olympia, exclusively chartered to 
ensure passenger comfort convenience and personal attention. 

For travelers who prefer professionally escorted sightseeing, MDAV offers an array of optional tours, 
including the Bruges Tour and ¥orld War II Tour. 

•^or additional infonnation, please call 800-234-6900 


Chapters In Action 

Chapter Events 

(Staunton, VA 

Over 50 alumnae attended the 8th Ham to Jam Luncheon held in April in the Lyda B. Hunt Dining Hall on campus. Assis- 
tant Director of Admissions Rebekah Conn '93 and Sylvia Baldwin '76 updated alumnae on admission statistics and chapter 
highlights. Baldwin Charm, the student a cappella group, performed during the luncheon. 

Assistant Director of Admissions Rebekah Conn '93 ami Sylvia 
Baldwin '76 updated alumnae on admission statistics at the 8th 
Ham to jam Luncheon . 

Joan Dove Wray '57 , Nancy Payne Dahl '56 and Dana Flanders 
'82 attended the Ham to }am Luncheon in April. 

The 1994 Theater Wagon's Marian Stanley Wilkinson Acting Award for Allie Rounds was presented to Mitzi Lesher '95. Mitzi 
performed Allie Rounds three times in May at Baldwin Park Retirement Community, at Sunnyside Presbyterian Retirement 
Community and during Homecoming activities. Allie Rounds, a one-woman play by Barbara Allan Hite '58, is based on the 
diary of a woman who taught at the Augusta Female Seminary during the Civil War. 

Mitzi Lesher '95 was especially honored to perform Allie Rounds 
before (l-r) Allie's great-grandson John M. Irvine, Jr. and Allie 's 
grandson John M. Iri;ine. 

Dean Emerita Martha S. Grafton speaks with Allie Rounds' 
grandson John M. Irvine after the Allie Rounds performance at 
Sunnyside Retirement Community. 


Alumnae Board members, Student Alumnae Partnership members 
and Mary Baldwin staff members pose in their "Seniors Go 
Hollywood" attire. 

Parent's Council members Vickie Hill Howland (I) and Jackie 
Riddle Davidson '64 (r) are greeted by "Dolly," also known as 
Jennifer Sowers, MBC's Director of Volunteers . 

During Spring Leadership Weekend in March, the Alumnae Association and Student Alumnae Partnership sponsored the 
1994 Senior Dinner — "Seniors Go Hollywood." Featured speaker, actress Karen Austin '72, brought a little Holl'^'wood to 
seniors, alumnae and staff who attended. Ms. Austin also presented an acting workshop during Leadership Weekend. 

Doanoke, VA 

Helen McHenr^' Vogel '64 hosted a cocktail party in her home this summer for area alumnae. Twenty-five alumnae and 
friends were entertained by Eliiabeth Brandon '95 in her last performance of AHie Rounds. Alumnae who helped plan the 
event included Judy Lipes Garst '63, Gretchen "Gale" Palmer Perm '63 and Anne Nimmo Dixon '64. 

Richmond, VA 

Co-chairs Kimberly Baker Glenn '79 and R. J. Landin Loderick '86 and 1 1 alumnae planned and hosted Tulips and Juleps V 
in Richmond this April. MBC alumnae gathered at the Woman's Club to share spirits, hors d'oeuvres and tunes with friends, 
family, trustees and MBC staff. 

MBC President Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 
talks with Mr. Robert Morrison and Mrs . 
True Luck at the Tidips and Juleps event in 

Melissa Wehyer Saunders '8 J arid her 
husband Rob visited with Kimberly Baker 
Glenn '79 and her husband Charles at 
Tulips and Juleps . 

Stephanie Baker '91 and Maureen 
Cullather '91 attended Tulips and Juleps to 
leam more about the Richmond Alumnae 


Chapters In Action 

Hampton, VA 

Hampton area alumnae, Alumnae Board members and 
friends gathered at the home of Susan Thorn Marr '73 for 
"Cocktails on the Bay" in July. Letia McDaniel Drewry '78 
helped plan the event and over 30 alumnae attended. 
In April, Dorothy Beals Ballew '53 coordinated a lun- 
cheon in honor of President Cynthia H. Tyson's visit to 
Johnson City. 

Richard Marr, husband of Susan Thorn Marr '73, greets alumna 
Ein)7U7 Padgett Fitzhugh '40 during the Hampton ahimnae et'eni. 

Houston, TA 

Kelly Andrews Coselli '85, former Houston Alumnae 
Chapter leader, hosted a dinner for 20 alumnae at her home. 
MBC Director of Volunteers Jennifer Sowers and Assistant 
Director of Admissions Rebekah Conn '93 presented an 
MBC update and admissions report. 

Kelly Aridrews Coselli '85 (center) recruits some help in the 
kitchen for an alumnae event at her home, (left) Leslie Lewis 
Cranberry '84 and (right) Tomi Holsopple Shmaisaui '84 help 
prepare some goodies . 

Emily Dethloff Ryan '63 and her husband Tom entertained o\-er 30 alumnae and guests at their home in May Alumnae heiird a VWIL 
update from Chunk Neale, associate vice president for development. Margaret Teague Eaton '58 presented Mr. Neale widi two photographs 
of her relatives who attended the Mary Baldwin Seminary. The photos will be added to the college's permanent archives. 

Houston alumnae Glenda Jones '59, ]o O'Neal Brueggeman '80 
and Sue Lollis '79 enjoyed a college update at the home uf Kelly 
Andrews Coselli '85 . 

Jane B. Turner '38 and Celia Gilmore '62 share a laugh at the 
Houston alumnae event at the home of Kelly Andrews Coselli '85. 


Johnson Citv. TN 

Alumnae and tiriends joined Dr. Tyson and N/IBC Annual 
Fund Director Nancy McIntyTe tor lunch and a college 
update at the Johnson City Country Club. 

MBC Annual Fund Director Nancy Mclntyre (center) and Mrs. 
Edna Hahdenby share Liugfts ivith alumnae attending the Johnson 
City hincheon in April. Mrs. Haldenby is the mother of MBC 
President E)t. Cynthia H. Tyson. 

Kansas City. MO 

Carol "Cappy" Paul Powell '78 and Page Branton Reed '77 
invited alumnae and friends tor cocktails and to meet 
President C-vTithia H. Tyson in May. It was a fabulous turnout 
with over 30 guests. Many alumnae traveled a great distance 
to welcome Dr. Tyson and Annual Fund Director Nancy 
McIntyTe to Missouri. 

Carol ''Cappy" Paul Powell '78 and Page Branton Reed '77 
hosted an alumnae event at Cappy' s home in Kansas City. 
Alumnae met luith President Tyson and Annital Fund Director 
Nancy Mclntyre. 

Charlotte, NC 

Linda Martin Graybill '83 and Jennifer Bradley '92 coordinated Cocktails on the Patio at the Village Tavern in Charlotte. 

Susan Rose Shield '86 also helped with the event. Susan 

proved that it is never too early to recruit as she and her 

husband George brought their three-month-old daughter 

Ellie to the event. Alumnae heard a college update from 

Jenniter Sowers, director of volunteers. 

Linda Martin Graybill '83 and Jacqueline Frost '69 pose 
for a photo at the alumnae event at the Village Tavern in 
Charlotte, NC. 


Chapters In Action 

Alumnae Phonathons 

Alumnae volunteers in Richmond, Roanoke and Atlanta held phonathons during 1994 to help raise Annual Fund dollars 
for Mary Baldwin College. Anne Holland '88, former director of Annual Fund services, coordinated the alumnae phonathon 
projects. Anne joined the Alumnae Activities staff as director of alumnae projects in Septemher. 

Recruitment Events 

An exciting way to get together with area alumnae is to assist the MBC Admissions Office in coordinating recruitment 
events. This past spring and summer, alumnae hosted numerous appetizer parties and picnics for prospective students and 
their parents. Many alumnae also assisted in calling the students prior to these events and some alumnae attended events to 
help host and promote Mary Baldwin College. 

Dichfflond, VA 

Appetizer Party at None Such Place. Assistant Directors of Admissions Rohin Wilson '92 and Kathryn Smith '93 attended 
along with area alumnae R. J. Landin Loderick '86, Mackay Morris '87, Amy Bridge '86 and Susan Seamster '92. 

Houston, TA 

Appetizer Party at the home of Kelly Andrews Coselli '85. Assistant Director of Admissions Rebekah Conn '93 and Caroline 
Oden '91 attended. 

Mar^i Alice Bomar '93, Kelly Kennaly '93 and Nikki Parkerson 
'92 helped recruit new students during an event at the home of 
Mary Hotchkiss Leavell '73. 

Jane Sheffield Maddux '76, Robin Wilson '92 and Deedi Marion 
Walker Coleman '75 enjoyed the recridtment event in 
Charlottesville in April. 


Alexandria, VA 

Appetizer Party at Chadvvicks of Oldtown. Assistant Directors of Admissions Kimberly Fisher '92, Rebekah Conn '93 and 
Robin Wilson '92 attended along with area alumnae Trish Hylton '93 and Allison James '90. 

Charlottesville, VA 

Picnic at Nichola Farm, the home of Mary Hotchkiss Leavell '73. Assistant Director of Admissions Robin Wilson '92, Nicole 
"Nikki" Fisher Parkerson '92, Mary Alice Bomar '93, Jane Sheffield Maddux '76, Deedi Marion Walker Coleman '75, Kelly 
Kennaly '93 and CuUen Craddock '75 attended. 

Charlotte, NC 

Picnic at the home of Linda Martin Graybill '83. Assistant Director of Admissions Jacqueline Elliott '93, Melissa Woods '90, 
Lisa Nichols '93 and Carolyn Renner '67 attended. Margaret Herbert Roach '82 provided dessert for the event. 

Hampton, VA 

Picnic at The Salt Ponds Yacht Club with hostess Susan Thorn Mart '73. Assistant Directors of Admissions Robin Wilson '92 
and Kathryn Smith '92 attended with alumnae Emily Oehler '93 and Karen Wood '92. 

Virginia Beach, VA 

Picnic at the family home of Stephanie Leftwich '92 and Ashley Leftwich '95. Assistant Director of Admissions Robin Wilson 
'92 attended with alumnae Karen Wood '92, Chris Baylor '86 and Mallory Copeland Kahler '88. 

Mason Neck, VA 

Picnic at the home of Susan Baughman Homar '74. Assistant Directors of Admissions Kimberly Fisher '92 and Kathryn Smith 
'92 attended with alumnae Mary Wall Richardson Hood '88, Julie Brenner '92 and Laura Brunson Byrne '94. 

Alumnae volunteers Janice Myers '88, Lorrie Ann McCloskey 
'82, Jill Butler Pendleton '72 and Karen Michelle Colaui '87 
assisted with the Roanoke area phonathon held March 22 at the 
law offices of Vogel and Cromwell. 

Alumnae volunteers Jane Coleman Balfour '62, Gina Lorraine 
Groome '91 and Sarah Mellon Penhallow '91 assisted with the 
Richmond area phonathon held March 14- Phonathon volunteers 
made calls from the offices of Virginia Landmark, the real estate 
firm o/MBC Trustee Alexander Hamilton IV. 


Dallas Leadership Forum 

The Oil Patch Regional Leadership Forum was held September 17 in Dallas, TX, for alumnae in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana 
and Arkansas. MBC President Cynthia H. Tyson attended the torum and presented a college update to participants. 

MBC's Regional Leadership Forums were initiated to provide training and MBC updates for alumnae admissions volunteers, 
chapter leaders. Alumnae Board members, Trustees, Parents Council members and ABV members. Forum participants learn 
about MBC recruitment, reunion giving and alumnae events. 

Alumnae who gave presentations at the Dallas Leadership Forum 
included immediate past president oj the Alumnae Association 
Emily Dethloff Ryan '63, Alison Wenger Boone '77, Charlotte 
Redditt Wenger '83 and Kelly Andrews Cosetii '85. 

Alumnae attending the Dallas Forum mcluded Mary Shook '91 
and Ahby Mullen '91 , both oj Dallas, and Behe Bolen '92, who 
traveled from Oklahoma to attend the forum, 
(photos by Jennifer Sowers) 

Virginia Schools Parties 

The MBC Alumnae Office wants to remmd alumnae to look for special alumnae/i events in their area that may not be 
sponsored by Mary Baldwin College. Alumnae may receive mailings for events sponsored by other Virguiia colleges and 
universities, and these events are often referred to as Old Dominion or Commonwealth Parties. 

Mary Baldwin alumnae have traditionally participated in these events. It is a wonderful opportunity to renew friendships 
with Mary Baldwin classmates and to meet other women and men who attended college in Virginia. Some of this year's events 

Jacksonville, FL — March, 1994 
2nd Annual Taste of Virginia Party. 

San Francisco, CA — April, 1994 

4th Annual Old Dominion Day Crab Feed. MBC contact, Kristen Johnson '83. 

Alexandria, VA — June, 1994 

6th Annual Party in the Park with Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts. MBC contact, Ingrid Erickson '89. 

Birmingham, AL — June, 1994 

Barbecue, sponsored by The Old Dominion Club of Birmingham. MBC contacts, Nicole Mesisco Reed '88 and Susan Sipple 

Elliott '89. 

Atlanta, G A — August, 1994 

3rd Commonwealth of Virginia Cookout. MBC contact, Courtney Bell '89. 


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